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Baby Halloween Costumes

More Halloween Costume Ideas

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Infant Halloween Costumes

Let's face it, the star of an infant Halloween costume is the baby, and almost every baby makes the costume look great.

Of course babies are so different that certain types of costumes really work better for some than others, but even so, just get a decent baby costume and they do the rest.

Halloween costumes for babies come in about as many different themes you want, and probably offer as much variety as any age bracket.

Of fun thing related to babies and Halloween costumes is when an adult movie character is taken and transferred to the baby's size. There cute and a hoot to look at. I've included a couple here as an example.

Another popular Halloween costume theme for babies is all kinds of animals.

Enjoy the examples of baby costumes I've put up here, and it could get you some interesting ideas for your baby or grandchild. 

Star Wars Chewbacca Baby Costume

Hey, who says it really has to look like one of the movie characters to look cute on a baby? While you would struggle to see Chewbacca in this costume, other than the hair on top, the baby looks cute and adorable, and that's really all that matters when you come down to it.

It's the pictures of the baby in its Halloween costume years from now that count.

Chewbacca Baby Halloween Costume


Anime Costume Designs

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Baby Halloween Costume of Hot Dog in Bun

The baby in this hot dog bun is great. Just think of the candy you're going to get toting this little guy along with you. It'll keep the baby warm as well as put a smile on everyone's face.

Hot Dog Baby Halloween Costume


Fireman Halloween Costumes for Dogs

  • Fireman Halloween Costumes for Dogs
    There can be no doubt dressing up a small child for Halloween in a cute costume is as good as it gets in that area, but coming in right behind them is to dress up your dog in a Halloween costume; and one of the best and funniest ways is to deck them.

Piglet Baby Costume

Piglet is always a fantastic baby costume to put on a child, as all the little extras like the nose and years are just too cute. Winnie the Pooh characters make great Halloween costumes for babies.

This little character is the best friend of Winnie the Pooh.

Piglet Baby Halloween costume


Fireman Halloween Costumes for Children

  • Fireman Halloween Costumes for Children
    Fireman costumes are a great choice for Halloween, and while they work good for adults, they are adorable on children, as they love to put on their hats and be like one of their heroes. That's one of the major necessities of a fireman costume -...

Halloween Monkey Costume for Baby

This baby seems to have the perfect face for this costume, and so is a great model. But any baby would look fantastic in this fun monkey Halloween costume. Who wouldn't love that tail coming out?

And those feet and ears? Precious!

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Infant Monkey Halloween Costume


Little Bo Peep Costumes

  • Little Bo Peep Costumes
    Little Bo Peep is a beloved character from the childhood of little girls, and remains a popular choice for a Halloween costume; although it's not just something little girls like to wear, as the ladies like to wear Little Bo Peep costumes as well,...

Yoda Halloween Costume for Infant

If you were to buy this Halloween costume it would fall into the category of 'kinda looks like but who cares.' All you need is those ears to know who this is, and any baby would be a hit showing off the little green guy who was only about their size anyhow.

That little white robe would make any baby look like a junior Jedi Knight.

Cute Yoda Baby Costume


Wizard of Oz Costumes

  • Wizard of Oz Costumes
    The legendary characters from the Wizard of Oz are among the most recognizable fictional characters in the world, and that amazing group of people and animals are fantastic for a Halloween costume. What's great about the Wizard of Oz, is it not...

Baby Giraffe Costume

This is just too cute. Giraffes are so fun on a baby because of the things you can include on the head, as you see here. The ears and antlers (or whatever you call them), along with that hilarious tail are sure to be a hit for those viewing baby.

Giraffe Infant Halloween Costume


Newborn Tiger Costume

Biblical Costumes

  • Biblical Costumes
    For those wanting to make the Bible and its stories more real, there's nothing more enjoyable and compelling than to put together some period costumes in order to create a realistic portrayal of what happened in days of old. Whether it's for...

Infant Elephant Costume

Elephants are similar to giraffes in that they also have a lot of fun things to include in a costume which give the baby an exaggerated look; like these big ears and snout that are so cool to look at. And the little tusks sticking out are great.

The white toes and fingers are also a neat part of this elephant costume.

Elephant Baby Costume


Eeyore Costume Ideas

  • Eeyore Costume Ideas
    For those who may not know, Eeyore is the hilarious donkey in the Winnie the Pooh series, who, to say the least, as a pessimistic outlook on daily life, which makes his one liners extremely funny as he looks at almost everything through that gloomy..

Eeyore Infant Costume

I had to include an Eeyore costume as part of the baby Halloween costumes for a couple of reasons. First, Eeyore is my favorite cartoon character out there, and I think he's so funny. Second, this little baby is the exact opposite of Eeyore with the great smile and having so much fun.

I guess the sky's not falling with this little Eeyore.

Eeyore Baby Halloween Costume


Ernie and Bert Costumes

  • Ernie and Bert Costumes
    Ernie and Bert are among two of the oldest and most endearing Muppet characters on the Sesame Street television show. The comedic partners, created by Jim Henson and Eric Jacobson, are known by their contrasting appearances and personas, and are a...

Infant Snail Halloween Costume

I wanted to finish the Halloween baby costume article with this baby snail costume, as it just seems to get everything right, and is a blast to look at and to picture your baby in.

The vibrant colors just stick out in a great way, and those little antennae are as cute as it gets. A great baby costume.

Baby Snail Halloween Costume


Exciting Baby Halloween Costumes

As you can see from these baby costume samples, it is really fun to search for and find Halloween baby costumes. You could go on and on with these and every one seems to be one that would look great on baby.

Maybe there's something here that gives you even other ideas. If so, it shouldn't be hard to find it, as it seems with infants there's no lack of Halloween costume themes to choose from.


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