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Beauty and the Beast Halloween Costumes

Beauty and the Beast

The story of Beauty and the Beast is one of redemption, and also of finding something extraordinary in someone in spite of their outward looks.

This classic story has remained popular since the mid-18th century when it was first published. There are more than one version of the story, although the basis of the story is similar.

During Belle's tenure at the castle, she slowly realized something within this Beast was noble and endearing, and actually started to love him.

What makes them great source material for a Halloween costume is the disparity in looks between the beautiful Belle and the horrific Beast.

Together they make a great choice for costumes for couples, although they work great alone as well, as it could be explained you're out during the period the Beast allowed you to go in the story, and if you're the beast, you could always say Belle went to visit her family for a week.

But if you can, going together as the Beauty in the Beast is the most compelling of options, and makes for a great look and conversation piece. It also is a terrific opportunity for a photo moment you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

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Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Cosplay

This example of handmade Beauty and the Beast costumes is included because of how closely it resembles the two characters, as well as to give you some ideas on how the costumes can be made if you're bold enough and talented enough to try it.

Although the beast looks challenging because of the facial features, believe me when I say it's surely the dress that was the hardest to make of all of the elements included in the costumes.

Since most people will probably acquire a Belle costume because of the complexity of making one, it is worthwhile to look at the facial features of the beast in this photo to get some ideas on how to put one together.

Look at the way the horns, brows, nose, ears and hair were added to a base. When you look at it from that point of view, you can see how you can take one part of the face at a time and convert it into an awesome looking beast.

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Belle and the Beast Costumes

Here's another look at a little different interpretation of how Belle and the Beast look in costumes, although the majority of difference is with the Beast and not Belle.

While the dresses in the two photos are very different when you look closely, a cursory glance gives you the feel of similarity in a way that if the Beast was with her, there would be no doubt as to who is being portrayed by the woman.

As for the Beast, it shows how a few adaptations and adjustments can still result in a convincing beast.

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Bright Yellow Belle Dress

I wanted to focus on each character in the Beauty and the Beast story, showcasing the detail of the characters' costumes without being distracted by both of them.

With the Belle costume below, which is of course all about the dress, we see a gorgeous, bright yellow, attractive interpretation of Belle in her beautiful dress.

Even though each dress looks different, it's very easy to see the overall look to be attained to get the most accurate and beautiful results for her.

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Beast Costume Mask

With this costume mask of the Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, we have a great example of some of the detail involved in designing and making a face of the Beast.

Again, if you have a little talent in this area, you can easily get the hair and make some horns to represent those important parts of the facial features of the beast. From the nose can be designed in a similar manner to finish off the look.

The point of the beast is the overall aura he carries with him. It doesn't have to be an exact replica to work, only beastly enough to contrast between the beautiful Belle and the ugly beast. If you accomplish that, it's what is expected, and most people wouldn't give a second thought as to how close it is to the original look of the Beast.

It's the story and tale being told via the costumes that matter, not simply getting everything exactly perfect. That's similar to the various dresses we see of Belle here. While very similar, when looked at closely, there are a lot of differences between them.

The goal, when dressing up as Belle and the Beast is to be sure everyone knows it's exactly who they are. That is done by the dress and the head of the beast. Get those right and the rest follows.

Finally, the Beast, when dressed up for Belle, did have the clothes on we see in the first photo. That also will help to reinforce the character you're dressed up as.


Beauty and the Beast Costumes and Masks

Now you see why couples going out as the Beauty and the Beast is such a good option for them. You have the classic beauty, dressed up gorgeously, while the lowly beast, while dressed sharply, can't overcome his terrible looks.

But for Belle, that doesn't matter, as she has found something in him beyond his looks, and in the end, was rewarded for being true to how she felt; focusing on the inner person rather than the outer.

All of that is the fun of dressing up in costumes and masks as the unique couple.

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