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Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men/Women


60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Have you been in a scenario where you're looking for perfect 60 birthday gift ideas and yet there's nothing comes on your mind? I know that it's not that easy to look for birthday presents for those people who are in this age bracket. What does a 60 year old like to receive? A new dress? A pair of earrings? New reading glasses? There's a lot of possibilities and items to choose from. You just need to look for one which will absolutely fit their personalities. With this particular lens, let me share you my personal birthday gift ideas for 60 year old men and women. Feel free to choose the one you really like. Hope it helps.

60th Birthday Ideas For Men and Women

Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men/Women

Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men/Women

Celebrating one's 60th birthday is really unique. They're celebrating 60 years of happy and fruitful life. Make them feel that they are special and loved on their big day!

Book Gift Ideas for 60 Year Old

Do they love to read books which inspires them most? If that's the case, you might consider giving them books which will make them busy for days to come. Make them inspired and discover new ideas and thoughts. They might think that life after 60 is really that great.

1953 Time Capsule: Bring Back The Memories

Let them recall the spectacular and memorable events which happened after the day they where born. This one is perfect for birthday parties and events. Let them share happy moments and ideas with their fellow 60 year oldies.

Personalized 60th B-Day Wine Glasses

Surprise them with these good looking 60th birthday wine glasses. It's not that something they could brag for, however these are a cool present for them. Encourage them to use these during events and occasions. Tell them that they should feel proud that they're reached sixty years of life with flying colors. In the end, age doesn't matter. Isn't it?

Kindle for E-Book Lovers! - Great for 60 year old readers.

Let them enjoy their favorite e-books with this powerful kindle. Give them the best reading experience they could have with this spectacular gadget.

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60th Birthday Gift Box!

Surprise them with these 60th birthday gift box filled with retro candy. This is perfect to be given during b-day parties and the like.

Share your 60th birthday gift ideas here. - We all love to hear them. :-)

Cindi on January 08, 2019:

At 60, I’m going back to College

blestman lm on February 23, 2014:

At 60 I am going to be looking for things to do. Great lens for getting ideas. Thanks

Eugene Samuel Monaco from Lakewood New York on September 26, 2013:

All great ideas here, I was happy with having my grandchildren with me on 60th, and of course the cake.

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