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50 Blue Halloween Costumes


50 Fun Blue Costumes For Halloween

Some people just love to wear blue costumes on Halloween. I don't know if it's because they like the blue characters we all know like The Smurfs, Neyteri from Avatar, The Blue Man Group, or if it's because blue is their favorite color. The color blue reminds us of the sky, the ocean, it creates chemicals in our bodies that calm us, blue is the color of loyalty, in other words, blue is a very popular color. There's no shortage of blue Halloween costumes, so if you want to wear blue this year on Halloween, sit back, browse this lens and I am confident you will find at least one costume idea you will like.

Lagoona Blue from Monster High, Blues Clues, Super Mario Bros Mario and Luigi, Blue Lego Bricks, are just the beginning.

You are going to be quite surprised at how many blue costume ideas there are, I've got 50 on this page already! If you know of any I missed and want to share it with us, just go to the bottom of the page and you can tell us about it in the plexo box there.

The costume image is from Amazon and is sold on this page.

The List of Blue Costumes Begins - Let's See How Many Blue Costumes I Can Find!

It's going to be a challenge for me to find as many blue costume ideas, for kids, teens and adults, as I can. I hope you like long lists! I am a list maker...have been ever since I was a child, so for me this is like playing. Here goes my blue Halloween costume list...I am going to begin with some of the most familiar and more popular blue costume costume list will get more interesting as it goes on!

Lagoona Blue From Monster High Costume Ideas

Lagoona Blue of Monster High fame is a very popular blue costume and has been for the past couple years along with her blue wearing monster friends, Frankie Stein, Abbey Bominable, and Cleo de Nile. Girls and tweens like to dress up like these cool monster teenage girls and Monster High just keeps growing in popularity each year. So have some dress up fun in one of these very cute, very hot Halloween costume ideas.

Meet Lagoona Blue From Monster High

Katie Perry Is A Great Blue Costume Idea

Katie Perry! Yes, this singer and her blue wig managed to wedge herself into a spot on the top of the blue costume list. Katie is quite a character and it's easy to see why she would be a popular costume to wear. A Katie Perry costume would be pretty easy to make yourself...just add a blue wig or blue hair spray coloring to one of your outrageous and small outfits. This young lady is not only fun, she's talented. You can always add a microphone as a costume accessory when you dress up as Katie Perry.

Dorothy Gale From The Wizard Of Oz Costume Ideas

Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz - you remember Dorothy and her dog Toto from the Wizard of Oz - well, this little pretty in her blue gingham dress always seem to manage to get on the top of a popular costume list. Her blue checked dress is so recognizable that we all know who's dress it is right away. And her little dog too, is a costume prop, that needs no introduction at all. Dorothy's mood was a bit blue in the movie too, but everything with her back home where she belonged.

You can always find some fab costume ideas from the Wizard of Oz movie and this year you can also find some great costumes from the newest Oz themed movie, Oz The Great and Powerful. There are some very nice costumes if you want to dress up as Glinda, Evanora, or Theodora. They just aren't blue.

Make It Yourself Dorothy From The Wizard Of Oz Costume

Become Cinderella For Halloween - A No-Sew Costume

Cinderella, the Walt Disney Princess who goes from rags to riches, is always a top girls Halloween costume choice. It's a fairy tale come true and we have all watched while Prince Charming slipped that famous glass slipper onto Cinderella's dainty foot. This sweet princess is the ideal costume for a girly girl to dress up in. Your little princess will probably love this princess costume as much as my girls did when they were younger.

No Sew Cinderella Costume Tutorial

Merida Costume Ideas

Princess Merida from Brave is going to be on the top of the blue costume list this's the latest Disney Princess movie and Merida is a keeper! She doesn't wait around for any prince to save her, she takes matters into her own hands and finds her own is def living ahead of her times. Her blue costume is another one that we all recognize on sight. You can also find some great Princess Merida party supplies for kids who really love this Disney princess.

