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Celebrity Face Masks


This year, go as your favorite celebrity.

Are you looking for a unique costume idea without much fuss (or cost)? Or will you be going to a party where you are supposed to show up as some famous person?

This year for Halloween, why not go as your favorite celebrity? Have fun browsing through my celebrity face masks gallery featuring 10 familiar and favorite cultural icons, starting with the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. These masks all bear at least a fairly good resemblance to the person they're supposed to be representing, and some are even dead ringers.

(Note: Most of these masks have eye holes, such as the Elvis one shown above, so don't be put off by their creepy "Stepford Wives" look. Once they're actually worn, that will bring them to life.)

This image is from a mask of Elvis Presley available at amazon.com.

Elvis Presley

Topping my list is, of course, the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, because no gallery of celebrity masks would be complete without this cultural icon. I think this mask provides a very good likeness of Presley's handsome face, and it is sure to make you the life of any Halloween party you attend.

George Clooney

And speaking of heart throbs, feast your eyes on this George Clooney mask.

Michael Jackson

No celebrity face masks gallery would be complete without the iconic Michael Jackson. This mask is a fairly good likeness of Jackson ca. late 1990s, although it seems to be a little off around the jawline. Still, with this mask, I think you would be immediately recognized as the late and great King of Pop at whatever costume party you attend.


Here is a mask of one cultural icon who is so famous that she goes by only one name. This mask provides a pretty good likeness of the Material Girl and makes a great gift for Madonna fans.

Tiger Woods

Well, this may not be the best likeness of Tiger Woods, but I think this caricature of America's top golfer is definitely unmistakable.

Simon Cowell

This mask provides a very good likeness of the famous abrasive host of TV's "American Idol" and the man everybody loves to hate: Simon Cowell.

Mr. Bean

British comedian Rowan Atkinson is the funny man behind the title role in the highly popular British sitcom, "Mr. Bean." I included Mr. Bean in my gallery of celebrity faces because that goofy expression on his face always cracks me up!

Roger Moore

When it comes to who played the best James Bond, it is often a toss-up between Sean Connery and Roger Moore for those of us who were alive when "Dr. No" was first released. If you are one of those who prefers Roger Moore, here is a mask that provides a very good likeness to this handsome British actor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This guy has done it all. First, he was Mr. Universe, then, he became a movie star, then the Governor of California - and now he is making a return to acting. This mask provides a pretty good likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger during his "Terminator" days.

Rocky Balboa

This mask provides a very good likeness of Sylvester Stallone as the famous Rocky Balboa character, right down to the boxing wounds. One happy amazon.com reviewer reported that it is very flexible and fits very well.

Is there a celebrity or other public figure that you'd like to see as a Halloween mask?

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 26, 2013:

The Kim of North Korea.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 26, 2013:

The Kim of North Korea.

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