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Bob The Builder Costumes

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Bob The Builder

Bob the Builder is a wildly popular animated television show created by Keith Chapman and originating in Britain.

The series showcases Bob who launched out as a building contractor who was an expert in masonry.

Along with his fellow worker Wendy, Bob is joined by a number of friends and neighbors as he does his work.

Another important part of the show that is appealing to children is the numerous equipment and vehicles used in the show, which has resulted in many merchandising opportunities.

Bob's unique but simple look makes him a perfect fit for a costume, as the good will of the show is a great backdrop to wearing the costume, especially to Halloween and costume events with a family atmosphere.

And for those who watch the show, or have children or grandchildren that you've watched it with, you'll know the famous question Bob always asks, "Can we fix it," to which his crew responds, "Yes we can!"

Those two lines make it a lot of fun to act out the character for adults, or also for children who have all that stuff etched in their memories and ready to use when donning a Bob the Builder costume.

Little Boy as Bob the Builder

Here we have a great example of an accurate depiction of Bob the Builder, including that very identifiable flannel shirt with the orange and yellow squares on it.

All you have to do is add a hard hat and some coveralls to finish up the fun effect. Then just place a little belt of tools around the waist and you have everything a little boy would love to identify with Bob the Builder.

This is what makes it so much fun to make this simple but compelling costume. And at this age, you don't need Halloween or any other day to justify dressing up as the favorite construction worker of little boys.

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Little Bob the Builder

This photo was included to show you can still have a great Bob the Builder costume even if you can't get the exact colors of orange and yellow for the shirt. This one looks fantastic, and most children won't care at all if they can look if they have their hardhat, coveralls, and a tool belt full of tools.

If you have a Bob the Builder fan in your home, don't despair if you can't get everything exact. Just be sure to get a yellow construction hat, blue jeans and the tool belt and your little boy will be very happy.

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Not only is Bob the Builder a great costume idea for Halloween, but it's also a terrific choice for birthday parties.


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Bob the Builder Adult Costume

If you want to delight your child by dressing up as Bob the Builder, or go with him as two Bob the Builders, here's an easy way you could put together a Bob the Builder outfit for that purpose.

As mentioned earlier concerning children, just get some blue jeans or coveralls, find a yellow construction hat and put on a flannel shirt. That, plus a tool belt with tools is all you need to recreate Bob the Builder, and again, if you can't find a flannel shirt of orange and yellow, just get something flannel and you'll look close enough to satisfy any child.


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Bob the Builder Mascot Costume

For those wanting to have a more unique look, this mascot costume can be used as a prototype you could design a Bob the Builder costume from.

While most people couldn't get this exact, getting it close would be enough. The clothes are the easy part to emulate, but the head is what would be a challenge. You wouldn't even have to make it 3-D if you didn't want, but make a head and hat from cardboard or another material and make it as a flat mask. From there just color it in and you'll have a fun face to show off with your costume.

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Dog as Bob the Builder

Finally we have a terrific and hilarious look at a pet dog as Bob the Builder. If you have a relatively docile dog, this would be a good option for you. This would be especially true if dad or grandpa were to dress up like Bob the Builder with your little boy. What could be more fun than to have a photo op of a family dressed up as Bob the Builder together, capped off with the dog also wearing a similar costume.


Bob the Builder Costumes

Not only does Bob the Builder look great as a costume, but it's very easy to create a costume bearing his resemblance, whether it's for an adult or a child. Or course you could also buy one if you're not into putting these types of costumes together.

But either way, your child will be delighted when dressing up as Bob the Builder, and if you include an adult or pet in the mix, it's even more fun, providing memories for all involved for years. Just be sure you have your camera ready to snap a bunch of pictures of the moment.

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