A Blue Alice In Wonderland Costume

Alice in Wonderland gives us another blue costume that is so very popular since the release of the movie starring Johnny Depp a couple years back. The Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter and The Red Queen are also hot costume choices, but I can't talk about them here - they are not blue! You might see them if you click on the Alice costume link!

No Sew Alice In Wonderland Costume Tutorial

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How To Make A Power Ranger Costume - No Sew!


A Blue Power Ranger costume is another very popular costume idea that we all recognize right away. Some costumes need no introduction what so ever, this is one of the classics costumes for adults and for kids. They've been around forever, but it doesn't matter. They never go out of style, they are fun to wear, and easy to find. The Blue Power Ranger - and his different hued brothers and sisters in battle - are also up high on the costume popularity list, they just aren't blue so they are more costumes I can't talk about here. I am trying to strictly stick to blue disguises only. I found a great tutorial to help you make your own Power Ranger costume at Carrie Elle.

Easy DIY Blue Fairy Costume With Tulle

The Blue Fairy is a fun costume for women and girls to dress up in. There are a couple different designs to choose from when you are looking at fairy costumes, there's even one that lights up. How pretty that would look as evening becomes night on Halloween. Imagine being the girl who lights up the entire neighborhood with her fabulous costume!

Check out this tutorial on how to make a fairy dress using a crochet tube top and tulle. The top is from ebay and the skirt is made entirely of tulle. It's gorgeous...just picture it in blue. It is a very easy diy costume project and it really looks beautiful.


Mystique - The Blue Villainess From X-Men


Mystique - The Ultimate Blue Costume For Halloween

Mystique from X-Men is a great idea for someone who wants to dress in a blue costume, and we are talking all blue. Mystique's skin is blue, so this character fits the title of this lens perfectly. You can find more fun ideas about her at my X-Men Mystique Lens You can pre-order a Mystique costume or look through a huge online costume supplies catalog and sometimes you can find money saving coupons at If you enjoy the X Men and the Mutants they fight against, this Mystique costume might interest you.

You can wear blue leggings and a tight blue top as your costume...then it's on to make up to complete your Mystique look.

Mystique Make Up Tutorial For Halloween

Dress Up In A Blue's Clues Costume

Blue's Clues is a blast from the past that kids love! Dog outfits are a pretty popular kid's Halloween costume and this blue one is very cute. I chose a baby costume to show you, it has paw prints all over it, but you can find other costumes including a bunting for infants, and some toddler and kids sizes too. There's even a Blue's Clues costume for your dog!

The Blue Jellyfish Costume - Make It Yourself


A Blue Jelly Fish costume is certainly a unique idea! This blue costume is one you are going to have to make yourself. I found the directions online and it looks fairly easy to do. To make this great costume idea you will need:

  • 1 Umbrella - one of the dome shaped ones
  • 5 Rolls assorted wired & curly gift wrapping ribbon
  • 2-3 Strings LED lights
  • Glue gun and/or strong, clear tape
  • Velcro

The dome top umbrella really is perfect for top of the Jelly Fish and the tentacles are made from ribbons in silver and blue. It's cute and it would probably be lots of fun to make with your kids. It also doesn't sound too expensive and we all know how much fun it is to find a cheap Halloween costume idea! I saw another Jelly Fish costume that was made with an umbrella and bubble wrap. You can take a look at the umbrella jellyfish costume ideas at

Smurf Costumes Are Blue

Who is more blue than The Smurfs? You can make your own Smurf costume or you can buy one. For Smurfette you need a white dress or skirt, blue tights, a blue long sleeved shirt, lots of blue costume makeup and a yellow wig. One wig I saw is a bit glamorous for Smurfette, but then why not make your Halloween costume as pretty as you can with a yellow wig. The other Smurf characters will need white pants, Papa Smurf will need red pants, blue long sleeve shirts, and a Smurfy hat.

DIY Easy Smurfette Halloween Costume

The Greek Goddess Of Love Costume - Aphrodite

Aphrodite - The Greek Goddess Of Love Costume

Aphrodite This beautiful Greek goddess costume comes in a lovely shade of blue for those of you who plan to dress up as the goddess of love and beauty. There are many goddess costumes you can choose from but Aphrodite is one of the very best choices, after all, she is also known as the goddess of desire and here is what her blue costume looks like. Or choose the white and blue costume...

Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Aphrodite was in love with Adonis.

According to legend, Aphrodite was born when she rose from the foam of the sea.

Aphrodite lived on Mount Olympus.

It is said that her eyes were blue as a summer sky, her hair was golden as the sun, and her skin was whiter than ivory.

Dress Up For Halloween As A Pair Of Blue Jeans - Pun Costume

A Pair of Blue Jeans costume for those of you who want to dress up in a funny couples costume. Everyone loves blue jeans! This costume idea will have your friends cracking up when you walk into the party. Go as Jean and Gene dressed up in blue jeans, a denim colored shirt and you can paint your faces blue using blue face paint.

That's an easy homemade costume idea! Jeans pants and shirt, blue makeup and a couple of name tags that tell everyone at the party your names...Jean and Gene.

Blue Star Trek Uniform Costume - Be Spock For Halloween

Blue Star Trek Costume Star Trek costumes come in many different colors and those colors represent which department of Star Fleet you work with. Blue signifies the science and medical department, so our favorite Mr Spock and Dr. "Bones" Mc Coy would both be dressed in blue. If you want to dress up as one of these guys, blue is the color uniform for you. I am a Spock fan, so I would add some of those very distinctive and sexy Star Trek Spock Ears to my blue shirted costume and transform myself into the USS Enterprise's Vulcan science officer.

She Used A Red Shirt, But I Would Use Blue

The Blue Ninja Costume

The Blue Ninja is another fun costume to dress up in at Halloween time. Ninja's are pretty exciting characters. They are strong, stealth, very skilled in many areas of the martial arts, at times it seems the Ninja possess supernatural powers.

Okay, Most Ninja Costumes Are Black But I Like Blue

Dress Up As A Blue Mermaid For Halloween

This Blue Mermaid Costume is the stuff dreams are made of! I think every girl and woman has at least once had a secret wish to become a mermaid (I know I have!) and now that secret wish can come true with this beautiful blue, sequined costume. Go ahead, dress up as a mermaid this Halloween and live your dream.

How To Make A Mermaid Costume For Your Costume Party

Mermaid Make Up Tutorial - Love The Mermaid Costume

Neytiri And Jake Costumes From Avatar

Avatar Costumes - Neytiri and Jake These blue costumes of the Na'vi would make a great couples costume idea or you can wear them solo. Each of these characters is fiercely independent and yet belong together! Join the forces to save Pandora this Halloween with these exotic looking costume ideas. Once again that blue make up you've seen on this page is going to come in very handy.

The costumes for Avatar characters are pretty easy. Jake Sully wears Khaki color pants, a tee shirt and some work boots. For Nytiri you will need a blue turtleneck top, blue leggins and some blue socks. You can tie a bluish or brown scarf around your waist and let the scarf hang down the front and back of your body. Wear some sandals on your feet. There you go...the most work with an Avatar costume will be in the makeup.

You will also need to braid your hair or buy a braided wig. The Navi ears are going to be the most difficult part of this costume, but all you need to do is cut triangles out of blue paper or felt and glue them to a card board triangle shape. Glue or secure them to the wig and that should do it.

Beautiful Avatar Make Up Tutorial

Transformers Optimus Prime

Transformers Optimus Prime The Transformer costume ideas have been popular for quite a while with all the Transformer movies and toys that are available. Let's face it, these autobots are cool! The good guys are the Autobots and the bad guys are the Decepticons but which ever side you decide to dress up as, these are sharp costumes. Here's Optimus Prime, the blue and red leader of the Autobots,

Tranformers Optimus Prime Costume

Peacock Halloween Costume Ideas

Peacock Halloween costume ideas are just plain pretty to look at, just like a real peacock would be. These are brilliantly colored costumes that look great on kids and on adults. Have you ever seen a more beautiful bird? I think not!

Here's a picture to show you what I mean because this very lovely costume is one of those pictures that speaks a thousand words.

