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Blue Christmas Lights

Beauty of Blue Christmas Lights

While a lot of people enjoy a multitude of Christmas light colors for variety, there's something compelling about using one light color for your Christmas decorations, and when you look at these blue Christmas lights as one example, you'll be stunned at how beautiful a single-color Christmas light color theme can be.

Since dark blue is one of my favorite colors, I have a strong preference and bias for the color in anything, including Christmas décor. But when you look at the photos of blue Christmas lights below, you'll become a believer very soon I think, as you see with your own eyes how extraordinary they can look.

Even if you're someone with a desire for a variety of colors, you can also note that you could put them in certain sectors of your house or yard, and they would really enhance a particular area you're targeting.

Either way, whether you do anything or not with the color blue with you Christmas décor, it's a treat to the eyes to see the fantastic blue Christmas lights as they're displayed below.

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Targeted Blue Christmas Light Areas

I included this photo of blue Christmas lights on trees standing alone to give you an idea of what they would look like when decorating them with blue Christmas lights alone. Even though it's obviously in a public area which is lit up, you can still see how nice they would look with more subtle lighting. Great color.

Below this one you can also see what an outdoor tree standing by itself would look like with blue Christmas lights to see, in order to see if it's something that appeals to you.

Notice how having it placed in a totally dark area makes it look like the tree is more skeletal with the lights turned on.

Blue Christmas Lights on Small Trees

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Blue Christmas Lights on Tree Outside

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Home Christmas Tree with All Blue Lights

The blue home Christmas tree lights are fantastic to me, and I love these types of lights that wrap around in clusters like they do. Even though these look fantastic alone, if you were to add some other decorations it would really enhance the look of it. Personally, I would just keep it like it is shown, with the exception of some tinsel. Picture the reflection of the blue lights on silver tinsel and I think it would look gorgeous.

Blue Lights on Indoor Christmas Tree

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Blue Christmas Lights on Multiple Outdoor Trees

It doesn't get much better than this with blue Christmas lights, and the multiple trees with blue Christmas lights and the fantastic reflection that comes with them is outstanding, to say the least.

Of course you need the cooperation of the outdoors for the fullest effect, but it shows how terrific it will look under the right conditions. That said, they're sure to look magnificent at any time, and under all conditions.

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Blue Icicle Lights on Outside of House

Finally, these blue icicle lights on the outside of the house really light things up beautifully. Again, what a terrific looking light display using primarily blue Christmas lights.

The blending in of the white lights nicely accentuate the blue.

Blue Lights on House

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Outstanding Blue Christmas Light Displays

After viewing these various displays of blue Christmas lights, I think you can see why they are so compelling and attractive to the viewer. There's a lot more you could do with them and add to them, but what is here by itself is fantastic. It does give a lot of inspiration and ideas as to the potential they have as part of your Christmas decor.

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