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Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men


30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Turning 30 for men is somewhat achieving half the milestone of their lives. Life begins at 40 as they and I do personally believe in it. However, 30 is still cool. With that thing this page aims to give you some gift ideas for someone whoâll going to celebrate their 30th birthday. Some of these are my personal choices so itâll depend on you if youâll like it or otherwise not. Yet, it think the following are the best 30th birthday gift ideas for men. See it below and decide for yourself.

Make Him Happy and Proud!

30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

All we want is something good for him. Expensive gifts and items are worth nothing compared with the love and happiness we can share. However, spending a little might be also a good choice. Remember, all we want is to make him happy and let him special on his big day.

If you happen to reach this page looking for the perfect gift idea, you might take time and consider my gift suggestions below. :-)

Book Gift Idea! - A birthday book for him to read.

Here's a recommended book for those who'll gonna turn 30 on their upcoming birthdays. Be happy that you've reached this age and I know there's more to come. A perfect book to read which contains a lot of inspirational stories, lessons in life and things you need to do to produce more fruitful years for your life. Start your day by reading this awesome book.

A Birthday Mug! - He'll like a vintage mug for sure!

Here's a unique vintage mug for his special day. Giving mugs as a traditional gift ideas is still popular nowadays. Plus it could also be one of his collectibles which he can keep on his personal table. Or maybe a buddy during his coffee time or otherwise a partner on gatherings where beers and soda are popular. Why won't you try to surprise him with this one?

Bithday T-Shirts? Anyone? - Loved this gift idea!

Be proud that you've turned 30! Giving birthday t-shirts is one of my favorite gift idea. In fact, I've given a lot of them with my friends and loved ones. I find it cool giving this one, it might not be that expensive however it's something which they'll remember. Simple yet elegant.

Music From 80's - Make him remember his old days....

Is he a music lover? Surely he love music from 80's. Let him reminisce his younger days by giving him this special music DVD on his 30th birthday. This will surely bring back a lot of memories of his time. It's the music of his time!

30th Birthday Gift Box!

Made up your mind?

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Share your other gift ideas here. - We love to read them. Leave a comment for us.

anonymous on January 04, 2014:

I would suggest probably something to do with cars ..

ashleydpenn on September 26, 2013:

For my 30th my lovely wife bought me a bottle of 18 year old Glendifddich whiskey! Its my personal favourite single malt scotch whiskey. (she was going to buy the 30 years old... until she saw the price!)

razelle09 (author) on September 17, 2013:

@MoreThanAMama: thanks for stopping by. your boyfriend is great, such a wonderful idea. :)

MoreThanAMama on September 17, 2013:

Really cool ideas. Wish I had this list when the boyfriend turned 30 last year. . . I work with a guy who has a "I'm 30" mug and simply tapes a new number over the zero with every birthday he has. His mug says "I'm 33 now". Great lens!