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Beautiful Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Beautiful Christmas Cards

Of all greetings card or holiday greetings cards, among the most beautiful to me are Christmas cards. It seems those designing them take special care of give a little more of themselves for this special season and day of the year.

With that in mind, I put together a little collection of them below for you to enjoy, and maybe even print out on your printer for some great images.

I included one that was a digital Christmas card just to show how nice looking these can be as well. With some people this is the way they send cards these days.

In the Christmas card gallery below I focused primarily on scenery, but also added a Victorian Christmas card and a nativity scene which I thought was unique and beautiful. Enjoy!

  • Santa Christmas Cards
    Santa is always a fun Christmas card theme to work with, as he can be put in just about any scenario and it works very well. You have everything from hilarious and serious, to touching on the naughty Santa cards, and because of that, in the end,...
  • Angel Christmas Cards
    Since I'm a fan of fantasy literature and images, it's somewhat shocking to see angels of Christmas displayed so effeminately, while the angels, in most cases, of fantasy, are very powerful and masculine looking. All of the angels in the Bible are...

Gorgeous Christmas Card with Snowman and House

There's just something about a shadowy but lit up winter night with a snowman outside seeming to welcome you to the home that is tantalizing and cool. This Christmas card captures the essence of that perfectly, and is a fantastic look at that Christmas theme.

I like how the icy sidewalk reflects the lights from the house. What a wonderful Christmas card to send someone.

Christmas Card with Snowman

  • Western Christmas Cards
    For those who love the west and everything western, there are a number of western Christmas cards you can choose from that sends the Christmas message you want to give to those who would appreciate receiving it. With the western greetings cards I...
  • Christian Christmas Cards
    Christian Christmas cards are very popular, and of course for the most part, celebrate the reason for implementing Christmas in the first place, which was the coming of Christ into the world. So many Christian Christmas cards include that theme as...

Beautiful Ecard Christmas Card

Here is the digital Christmas card I mentioned, and it is very well done. You can of course tell it's different than a physical Christmas card, but I do like the way the scene is set up, and again, the dark, but lit up house, which always reminds you Christmas eve.

  • Dog Christmas Cards
    Man's best friend always makes a good showing when it comes to dog Christmas cards, as everyone seems to want to send a Christmas card of their favorite dog or favorite dog breed, or receive one. Not only that, but there is also a lot of humor...
  • Beach Christmas Cards
    Beach Christmas cards are really a lot of fun, and they're usually always sent for the enjoyment of rubbing it in if you're living in a warm or tropical climate, to someone living in a cold or frigid climate that will get a good laugh at reminding...

Quality Christmas Card from 'A Christmas Carol'

What a wonderful Christmas card depicting the great Dickens' story 'A Christmas Carol.' I don't see how you could do much better than this, and every part of the scene is pregnant with quality and a good look and feel of the overall story.

This reminds me of former years when I would walk downtown looking at all the store windows decorated with Christmas goodies.

  • Christmas Postcards
    Sometimes we forget about Christmas postcards, even though to this day we still send and receive Christmas cards in the form of Christmas postcards, while appreciating some of those from the past, which were in many cases - works of art. When we...
  • Wildlife Christmas Cards
    I've always loved being in the outdoors, and having been born and raised in northern Minnesota in my youth, wildlife was always a part of our lives, and so wildlife Christmas cards are a great card to send and receive, and almost any part of the...
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Unique Nativity Christmas Card

There are of course thousands of nativity-designed Christmas cards, and many of them look great. I thought I'd include this one because of the interesting silver etching throughout the image. I really thought it made it stand out in a way that wasn't intrusive; at least to me. I really like it.

  • Horse Christmas Cards
    For lovers of horses, whether it's giving or receiving a horse Christmas card, it's always a lot of fun and exciting to share or receive a Christmas card celebrating their most favorite of animals. What really works with horses on Christmas cards,...
  • Business Holiday Cards
    While it may seem something very obvious, showing appreciation for those firms you are doing business with, along with your employees, is one of the more important aspects of continuing in a strong business relationship with them. Many will never...

Fantastic Christmas Card

I just love horse and buggies riding along the snow during the Christmas and winter season, and this one if terrific. It seems they're traveling to reach a church service, and the light from the church building seems to beckon them while the lights on the bridge provide them a guide to safely cross. Nice Christmas card.

  • Lighthouse Christmas Cards
    Lighthouses continue to fascinate me, and a lighthouse Christmas card reminds me of my hometown where I grew up on Lake Superior, where I saw the lighthouses scattered along the shoreline in my youth warning the ships of impending danger. Some of...
  • Cat Christmas Cards
    Among the favorite of animal Christmas cards are cat Christmas cards, and I've got a few below that entail everything from cute to naughty to funny, just like cats are always like when they're around us. If you're looking for Christmas card ideas...

Wonderful Victorian Christmas Card

I was blown away by this Victorian-era Christmas card. Everything from the vivid colors to the swirling snowstorm are great. And the look on the woman's face is really compelling to me.

One other thing that was unusual as I see it, was the slenderness of the woman. Those times women weren't usually portrayed in this way, and so I found that fascinating to see. Overall, a great Victorian Christmas card.

  • Business Christmas Cards
    When thinking in terms of Christmas business cards, meaning given them to someone we're doing business with, we need to differentiate from a Christmas greetings card which can be sent or given by the business, and a business card itself, which...
  • Personalized Christmas Cards
    When wanting to express oneself personally to friends or loved ones during the Christmas season, I don't think there's anything better than a custom Christmas card, I'm not sure what it is, especially when you include children, grandchildren, pets...

Beautiful Christmas Cards

When searching for and putting up beautiful Christmas cards, it's seemingly endless as to how many one could find and share. But even so, I think the ones above present a nice collection which gives a fair representation of great Christmas cards we can all enjoy.

Even in our electronic and digital age it's still a joy to discover a Christmas card in your mailbox during the holiday season.


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it is very wonderful and beautiful cards

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