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Black Cat Halloween


Party Invitations

One of the many great things that make up a wonderful Halloween holiday are black cats. They are beautiful creatures but became stigmatized when they were connected as the side kick of witches. This is unfortunate but when it is time to get a party going for the best holiday ever black kitties are a favorite. One of the first things that is needed for this ghoulish holiday is a way to let your friend know that there is a gathering. I love this Holiday and all the fun associated with it.

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Some history of the black cat will help in understanding the prejudices that are attached to them. The folklore varies from one area of the world to the other. They are associated with other bringers of bad luck like the crow. They are also seen as bringers of good luck in other parts of the world. The bad outweighs the good.

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Halloween Invite - Scary Cat in Graveyard

Do You Have a Favorite?

I love cats and what better way to appreciate them than with photos. These are some of the best photographs I found on Pinterest and just have to share them. I am wondering if you have a favorite out of these cute photos?

Do you have a favorite pick?

Video on Spicing Up Halloween - with Black Cats

I especially like the video on the neat treats. The cute little cup cakes make my mouth water for something sweet.

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TanoCalvenoa on October 12, 2013:

Only problem with black cats is if you're the owner, they're hard to spot in the yard if you want to bring them inside after nightfall.

colonelle on September 10, 2013:

Nice invitations! And big thanks for including mine!

anonymous on September 10, 2013:

Thank you for featuring my Black Cat Halloween Invite card on your site. I am very flattered. Wishing you much success!

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