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Beautiful Easter Egg Ornaments


Easter Egg Ornaments for Gifts and Decorations

Egg ornaments make beautiful gifts for Easter or any Spring occasion, such as weddings and birthdays. You can hang them on Easter trees or in windows, or display them on ornament stands.

When I was a girl, I made Christmas ornaments very similar to this blue one out of big plastic L'Eggs eggs (remember those?) covered with velveteen, glitter and sequins. They glowed in the deep recesses of the tree as though they were made with real jewels!

Buy Blue Easter Egg Ornament

Easter egg ornaments make lovely collectibles. You can begin with a matching set, or choose a special one for each Easter, birthday, or other milestone.

I've selected these ornaments to reflect my own taste - deep colors and jewel tones, with intricate patterns and details. Vintage looks are my favorites, so I have chosen ornaments are made using ancient and traditional techniques and styles.

Delicate Filigree Egg Ornaments

A dozen egg ornaments in complex goldtone filagree, set with amber rhinestones, with glittery dangles underneath.

Amber and Gold Filigree Egg Ornaments - Set of 12

Waterford Beaded Lace Ornaments

Set of 4 Waterford Holiday Heirloom eggs, in stylized floral pattens, designed by Jim O'Leary.

Waterford Jim O'Leary Beaded Lace Easter Egg Ornament Set

Elegant Cloisonne Easter Egg Ornaments

Metal eggs exquisitely embellished with designs in copper wire and fired enamel.

Blue Cloisonne Egg Ornament

Black Cloisonne Egg Ornament

Turquoise Cloisonne Egg Ornament

Luxurious Faberge-Inspired Easter Egg Ornaments

These elegant egg ornaments were inspired by the jeweled Imperial Easter Eggs made for the doomed Tsar Nicholas II. They are hand-blown and painted by artisans in Poland.

Blue Pearl Egg

Pink Papal Egg

Green Napoleon Egg

Pink Royal Braid Egg

White Bouquet Egg

Red and Gold Egg

Unique Hand-blown Art Glass Easter Egg Ornaments

Each of these glass eggs has a unique pattern of colors swirled over a transparent shell. You can hang them from an Easter egg tree, or in the window as a suncatcher. They'll also be beautiful in a dish or basket. Hand-made by artisans in Canada

Pink and Gold Hand-blown Art Glass

Purple & Green Hand-blown Art Glass

Mexicana Oranges Hand-blown Art Glass

Gorgeous Fabric Easter Egg Ornaments

These stunning Easter ornaments by Towers and Turrets are handmade from luxury fabrics and trims. They come in many different styles, and each egg is a unique work of art. Presented in a gold gift box. Made in U.S.

Fuschia and Roses Fabric Egg

Gold Lame and Gold Beads Fabric Egg

Wedgewood Blue and Pearls Fabric Egg

Find More Easter Ornaments

Easter Gifts and Decorations


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Easter Trees

Beautiful examples of decorated Easter trees to spark your creativity.

The Mule Wagon

The Mule Wagon

Visit The Mule Wagon

By Valerie Proctor Davis

Do you decorate an Easter tree?

Jackie Jackson from Fort Lauderdale on March 25, 2013:

That's a lovely selection.

anonymous on March 20, 2013:

These eggs looks so nice.

cyberflutist on March 12, 2013:

No, we don't have an Easter tree. We have Easter baskets, though.

Shelly Sellers from Midwest U.S.A. on March 08, 2013:

No tree, but I want a few of these lovely Faberge eggs!

missmary1960 on March 04, 2013:

I do not, although I have a feeling I may begin, these are just gorgeous.

poldepc lm on March 01, 2013:

when our children still were young (yrs 1980-1990)...we decorated every yr a "easter tree" like we decorate "christmas trees" was fun...

rayncathy on February 21, 2013:

have not heard of Easter Trees before

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