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Disney Cars Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Cars Cake in shape of number 1.

Disney Cars Cake in shape of number 1.

Rev Up Your Cars Birthday Party with the Release of Cars 3

With the release of Disney's Cars 3 more young kids will be clambering for their own Cars themed birthday party. Whether they are a fan of the brash Lightening McQueen or new car Cruz Ramirez you will find party ideas and suggestions to generate a cars party them they are sure to love.

You'll find cake ideas, free party invites and more. Just continue to scroll down the page.

Cars 3 Party Decor

Free Custom Cars Birthday Invite

You do not have to break the bank when planning your Cars themed birthday party. Sites like Disneybaby have free digital custom invites that you can download and print off your home computer.

You can even put together your own invitations designs by grabbing images of your child's favorite cars characters and put them in the background of your own invitation.

You could even get the kids to help decorate their own invites. Just print out the party details on plain card stock and give you kids some cars stickers and let them jazz them up.

Disney Cars Invitations - Cars Birthday party invites

Mix and Match

Remember: Not everything needs to have a Cars or Cars 2 logo on it. You can pull colors from your theme and buy generic colored table cloths or balloons. It will make your selected cars products stand out plus you will save a few bucks on generic items.

Create Your Own Banner

Fun Craft Project: Make your own birthday party banner. Use white wrapping paper, stencils, paints & paintbrushes . Printout some cars pictures off the internet or add cars stickers around the border to give it that cars theme. Include older kids in the process. It will be fun and let them help with their birthday party plans. Making your own Cars themed birthday party banner will guarantee a unique and personalized detail to your child's Cars Birthday party.

How Do You Decorate?

DIY Cars Crafts and Party Décor Ideas

  • Lightning McQueen 3D Papercraft
    Get on Lightning McQueen's pit crew and help to build the quickest car on the circuit. The World Grand Prix is coming up faster than you can say "Ka-chow!" and you won't want to be left in the dust.
  • Cozy Cone Motel
    Create a Cozy Cone Motel, a craft inspired by the movie Cars, with step by step instructions. Enjoy this fun craft with your kids and family.
  • Racer's Road Manual - Cars 2
    Every aspiring racecar driver -- even Lightning McQueen -- needs to study up on how to make all the right moves on and off the track and there's no better manual than this one featuring all your favorite Cars characters.
  • Cars 2 Playset
    Compete in the World Grand Prix alongside Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli. This printable playset is so fun, you'll be racing to build it! Can be used as a decoration for your Car 2 party.
  • How to Make Your Own Route 66 Sign | eHow.com
    How to Make Your Own Route 66 Sign. Designing and creating your own classic Route 66 sign allows you to completely customize the style for your needs as well as offering a rewarding experience in the crafting process.

Make a Lightning McQueen Cake

Tow Truck Cake

Madar Cake with race car checkers.

Madar Cake with race car checkers.

Finn McMissle Cake Ideas - Cars 2 Cake Decorating

Finn McMissile is a favorite character introduced in the movie Cars 2. For ideas and pictures of Finn McMissile cakes check out the list below.

Disney Cars Birthday Party Cupcake Ideas - Cars Birthday Party Ideas: Cupcakes and Cookies

  • Lightning McQueen Cupcakes
    Rest assured, Lightning McQueen is quick -- just watch how fast these cupcakes disappear! Perfect cupcakes for a Cars Birthday Party.
  • Tow Mater Cupcakes
    A mixture of good ole boy, daredevil and know-it-all, Lightning McQueen's sidekick makes a welcome guest at any cars themed birthday party. These cute cupcakes will pull twice their own weight at your next Cars-themed birthday bash.
  • Cars Cookies
    Roll into Radiator Springs and you'll find treats specially geared for the residents. These cookies look like Mater, Sally, and Lightning McQueen!

Cars themed Games

Race for the Piston Cup: You will need a bunch of small cars for this game. Create a starting line where the guests can shoot their cars off one or two at a time. The Winner is the person whose car goes the furthest. For added fun you can acts as an announcer for the event.

Musical Chairs: Piston Cup version: You will need music from either the Cars or Cars 2 soundtrack, and instead of chairs you will line up tiny trophies. When the music stops the guest must scramble to get their piston cup. If they don't get a cup they are eliminated and another trophy is removed. This is repeated until there is one person left with a piston cup.

Cars Party Favor Boxes or Bags

Why give your guest gifts?

Party favor bags are a great way to let your guests know that you appreciate them sharing your child's special day. It is also a great idea for younger guests because treat bags help alleviate some of the impact of the green eye monster that may pop up during the party. Be sure to include Thank You Cards in your Cars birthday party favor bag.

Free Cars 2 Loot Bag Favors

Save money and add these crafty ideas to you Cars themed loot bag

Cars 2 Printable Stickers Print out these Cars 2 stickers to add to your goody bags.

Cars 2 Dice Add these Cars 2 World Grand Prix dice to your loot bags.

Share your thoughts, comments or ideas below about a Disney Cars Birthday Party theme.

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Great Ideas, but I now this will sound rare, but my Girl want a Cars birthday party, do you have any more girlly ideas for this theme party????

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Fantastic idea for a birthday party! Wonderful work on your lens!

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Doing a Mater cake so I've been looking everywhere for some Lightning McQueen creative cupcakes to balance out the Mater/McQueen ratio. These were PERFECT! Thank you

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