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Butterfly Makeup and Masks

Butterfly Makeup and Face Painting

Butterflies remain one of the most popular themes in body art and makeup, as the delightful and whimsical little creature inspires many through its myriad of colors, and the way it flutters and darts from flower to flower.

The stunning wings of the butterfly, both in its shape and colors, provide perfect material and blueprints for our own butterfly makeup creations, providing an endless array of options for us.

Butterfly-inspired makeup comes in two different styles. One, the usual application of makeup, focusing on eyeshadow and long eyelashes, and in some cases, additional design features are added to enhance the look.

While the application is similar, the look definitely isn't, as the winged creature look goes beyond the norm, and ends with results that are stunning.

Second, there are those that go more of the face painting route, even though they may use regular makeup colors to create the design. Many times, as you'll see below, it is more of a butterfly mask, for cosplay or Halloween, than it is an alternative makeup look.

Some ladies do a combination of both, not going with a mask look, but making a much larger design on their face than usual.


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Butterfly Makeup Designs

Setting aside for a moment face painting of butterfly masks, there is a basic design that most women incorporate when choosing the theme.

When you look at the eyes below, take into account the fact that each eye is representing a wing, and the bridge of the nose the head of the butterfly.

If you look at it from that point of view, you'll see how the makeup was applied to create not just a colorful wing, but the entirety of the butterfly. It's very cool when you see it.

Gold, Red and Black Butterfly Makeup

In this first photo we see a great example of how the color and shape of the eye shadow and liner create the two-winged look of the butterfly. Picture the little head of the butterfly residing right on the bridge of her nose to appreciate the wonderful effect.

Also nice is the color combination, which is perfectly accentuated by the dark of the long lashes on the bottom and the black outline on top of the design. I would have loved to have seen what it looks like when her eyes were open, with the dark liner underneath the eye without a doubt creating a different outlined look.

Either way, it's a great butterfly makeup design.

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Blue Butterfuly Makeup with Long Lashes

Here we have a similar butterfly makeup style as above, as far as utilizing makeup in a way to create the two wings which appear to be fluttering.

The vibrant blue color and touch of glitter look awesome, as do the long lashes extending to the cute colored feathers on the tips of the lashes. I like the way she has those two little antennae coming down the bride of her nose, helping to define that it is meant to be portrayed as the wings of a butterfly.

.What is really potentially fun about this particular butterfly design is she could flutter her eyelids and give the appearance of butterfly wings flapping. That's very cool.

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Glitter and Ice Butterfly Makeup

This terrific glitter and ice butterfly design is an example of a combination of regular makeup and the additional elements to create the wings in a more obvious manner. This could also be used in a fairy makeup design with a couple of adjustments.

I really like the silver and black colors and how the inclusion of glitter sets it off so nicely. When creating these types of combinations, it's a compelling look to see the wings extending out from the edge of the eye. Really cute.

Below you can see how she did it in the video tutorial.

Glitter & Ice Butterfly Makeup

Butterfuly Makeup Tutorials

Below are a couple of more butterfly makeup tutorials. They offer a couple of completely different looks than the glitter and ice above, as well as in relationship to one another.

Having said that, both are similar to the one above in that they're a combination of regular makeup and the extending wings. Other than that, the colors and shapes are completely different, and offer a variety of ideas to create different looks, depending on your personal preferences.

They also offer many ideas for general design applications, which you can use to make you own customized look.

Butterfly Makeup

Monarch Butterfly Make Up - Tutorial

3 Face Painting Brushes

Butterfly Face Painting

Next we'll take a look at a couple of face paintings using a butterfly design. These are a lot of fun because they are usually used as a mask in cosplay, and of course at Halloween time. To me it's cool to paint on a mask like this instead of wearing one.

The wings of this butterfly are awesome, and the way the accessories complement the colors of the wings makes it a fantastic costume look. Add to that the purple and blue feathers, flowers in her hair, and the little purple flowers at the end of each braid, and you have a very nice butterfly design.

Butterfly Mask

This butterfly mask has a similar look to the one above, which is why it was included in the photo gallery, in order to contrast the two.

While similar in color, the resemblance ends there. The butterfly above is much more pointed in its lines, while the one below has a curved look. The antennae are also completely different,

What is most interesting to me is how the use of lines can make them look darker and lighter in feel. For example, the top photo design has a darker feel to it because of the sharp, pointy lines, and the bottom one has a more whimsical look because of the curvature of the lines.

Also notice how the sharper lines narrow the face more, while the rounder lines make it appear a little wider. That doesn't matter too much, but depending on your face shape, one may look better than the other.


Butterfly Makeup

You can see why butterfly makeup and face painting is so popular. It's an absolute blast to do, and it offers an endless array of possibilities as to color and designs.

Each of these designs work really well. You can go with the regular makeup look (if you can call it that), leaving off the extra design elements, creating a winged look with your makeup. Or you may decide to go with the other look, where you add the wings to the eye shadow, demonstrating exactly what it is you're trying to show.

And finally, face painting offers a butterfly mask option, especially appropriate for special events and Halloween parties.

No matter which is chosen, a butterfly makeup theme will surely be a hit.

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