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Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Your wedding anniversary is the one special day of the year when you get to celebrate your love. This article on Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas looks at the tradition of selecting anniversary gifts by year of marriage and shows the full list for both traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts. So, whether you are newly weds or celebrating your 25 year wedding anniversary, you’ve come to the right place!

And, if you're looking to add a personal message to your anniversary card, take a look at these special Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Sayings.

The wedding anniversary gifts assigned to each year are also known as wedding anniversary symbols, or wedding anniversary names. So, for example, the 25th wedding anniversary is often known as the silver wedding anniversary, and the 50th as the golden wedding anniversary.

The Origin of Wedding Anniversary Gifts Lists

Traditional Anniversary Gift Lists date back to medieval Germany, when a wife was given a silver wreath by her friends and neighbours to celebrate 25 years of marriage. After 50 years, she was given a gold wreath. Gradually this tradition of giving wedding anniversary gifts expanded to cover other anniversaries and then spread to other countries.

Although there is some variation between countries, most agree that the gifts for the major anniversaries are:

  • 5th Wood
  • 10th Tin
  • 15th Crystal
  • 20th China
  • 25th Silver
  • 30th Pearl
  • 40th Ruby
  • 50th Golden
  • 60th Diamond

Modern Anniversary Gift Lists: The modern lists for the U.S. were originally complied by the Chicago Public Librarians. Before 1937, only the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversaries had an associated gift. However, in 1937 the Jewelers of America introduced an expanded list.

The Most Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas!

Flowers are probably the most romantic gift you can give, or receive, on any anniversary. But, unfortunately, they don't last very long.

Now there is a perfect solution: flowers that never fade!

Paper Roses are perfect for 1st wedding anniversary gifts

Paper Roses are perfect for 1st wedding anniversary gifts

JustPaperRoses have created a range of unique and romantic wedding anniversary gifts.

They have designed bouquets of roses made from the traditional anniversary 'material' for each anniversary.

This means that you can start a tradition of giving roses on each anniversary:

  • Paper roses on your first anniversary,
  • Cotton roses on your second anniversary,
  • Leather on your third and so on through the first 20 years, plus
  • Silver for the 25th and
  • Gold for the 50th.

How romantic is that!

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift List

Many couples like to select a gift that reflects their anniversary year. The following chart is full of wedding anniversary gifts ideas and shows the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, modern anniversary gifts and traditional flower associated with each anniversary year. These are also known as wedding anniversary symbols, or wedding anniversary names:

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift by Year

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift by Year

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Have you ever considered getting a Wedding Anniversary Memory Book as an anniversary gift for yourself, your partner, or your friends?

'Our Wedding Anniversary Memory Book' allows you to record those special moments in your life - with photos and hand-written memories. Moments that you can share with your partner, or your children, for years to come. Check out the great reviews on Amazon!

'What I Love About You', by Kate Marshall, is perfect for couples in love and makes an excellent anniversary gift.

'Wedding Anniversaries: From Paper to Diamond' explores the traditional symbols that mark each year of marriage - from paper for your first anniversary to diamonds for your 60th. Exquisite photographs, poetry and anniversary quotes accompany each anniversary.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for the First Five Years

If you are struggling to think of gifts to fit each category, here are some of the best wedding anniversary gifts ideas for the first five years:

One Year Anniversary Gifts (Paper): Books, Magazine subscriptions, posters, board games, paper flowers and much more. Plus Clocks from the modern anniversary gift list.

Two year anniversary (Cotton): Clothing, bedsheets, gloves, T-shirts

Three year anniversary (Leather): Coats, shoes, boots, slippers, handbags, purses, wallets, luggage

Four year anniversary (Silk & Linen): Lingerie, tablecloth, clothes, ties

Five year anniversary (Wood): Furniture, board games, hand-carved wooden bowls, wood flowers

Celebrate Your Anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary!


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