How To Make A Peacock Costume

The Blue Suit Zentai Costume - Good Group Costume Idea

The Blue Skin Suit zentai costume is a fun costume idea. It works as a group costume for those of you who want to dress up as Blue Man Group as well as the Lone Blue Guy at the party. And I guess Blue Girls could wear it too. This second skin costume comes in lots of colors, not just if this is the look you want for Halloween, you've found it. These costumes are zentai suit and that means these costumes cover you from head to toe. You can drink right through the costume...

The Blue Butterfly Costume

The Blue Butterfly Costume comes in girls and women's sizes so big and little girls can dress up as a beautiful butterfly for Halloween. The costume shown here is an adult size costume and it lights up to make your costume extra special. You can find many different styles and designs when you are looking at butterfly costume ideas.

Use the make up tutorial below and wear a blue top with a blue skirt...maybe even a tulle skirt, add some butterfly wings and you are good to go.

How To Make Butterfly Wings

The Blue Crayon Costume - Are You A Crayola?

The Blue Crayon costume is another fun Halloween costume idea that comes in many colors, it's not just blue...but I am only talking about blue outfits on this page. This costume idea comes in baby bunting sizes, toddler sizes, kids and teen sizes and adult sizes, so you can dress the family up and go out in a box of colorful crayons costume. There are also crayon costumes in different shades of blue, both dark and light colors, here I've pictured the sky blue ladies outfit.

Dumb And Dumber Blue Tuxedo Costume

  1. Dress up in a Blue Tuxedo costume this year. It's that special look from the movie, Dumb and Dumber, but it's a pretty dapper look for those of you who have always wanted a blue tux. It worked for Harry Dunne.

Are You Dressed As A Blue Angry Bird Or The Blue Bird Of Happiness?

The Blue Angry Birds Costume is from the popular video game, The Angry Birds, and like many other costumes on this page it, too, comes in many other colors, but you didn't hear that from me! This is the blue costume page and here's the blue bird outfit.

Mortal Combat Subzero Halloween Outfit

Is This A Raid Or Are You In A Police Uniform For Halloween?

Speaking of uniform costumes, the Police Officer is another beautiful blue costume idea that men, women and kids will look great in. What a positive role model costume this is.

Cookie Monster Costumes for the entire family! Cookie Monster of Sesame Street fame is a classic costume that never goes out of style. This year you can find a Cookie costume for everyone from babies and toddlers, to kids, to teens to adults. So plan on dressing up as a cookie loving, fuzzy blue monster this year for Halloween!

To DIY you will need some blue ribbon, light blue tulle, dark blue tulle, light brown felt, dark brown felt, a blue headband, a feather boa (guess what!), 2 styrofoam balls for Cookie Monster eyes, black paint, and a hot glue gun.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... BATMAN! Costume That Is

Batman Costumes are true blue and you can find them in all sizes...mens, womens, kids, teens, dogs for heaven's sake! Batman is another classic costume that will never, ever go out of fashion. For some Super dress up fun, choose Batman.

Check out the two videos, they are quite different from each other. One is a guy getting dressed up as Batman and the other shows a Batman Halloween costume made from Duct Tape! People are so clever when it comes to making a homemade costume.

Getting Dressed Up As Batman - Literally

Duct Tape Batman Costume - 9 Rolls Of Duct Tape Later

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It' Superman

Change from Clark Kent Into Superman with this mixed color costume! It shows Clark beginning his transformation to the "Man of Steel" and that Superman costume is blue. You can find many different styles of Superman costumes and like many other popular costume themes, many of these outfits come in kids, adult and teen sizes.

I found an amazing video of someone painting a Superman costume on. I love Halloween costume ideas!

Superman came from the planet, Krypton, when he was a baby. The planet was going to be destroyed and his father, Jor-El, put him in a rocket ship to save him.

I don't think of him as an alien, but he is.

On Krypton his name was Kal-El.

He was found by Martha and Jonathan Kent. They raised him as their son.

