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DIY Allstate Mayhem Halloween Costume Ideas


The basics for your Mayhem Costume

To create the ultimate costume, you need the right base costume that will make your accessories pop. Here are some ideas for your costume.

  • Ralph Lauren Suit - Since no one will notice the type of suit you have on, and if you don't have a three-piece black suit in your closet, find a cheap one in a store or online.
  • Striped Necktie - I haven't been able to find this particular tie online yet, but look for a striped black, grey, and white tie.
  • White Dress Shirt
  • Black Dress Socks
  • Black Dress Shoes
  • Bandaids

Mayhem Costume for Adults

Mayhem is a character in a series of Allstate commercials where Mayhem, actor Dean Winters, causes an accident to happen, which is very unexpected.

Creating a Mayhem costume for Halloween is rather easy as it doesn't take much depending on which Mayhem you would like to be. The easy part of the costume is a suit and tie which is then accessorized depending on the commercial you want to be. Some of the more popular characters are:

  • Jogger Mayhem - Pink headband and dumbbells
  • Maid Mayhem - White maid smock
  • Football Quarterback Mayhem - football helmet
  • Motorcycle Mayhem - motorcycle helmet
  • Water heater Mayhem - water heater wrap and energy tag

A great couples Halloween costume idea is to pair Mayhem with a Progressive Flo Halloween Costume

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