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Celtic Design Patterns

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Celtic Coloring Pages and Books

Celtic coloring pages and line art offer inspiration for artists, historians and adults who enjoy working with complex design patterns. Celtic line art features intricate knots and symbols with rich cultural heritage; many ancient designs are favored for contemporary body art or off-paper arts and crafts.

Modern renderings of traditional cultural and historic symbols are featured in many popular adult coloring books. Celtic coloring book pictures provide designers with rich patterns for artistic reference. Tattoo artists draw inspiration from ancient art and the line drawings of knotwork to create unique body art with rich symbolism and symmetrical beauty.

All coloring page illustrations on this page are my own work.

Celtic Design Coloring Page from My Portfolio

Celtic Design Poster Art

Celtic Design Poster Art

Elements of Celtic Coloring Page Designs

Celtic knots, spirals, key patterns, animals, mythical beasts, fancy lettering

You can learn to draw your own Celtic art using a series of grids and lines and step by step approach. Here are a few resources to help you get started drawing patterns and designs of your very own.

Cari Buziak's Creating Celtic Knotwork - the Basic Knot is a simple animation that shows the steps to laying out an intricate design. There are also illustrations of basic knots you can study to learn the techniques, and Cari has graciously offered a huge collection of freeware clip art you can download from the web site.

Celtic Tattoo Art Tutorial

How to sketch out and ink the outlines of a hand drawn Celtic knot artwork design.

How to Draw Celtic Knots - Create Your Own Complex Knot Art or Tattoo

How to Draw Celtic Knots, Celtic Tattoo Art

How to Draw Celtic Knots, Celtic Tattoo Art

Complex design based on one knotwork pattern

Detailed design pattern created from Celtic art

Detailed design pattern created from Celtic art

Hounds are symbolic of loyalty and strength

May this hounds and cross design give you inner strength as you color it in.

I design art posters and adult coloring pages inspired by historic and vintage motifs. You can find this Celtic Mandala Design Poster at my Zazzle shop, Image Factory Graphics.

Celtic Art Outlines

Samples of Celtic knot designs

Samples of Celtic knot designs

Basic Knot Work Designs

Knot patterns and cross designs can be combined to create intricate knotwork designs. Try learning these basic patterns then combine them to form your own artwork.

You can find excellent examples of knot work and Celtic art in the public domain at these sites:

Public Domain Art at

Public Domain Images - Karen's Whimsy

Celtic Ornament Divider and Celtic Knots Line Art (shown above) at

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Celtic Knot Design Tutorial

Draw and Color a Full Sheet Woven Knot Pattern

Very cool time lapse video demonstrates the process from blank paper to completed knot drawing. Learn to draw a basket weave design from this video.

This artist shows you now to draw and color in a full sheet woven knot pattern. There's lots of geometry involved in Celtic pattern designs.

Celtic Design Coloring Books - Intricate Patterns and Designs Relax and Inspire

The patterns in these designs coloring is highly meditative and soothing. Coloring in all the complex swirls and knots takes those very same elements out of your brain.

Traditional Design Motifs

Cultural Celtic Symbols and Motifs

Celtic design motifs in traditional art include: a variety of themes including: birds, animals, mythical beasts including dragons, serpents, Celtic knot patterns, Celtic mandalas, claddagh, hearts and quotes.

Celtic Dragons Coloring Pages - a fine collection of six well-drawn and historic Celtic dragon motif coloring pages or design patterns

Celtic Cross Line Art - black and white and color Celtic crosses

Celtic Art Design Patterns - Free Knot Patterns and Line Art for Designers

The historic art of the Ireland, Wales and Scotland is filled with rich patterns of animals, flowers and mystical symbols. These pages offer you a wealth of free symbols to use for coloring or design work.

Simple Square Celtic Knot Drawing Tutorial

Celtic Knot Shield Pattern

Celtic Knot Shield Pattern

Do you enjoy coloring pages and line art with historic design patterns?

Have you used Celtic artwork to design a tattoo, coat of arts or artwork of your own?

I collect cultural art in various forms including a precious mandala design shawl clasp brooch.

I draw knotwork coloring page art and share my drawings for personal use adult coloring crafts on my web sites.

Celtic art motifs have a rich cultural history that provide inspiration to artists.

There are many basic design elements often found in body art as well as embroidery. My favorite use for this artwork is for meditation and relaxation through adult coloring crafts.

Knots and Kaleidoscopes

Celtic Knot Workbook

This unique designer coloring book is divided into two sections. The first part of the book contains pictures of full size knotwork patterns for coloring or use in graphic design, body art or home décor.

The second half of The Celtic Knotwork and Kaleidoscope Coloring Book features complex kaleidoscope coloring pages. Each design is printed on a single-sided sheet in this 38-page book. Reviewers at Amazon rave about the designs and quality of this book.

Celtic Kaleidoscope Poster Art

Celtic Kaleidoscope Poster Art

Printable Celtic Coloring Pages

Printable line drawings to use for your own inspiration or design work. Celtic motifs are among the world's most famous symbolic art and are extremely popular patterns for body art.

Here are several resources with knotwork designs you can print and color

How to Draw a Celtic Cross Coloring Page - Step by step instructions

Celtic coloring page, Celtic cross drawing

Celtic coloring page, Celtic cross drawing

Learn to easily create your own Celtic coloring page from this video tutorial on how to draw a Celtic cross.

Printable Designs Inspired by Traditional Artwork

Unique Coloring Pages and Idea Sources

Celtic Design Inspirations Coloring Sheets - some simple, some challenging, all inspired or derived from traditional symbols and designs.

Celtic Knot Coloring Page - Line drawing rendition of an Irish knot to color for St. Patrick's Day or to use as a craft pattern.

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