When disguised as Clark Kent, Superman is mild and kind of whimpy.

In the beginning of the comic series Superman could not fly.

Painted On Superman Costume For Halloween

The Zombie Prom King

The Zombie Prom King Costume In Blue This zombie is the king of the prom and he's decked out in a light blue tux, it's a bit messier now than when he started out. Boy, he looks like he had a really tough night. The prom is long over, but this walking dead king isn't giving up.

Look below and you will find the Drop Dead Gorgeous costume...after all, every prom king needs a queen!

The Renaissance Lady Costume For You

The Blue Renaissance Costume Be the Lady of the Court in this beautiful poly crushed velvet blue dress, this dress is fit for a queen. There is a lovely Juliet outfit I saw at Amazon and it was in blue velvet like material. Just what I think of when I picture one of these beautiful medieval dresses.

Renaissance Costume How To Make Tutorial

Blues Brothers

I know that a costume for Jake and Elwood aren't blue, but how can you not include The Blues Brothers in a blue costume page? I love this crazy movie! It stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroid from Saturday Night Live. It's hysterical and if you want to laugh, just watch it. Do you know who The Penguin is? What role Carrie Fisher played in the movie?

How can you ignore a movie with these famous people in it: Frank Oz, Cab Calloway, James Brown, Chaka Khan, John Landis, John Candy, Paul Reubens, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Steven Spielberg ... the list goes on.

The Blues Brothers always wear dark suits, white shirts, a dark tie, a hat, and sunglasses. It's an easy diy costume idea, but you can also buy it at one of the online costume stores.

Do You Want A Shark Costume?

The kid Shark Costume is blue and cute as can be. There's no way this little fellow is a deadly man eater. If you want to dress your child up in an adorable costume that funny and cute, this blue shark is it.

Here is how to make one yourself using a stuffed plush shark, a hoodie and some felt.

Kid's Shark Costume DIY Tutorial

Lady Gaga Poker Face Costume

The Blue Lady Gaga Costume It's Poker Face! That bathing suit and gloves are great and when you combine it with a Lady Gaga hairstyle or wig, you will have a winning combination for your Halloween costume this year.

Thomas The Train Blue Halloween Costume For Kids

Thomas The Train Blue Halloween Costume is a great pick for a kid who is crazy about trains. This is a great halloween costume for babies, toddlers and kids who like this little tank engine.

How To Make A Thomas The Tank Engine Costume

Sweet Costume Idea - Blue M&M's

Are Blue M&M's your favorite? Well then here is the Halloween costume for you. It's a Blue M&M costume for kids, but it comes in sizes from a baby bunting to adults.

It's also easy to make an M&M's costume...check out the how to make it tutorials on YouTube.

Jake And The Neverland Pirates

Jake And The Neverland Pirates is blue too. Jake is a fun theme for a kid's Halloween costume, so if your little one is a Jake fan, here's the costume choice for you...that sure was easy!

How To Make Jake's Pirate Vest For Halloween

Megamind Halloween Dress Up Ideas

Megamind Costumes are blue! You can transform yourself into a Mega brainiac maniac this year with the fun costume for Megamind, that evil alien genius you will find here. Megamind and Metro Man costume ideas.

Here's a list of the cast of Megamind - The Who's Voice Was Who's?

  • Will Ferrell the voice of Megamind
  • Brad Pitt the voice of Metro Man
  • Tina Fey the voice of Roxanne Ritchie
  • Jonah Hill the voice of Hal Stewart / Titan
  • David Cross the voice of Minion
  • Ben Stiller the voice of Bernard
  • Justin Theroux the voice of Megamind's Father
  • Jessica Schulte the voice of Megamind's Mother

Super Mario Brothers Costumes

Super Mario Bros Both Mario and Luigi wear blue coveralls, hats and sport a mustache. Star of movies, cartoons, and Nintendo games, the Super Mario Bros are also big time Halloween costume themes. Check out these fun costumes that are mostly blue and come in kids and adult sizes.

