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Romantic and Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Husband

Happy Birthday to You: Dear Husband!

Happy Birthday to You: Dear Husband!

A bond formed by true and genuine love can not be broken by any earthly forces of evil. The bond between a husband and wife is based upon love. There are also friendship, compassion and cooperation with each other among the true couples. You may be a wife who love and care for your husband and want to convey your admiration for him on his birthday then you have come to the right place. Here, I have collected some cool poems for your husband, some hich are romantic and some funny.

If you want to write a love poem for him all by yourself then you can get inspirations by reading these. If you like my effort then do not forget to let me know.

Poem for Husband

Love and friendship,

A fellow feeling so deep,

That even the trench of Mariana

Would envy and will go green

On her underworld bastion

Beneath immeasurable weight of the ocean.

It is the bond between us,

Oh my lovely husband,

Which has transformed the world

For both of us.

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Seven Birthday Poems for Hubby

Poem 1

My lovely dear husband,

I can’t show my love

How many words I spend

To write a poem, a song,

An epic for you,

My love is so bold, so strong,

That even a thousand lines

Is not enough.

Poem 2

Once again the date has come

Which is so dear to me;

The date which saw the arrival

Of my husband, on the world,

Which he transformed into

A much better place for me,

I wish happy birthday for ye!

Image: a birthday poem for husband

Image: a birthday poem for husband

Poem 3

Oh my hubby dear,

I’ll going to make it clear,

That I wish enormous wealth,

A rock solid health,

For you on your birthday!

Poem 4

May all your wishes come true,

You have done so much for me,

None would ever do,

To God my only plea,

To keep you fit and healthy.

Poem 5

My life is unimaginable without you,

And what would happen to me,

Without you, I don’t have a clue.

I know you love me so much,

That nobody is capable of such,

You have kept it for year after year,

I wish happy birthday for you dear!

Poem 6

You, for me is come true dream,

For you, I can go to any extreme,

You are always on my side,

You are my love and pride,

Beside you I always stay,

Have a nice and happy birthday!

Poem 7

I wish happy birthday for the

Most perfect man I know,

It is you, dear husband,

Whose name on my heart

With love always glow,

You have become my part,

Which is inseparable by any surgery.

Poems X, Y and Z

Poem X

I wish a happy birthday

For the love of my life

Without whose presence

I shall not survive

Even for a day.

Poem Y

I wish you happy birthday with lots of cheer,

It should be your happiest year,

I am lucky to get you always near,

Close to you I feel no fear,

I am telling you loud and clear,

That I love you so much dear!

Poem Z

Beyond you nothing I can see,

Such a special person to me there is none,

You are the whole universe to me,

Enjoy the day and have all the fun!

A Birthday Cake for a Husband

Three Special Birthday Poems For Your Husbands: I, II and III

Poem I

It is not necessary to tell you everyday,

How much I love you, what you mean to me,

But to God I always pray

To keep you happy and healthy.

If I ever have to start my life fresh again,

I shall go only with you, my man.

Poem II

I don’t know if there is an afterlife,

But if there is one,

I wish with all my heart,

That on it I want none

But my husband behind me,

You are to me always fresh and new,

I wish happy birthday to you!

Poem III

The day we meet still golden to me,

I love and care for thee,

So much, that the rain

From heaven or the pain

From fire is not enough

To stop my heart’s longing for you.

I Have Seen a Glowing Cloud Today

I have seen a glowing cloud today,

It was brighter than the brightest of May,

With its glowing lips it did say,

“You are the luckiest woman

No one has a husband than

Yours, whom you do love”.

My hubby, happy birthday!

From the Time...

From the time our life began together,

We have passed some rough weather,

Sometimes no word can say

You mean how much to me in every way,

To the almighty I always pray,

For your happy and joyous birthday!

Three Funny Birthday Poems for a Husband

#funny 1

Today is your birthday,

So, I am not going to say,

Just how worthless a man you are,

I am not going to shout at you,

Because, today is your birthday,

In piece for day you stay.

#funny 2

Happy birthday to the man,

Who once was a man,

But now a white haired old man,

Who is good for nothing!

#funny 3

My dear hubby, happy 18th birthday!

What! You are not 18 anymore?

You have aged more than two score?

Oh! Well, you are still 18 to me,

Such passionate and foolish!

Wish Your Husband with this Poem

Love and friendship,

A fellow feeling so deep,

That even the trench of Mariana

Would envy and will go green

On her underworld bastion

Beneath immeasurable weight of the ocean.

It is the bond between us,

Oh my lovely husband,

Which has transformed the world

For both of us.

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