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Biker Chick Costume

Funny & Cool Biker Chick Halloween Costume Ideas

How To Make A Biker Chick Costume For Halloween

An easy DIY costume is the biker chick. You don't have to buy an elaborate outfit to look cool on Halloween...just check your closet and see if you have any of the needed clothing that a woman who rides a motorcycle would wear. The look I have in mind is strong, chic, and sexy, in a tough chick sort of way. There isn't just one look a woman on a bike must wear, she is tough enough to dress anyway she likes.

I have lots of ideas for a biker chick costume on this page and there is a great page called biker chick costumes on pinterest where you can see hundreds of different outfits and biker chick hairstyles too.

Ed Hardy Is A Great Biker Chick Look

The one thing you will notice about the biker chick pictures on this page is they are all different styles and looks. That's because there is no one look for a woman who rides a motorcycle. Each woman is an individual with her own tastes and likes. That individuality is reflected in her outfit, or in your case, it will be reflected in your costume clothing choices. That's a great costume quality. You want to be different, unique.

There's also no age limit on Biker Chicks...young and older women all ride bikes and love every minute of it.

There is a standard biker uniform of sorts. Here is what I would consider wearing when I am dressing up with a biker chick costume theme:

  • Leather Pants or Denim Jeans
  • Leather Vest
  • Leather Jacket/Denim Jacket
  • Biker Group Insignias
  • Bandana
  • A Bit Of Lace (Just cause it's sexy and pretty!)
  • Belts - Lots Of Leather
  • Leather Wrist Straps With Studs (Choker Collar too)
  • Leather Boots
  • Chains
  • Leather Gloves/Fingerless Leather Gloves
  • Bandana
  • Crosses & Skull Jewelry
  • Anything Ed Hardy!

Biker Chick Costume Needs

BikerChick Costumes

Leather Pants/Jeans

Leather/Denim Vest



Temporary Tattoos

Leather Belts

Biker Club Emblem



Biker Emblem Ideas

Pray, Go, Ride, Share.

Cosplay Biker Chick Costumes - DIY Group Costume Idea

I am sure you didn't believe it when I said there is not just one look for biker chicks, but after seeing all the different styles shown on this page, you know what I mean. Each and every female biker has a look that is her own...and that's how you should plan your costume. Make it leathery, tough, and add your own special details so it is all yours. It's a fun and easy DIY costume that you should have fun with.

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Look through your closet and drawers to find leather pants or jeans, a leather or denim vest, a pair of boots, and a t-shirt or blouse...that's the main outfit. Now for the accessories you can use belts with a big belt buckle, straps, leather bracelets, chains, crosses, skull jewelry, bandanas...add some makeup and you are good to go.

Biker Chick - Rock Star Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Sailor Moon Biker Chick Costumes

Biker Chick Costume Outfits

Ripped up fishnet stockings work great with a skirt or pair of shorts, and those thigh high stockings work well with the Biker Chick costume theme too. These ladies took advantage of the temporary tattoos that are sold online and they look great.

Biker Chic / 80s Punk Rocker | Halloween Makeup

Those studded gloves can be made with some metal studs and hot glue. Just glue the studs onto your gloves and you've got a really tough look going on. You can also glue the studs onto your vest or jacket if you like the look. I know I like it...

Doggies Can Be Biker Chicks Too!

Catwoman Is A Biker Chick

Costume Ideas With A Biker Chick Theme

Biker Girl Hair Ideas - 6 Ways To Wear A Bandana

Find the perfect fix for your bandana. This video shows you 6 different ways to wear that iconic biker accessory, the bandana.

Guy Bikers Dressed Up As Biker Chicks

Check out this very funny set of biker pictures! These guys dressed up as Biker Chicks and posed for the camera. What fun it is to see. I was laughing hysterically when I saw these and enjoyed them so much I had to share them with you.

HUMMM...These Aren't Biker Chick Costumes - But They Are Pretty Funny!

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