Girls Love The Super Mario Bros Costumes Too

Make A LEGO Man Costume

Tell Some Fortunes This Halloween Dressed As A Gypsy

Tell all the fortunes you want with these Blue Gypsy Costumes. Halloween and Gypsy Fortune Teller costumes go hand in hand. This blue skirted costume along with some beads and chains and hoop earrings will make a great costume. You can find more my fortune tellers costume lens.

Hello Kitty Halloween Fun

Hello Kitty Costumes Hello Kitty isn't usually blue but she is now! This is a new and very cute look for little Miss Kitty White! Her usual outfit is a pink skirt, a white blouse and a red bow...but this season Miss Hello Kitty felt like a change.

Prohibition Is Over When You're Dressed As A Flapper

Forget Prohibition in your Blue Flapper Costume! This sweet outfit will get you into any Speak Easy you want...drinks will be on the house. Charleston the night away in this super duper blue roaring 1920s costume.

Flapper Costumes Need Fringe

Street Fighter Video Game Costumes

Blue Street Fighter Costumes I found two blue Street Fighter costumes, one is Akuma and the other is Chun Li. Two fighters equal one great Halloween couples costume idea!

Scott Summers Is Cyclops From X-Men

Scott Summers is a mutant called Cyclops because he wears a vision shield with one lens over his eyes. He has the ability to blast energy beams from his eyes, these beams can incinerate a person. He wears the visor to contain the beams.

How To Make A Cyclops Costume - See Cyclops With Phoenix

More Blue Costume Ideas For Halloween

Here's a list of a few more blue costumes for you to look over:

  1. Blue Flight/Jump Suit
  2. Birdy Blue Ninja
  3. Blue Astronaut Suit
  4. Solar System Dress
  5. Inflatable Shark Costume
  6. Link - Breath of the Wild (Zelda)
  7. Blue Spartan Muscle Halo Outfit
  8. Toikido Crewmember Inflatable Costume
  9. Little Miss Blue Skelly
  10. Blue Wizard Costume
  11. Mary
  12. Blue Cheerleader Costume
  13. Blue Dragon
  14. Blue Purge Mask
  15. Mulan
  16. Eleven From Stranger Things Blue Jacket
  17. Blue Santa
  18. Colonial Uniform
  19. The Beast
  20. Chuckie

Blue Dog Costumes - Pet Costumes In Blue

You like to dress your dog up in costumes. You like the color blue. I have put those two facts together and created a great place for you to find a pet costume for your dog...or your cat. Here are some of my blue dog costume ideas for you! The first pet costume pictured here is a bit unusual. It's a dog costume for a dog...

The Doggie Dorothy Costume


Superman Dog Costume


Peacock Costume For Dogs


Cat Costumes Come In Blue Too


Blue Costume Helpers

There are so many fun and unique costume ideas and many of them come in blue. Other's will accent your costume's blue tones. You get to pick and choose the perfect accessories that will help your costume come alive.

Lagoona Blue's costume will need a wig.

The Lagoona Blue Costume Wig


Get Your Blue Costume Halloween Wig

Wigs can give your costume so much flavor and other words, they can make or break it. Think carefully about the hairpiece you are choosing to top your Halloween costume. Make sure you feel comfortable in it! Here are some ideas for you:


Get A Blue Costume Wig


Blue Costume Shoes

Blue costumes need some cute blue shoes to go with them. Here are some blue shoes and some beautiful shoes to go with the fancy dress costumes on this page. I had to show you these gold shoes, they would be the perfect shoe to wear with Cleopatra or one of the goddess costume ideas.

Blue Costume Make Up Ideas

Here are lots of blue makeup ideas to match your blue costumes. Some costumes will need a lot of blue makeup, costumes like Neytiri, Jake Sully, and Smurfs. Other costume ideas will need touches of blue, those costumes are Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Dorothy, and Alice in Wonderland. Then I found this fun Fantasy Make-up Kit that has something for just about every costume I can think of!

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There are over 50 ideas for blue Halloween costumes on this page. Did you find the one you want to wear here? Which one was it?

Wearing A Blue Costume? Tell Us Which One You Chose!

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