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Cat Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards with Cat Themes and Designs

Among the favorite of animal Christmas cards are cat Christmas cards, and I've got a few below that entail everything from cute to naughty to funny, just like cats are always like when they're around us.

If you're looking for Christmas card ideas and you have a family member or friend who has a cat, there's no reason to look any further for what type of Christmas greetings card to get them, as a cat Christmas card will always delight the cat owner in a big way.

Maybe because of the way a cat's face never seems to change much, they make fantastic Christmas card characters when inserted into hilarious scenes, and that also makes a terrific cat Christmas card.

Just to show you how important kitty's are to their owners, they also make Christmas cards now that a cat can eat. Of course not to be outdone, they've done that for dogs as well.

Let's look at a few interesting cat Christmas cards now and get some ideas on what we could send to those who would really appreciate receiving a cat as part of the design of the card.

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Cute Cat Christmas Card

Everybody likes the peace that comes with Christmas time, and this image of one cat licking another is precious and would really be a great theme for a cat Christmas card to have. This would never miss with a cat lover.

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Cat Christmas Card with Cat Clinging to Santa's Bottom

This is so funny! It wouldn't surprise any of us that have or understand cats to see a cat doing this, and those reindeer looking like they don't know what's going on or what to do is great. The best part of the image has to be Santa's look with the one eye closed, not seeming to be surprised at all, but now having to take care of it. Fun cat Christmas card.

Christmas Card with Cat Holding on to Santa's Bottom

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Cat Christmas Card with Cat Wearing Antlers

This is a humorous picture and saying, as the cat wearing the antlers like it's been crowned the king or queen is quite like cat behavior, and adding the 'paw humbug' to it with a question mark is a great touch.

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Again, the seemingly changeless face of the cat adds to the overall hilarity of the Christmas card, always making them appear to be like a straight man of a comedy duo.

Cat Christmas Card

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Christmas Card of Cat Wearing Santa Hat

You have to have a cat wearing a Santa hat somewhere in a cat Christmas card article, and here it is. Similar to the cat above, this cat definitely seems to believe they're royalty of some sort. The impression is that this is probably a British cat;-)

Cat Wearing Santa Hat Christmas Card

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Cat Skiing Christmas Card

This is what I was referring to earlier when mentioning a cat can be used in a large number of situations and really work well. No matter what they're doing, it seems it's always that straight face without ever changing that makes them so funny to watch.

Love this cat Christmas card. If you want to cheer someone up, find them a card like this and it'll do the trick.

Hilarious Christmas Card of Cat Skiing

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Cats Make Great Christmas Card Material

For whatever reason, cats are just cool to include with Christmas cards, as you can see from the above photos. I think it's not only the lack of expression that makes them seem the straight man, but the many scenarios you include them in that always seem to work.

I guess they're just like a great actor, able to adapt to whatever role you put them in. At least that's what I think they want us to think.

However they do it, cats are terrific subject matter for art in general, and Christmas cards in particular.

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