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Bumble Bee Halloween Costumes for People and Pets

Halloween Bumble Bee Costumes

Deciding on a bumble bee costume for Halloween or some other event where costumes are worn is a fantastic choice, and they work great for individuals, families, and even with dogs, if you're going all out together on Halloween to collect candy with the children.

Bumble bees as most of us recognize them, have those great black and yellow colors, which can be included in the design of any type of costume made to look like a bee. They offer a wide variety of ways to express yourself as a bee, although in most instances black and yellow stripes are the mainstay of the costume.

There are occasional exceptions to a bee costume including the traditional and realistic yellow and black colors. In those few cases, for whatever reason, the color is red and black.

While those costumes can be cute in and of themselves, it would be hard to convince anyone you're dressed up as a bee, and you definitely lose that really cute factor, whether you're an adult, child or pet going out as a bee.

So if you're going to dress up as a bee, I would highly recommend going with the black and yellow colors we all associate with a bee, and not attempt to get too creative with it.

There are enough options within the regular bumble bee colors to provide almost any type of costume one would want, so to dress up in any other way would defeat the purpose of wearing a bee costume.

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Bumble Bee Costume Designs

One of the fun factors in wearing a bumble bee costume is that you will undoubtedly be able to wear a set of cute wings with the costume. That is one of the areas you can really differentiate, as they come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs.

You will also be able to have a lot of fun wearing a set of antennae, which are always a cute way to dress up.

Concerning the body of the suit, here there are an almost endless number of ways to dress up as a bumble bee. You have a variety of costumes, from the top to the bottom, with some wearing more tight on the top, with just about all of them including black and yellow stripes of some sort with it.

In some cases there is also a portion of the costume which is solid black or yellow, along with the stripes.

The middle of the bee costume is usually striped, with the top and/or bottom including some solid yellow or black.

For the skirt portion of the bee costume, it comes in different lengths, dependent upon the age of the one wearing the costume, and the style of the costume as well. These come in just about every type of style, with some being in the tutu style, which is very cute for girls or women (with the exception of infants, almost all of those wearing a bee costume are female). Occasionally, as you'll see in the first photo, families will go out together, and the man will wear some type of costume to go with the bee theme, although it, in most instances, look much different than those costumes worn by women.

For the legs, there are also a number of different ways girls and women dress for the bee look. There are some that have solid black stockings, nylons or stretch pants, with others choosing a black and yellow colors instead of solid black. There were no women or girls I saw dressed in solid yellow stockings with the bee costumes they wore, although some did choose to go with fish net stockings in a dark color.

As for length, some of them covered the entire leg; others were stockings going up to just below the knee; while others went above the need to about mid-thigh. There were some that decided on a Capri look, with the top of their legs covered down to below the knees, with the rest a natural look.

Another choice was to wear black boots with the outfit, which went almost up to the knees. A few bee costumes for adult women simply included bare legs as the choice to go with the rest of the costume.

Tori Spelling and Family Dressed Up as Bees

At first when I looked at this photo of Tori Spelling and her husband dressed up in bee costumes for Halloween, I thought he was very lame in his efforts, but he actually was dressed up as Ali G, which explains his costume choice, which as far as colors go, does work somewhat with the rest of the family bee theme.

It is a great example of how cute a family can look together dressed as bees, and also what it could look like when dressing up the family dog as part of the bee family as well. Too bad you can't see the antennae onTori's head very well, as they look really cute on her.

Even so, it's a fantastic set of bee costumes, confirming why it's such a good choice as a Halloween costume; whether for families or individuals.

Family as Bees on Halloween

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Cute, Puffy Adult Bee Costume for Women

This is more of what I guess you could call a traditional bee costume for adult women. The puffy body is a unique look among bumble bee costumes, and one that is really cute.

What would be challenging, and a lot of fun (for the right women), is the stinger on the back of the costume. I say challenging because you know you're going to get some tugs on that tail throughout a party, while getting a lot of looks back there.

The rest of the costume is really nice, with the long, black sleeves and tights working really well with the rest of the look. Going with that type of head piece is also interesting, giving a more realistic look, although some ladies may prefer to have their hair showing with a band holding the antennae.

But as it is, it's a great choice for a bee costume.

Adult Bee Costume


Women's Bumble Bee Costume, Black/Yellow


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Bumble Bee Costume with Tuto and Fishnet Stockings

Here is a sexy bee costume with a tutu and fishnet stockings, which is very attractive and would definitely draw the attention of some of those male worker bees;-)

The set of wings are also very cute, as is the little pot of honey held by the woman.

My favorite part of this costume, which to me makes the rest of it stand out, is the tutu. It's very cutely made, and looks very feminine. Very nice.

Sexy Bumble Bee Costume

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Little Bumble Bee Costume with Wings

This simple bumble bee costume with a nice set of wings is a great example of how simple doesn't distract from an adorable outfit for Halloween.

It's great how the yellow and black stripes are complemented by the black tights and shoes. And the antennae are always a wonderful addition to any bee costume.

The bee costume is complete, and any little girl would love to buzz around the neighborhood and stores extracting some candy nectar from neighbors and businesses.

Young Girl in Bumble Bee Costume


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Dog Halloween Bumble Bee Costume

Next we have a wonderful example of a bumble bee Halloween costume for a pet dog. For those who like to go out on Halloween with the "entire" family, this is a must outfit when going out as a bee hive.

Of course it helps to have a cute dog to wear a bee costume, but even a more gruff looking dog can look great in bumble bee outfit, which in many cases adds a humor factor to the look.

Either way, we all love our dogs, and including them as part of our Halloween experience is always a plus.

For the bee costume itself, it's always the wings and antennae that generate the most comments and delight, and you can see why when looking at this pooch.

Pet Bee Costume


Halloween Bumble Bee Costumes

As you can see from the above photos of bumble bee costumes, they come in a large variety of looks, even though you have only the colors yellow and black, some wings, and antennae to work with.

It's amazing how creative these bumble bee costumes are made, and how different they can look even with what appears to be limitations.

So whether going out individually or a family of bees, you can be sure it won't be hard to find or make the types of bee costumes to fit the occasion.

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