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Amazing Bird Makeup Tips and Tutorials

Bird Makeup

Using birds as a makeup theme is a terrific choice, as it offers a wide variety of exotic details to have fun with and create a compelling and very noticeable look.

What's really fun about bird makeup is you can focus solely on the face, add a lot with the hair, or use a combination of both to generate the desired look.

All those feather eyelashes and hair extensions offer some great material to use to be as loud and outlandish as you want, or to give a more subtle and toned down look. It's up to you, and the options are numerous.

Some of the bird designs utilized by women are the peacock, bird of paradise and the blackbird, among many others.

Most are based upon a general conception of a bird, and not the specifics of any particular bird. That provides a lot of leeway for those wanting to sport a general bird look based upon individual imagination and not the reality of how a specific bird may look.

Bird Makeup Designs

What's great about choosing a bird makeup design is you can in fact use it to go out with if you're wanting to make a statement that will be noticed, but not too over the top.

On the other hand, for Halloween, cosplay or other types of costume parties, it's a fantastic option to be used for some magnificent creations to show off.

The two major elements of a bird makeup design are the use of vibrant colors to showcase the gorgeous feathers of a bird, and the layered look of the feathers themselves, which lend themselves to terrific designs.

These can be used in the place of eye shadow, or for the more ambitious, designed over the majority of the face.

Feathered Bird Eye Makeup

In this first bird makeup example it's what some women wanting to make a statement would wear, but not going to the extent of making appear to be a costume.

It's gorgeous, and would attract a lot of attention in a number of social situations. To me, it doesn't cross the line into a costume or makeup mask look, so would work well when going out.

The color combinations are exquisite.

Black Bird Makeup

From colorful to black and bold, here we have a completely different bird makeup look, this one incorporating that of black bird eyes.

How different to put the lashes on the bottom of the eye for the major part of the makeup design rather than the top of the eye. It really catches you off guard when seeing it for the first time.

It could be used to go out with or for the prelude to a more detailed bird makeup look.

Peacock Bird Makeup

There had to be at least one makeup bird look which included the peacock, and here is one that focuses mostly on the head rather than the face of the woman; although she does have some peacock color above her eyes.

This is a great way to include a bird look while maintaining genarally regular makeup on your face. That way you can easily switch between a costume party and going out on the same night if you choose.

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Bird Makeup Video Tutorials

Next we'll look at a variety of bird makeup looks and tutorials as to how to create these compelling designs.

The first three bird video tutorials are of what are called bird masks, which would be worn on Halloween or another costume event.

For the last bird video tutorial, it shows how to use vibrant colors to create eyes incorporating a bird look.

Halloween Makeup Mysterious Bird Lady

Owl Inspired Makeup Mask Tutorial

Blue Angry Bird Makeup

Makeup and Face Painting Bird Face

With this bird makeup design, it includes a variety of elements to generate the final outcome. It uses regular makeup, face painting, and of course those wonderful feather earrings and lashes, which complement the rest so well.

I like the choice of blue, black and yellow, as they blend together well. To me it would have been better to change the lipstick, as it somewhat clashes with the rest to me. Blue or yellow would have looked much better. But still a nice foundation to work from.


Phoenix Bird Makeup

A phoenix is a very popular mythological bird, representing, among other things, rising up from the ashes to newness of life. That, and the gorgeous colors associated with the legendary bird provides great opportunity for theater in the design, as you can see below.

It's a beautiful depiction and interpretation of the phoenix, and would be a lot of fun to make.

At first glance this design looks difficult, but when you break it into smaller parts, you start to get the feel it's very much something that could be done by most women with a little experience.


Bird Feather Facial Design

This was obviously done by a professional, and was in fact part of a makeup contest. But that doesn't mean there aren't some great ideas to extract from the terrific bird design.

My favorite is the use of the layered feathers, which is something all of us could do; whether it was on a smaller part of the face, such as right below the eyebrows, or on another selected portion of the face, or maybe even neck.

The decision to use gold and blue as the primary colors was a good one, and they go well together.

Makeup Designs with a Bird Theme

From this group of photos and videos displaying a variety of bird makeup looks, you can see why it's such a popular makeup theme to choose to do.

You can choose your favorite color, design, and accessories and have fun creating an awesome bird look to go out with or show off at a Halloween or other costume party.

Whether it's a simple bird makeup design or a more detailed one, there is something about them that work fantastic, and it's definitely worth the time and effort put in to end up with these type of results which are sure to attract the desired attention.

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