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Best Gifts & Toys for 9 Year Old Boys in 2014 - Christmas, Birthday & 9-10 Year Olds

Top Gifts & Toys for 9 to 10 Year Old Boys

Top Gifts & Toys for 9 to 10 Year Old Boys

What Toys and Gifts do 9 Year Old Boys Want?

It's simple - they want something that has that wow factor, something that will have them engaged for hours and something that is beyond cool.

8 year old boys generally like gadget toys, something that has a function and moves, something they can control. They want their toys to be interesting and adventurous.

Finding the right gift won't be as hard as there have been some pretty exciting toy releases this year and in the past few years, some of them so amazingly cool you'll want to give them a try too!

Browse through this list of most wanted and hot new releases and find the perfect gift for your boy.

The Most Awesome Gift a 8 Year Old Boy Can Get

This has to be the most awesome toy of them all! It certainly got my attention.

Released in August 2013 this novelty set projects simple holograms!

This set comes with some cool tricks that will let the kids do a show - they'll be able to do a magic show where little holographic characters will come to life and they can even turn themselves or their friends to holograms.

I know it sounds too good to be true (and it's really inexpensive) but it's worth a look so be sure to check the video.

9 Year Olds Like Dinosaurs


Dino Excavation Kit

These were always a hit with kids as they like dinosaurs and occupations such as palaeontologist really appeal to them.

T-rex is usually their favourite as they like it's fierceness.

Dino Excavation Kit will keep them busy for a day - they will have to dig out every bone and then they will be able to assemble the dinosaur and proudly display it.

One thing to keep in mind with this kit is that it can get pretty messy as the sand (dust to be more exact) will be getting everywhere so it's better to protect the working area with some newspaper (or something similar) beforehand.

You Still Can't Go Wrong With LEGO's - 9 Year Olds Love Them

It's so hard to outgrow LEGO's! Currently the most popular and most wanted line is Legend of Chima, a fun series that's accompanied with animated series, lots of video games and more.

What's great about this series is all of the sets are pretty awesome and you can get them in all price ranges - the cheapest ones under $10 and the expensive ones just over $100 - something for every budget.

9 Year Olds Love Action

Flying a toy helicopter is one thing (a fun thing!) but having a automatic tracking-and-firing missile turret to hunt it down opens a whole new dimension of fun.

We loved this one, it does miss the helicopter more often than not but seeing this in action is great. To top that up it even makes robotic sounds (pretty loud ones).

Kids will love playing with this one for sure.

A Board Game Adventure


They Do Like Board Games

There are many fun games this age group will really like and I've chosen to go with Ticket To Ride.

It's one of the best board games out there (just my honest opinion) and kids love it as it has trains, it's easy to learn how to play and it is strategic.

I think what kids like the most about this game (apart for cute little train wagons - there's 255 of them) is the fact it doesn't follow a specific pattern like roll dice & move as each time when it's your turn you get to choose one of 3 actions to take (claim a train route, collect train cards or gather destination tickets).

No two matches of this game are the same so it can be replayed 1000 times without losing it's first appeal.

What Kind of Book to Get to a 9 Year Old?

Books are a wonderful gift and 9 year olds still like them very much (most of them). The best ones are about subject they deem cool at that age - dinosaurs, ancient civilizations (Rome, Egypt, Greek), books featuring their favourite characters like Harry Potter series, Asterix, books about growing up, short fiction novels...

Dinosaur themed books worked the best for us as kids love their dinosaurs. There are hundreds of dinosaur books out there the best ones are those which are written for kids and have many illustrations such as National's Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia where a lot of dinosaurs are covered along with their habitats and all other cool facts.

DVD Movie

They might act tough at times but they are still kids and they will gladly snuggle with their blankly and enjoy an animated movie.

There have been quite a few great animated movies that will appeal to the boys lately - Planes, Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, Turbo, Croods...

Our favourite were Monsters University & Despicable Me 2.

Monsters University Trailer

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