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The Messiah Is Coming - for Advent


Readings for the Advent Season

The World needs more Hope, Peace, Faith, Joy and Love. Those are the weekly themes of this Advent Reading designed to help you put your focus on Christ this holiday season.

Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas. It's that time we use to Prepare our hearts and souls for Christ to come. So often Christmas gets lost in the presents and the food. We spend more time preparing for the party than we do preparing for the One whose birth we are supposed to be celebrating. Advent Readings with scripture, help us to avoid that pitfall.It's nice to light a candle or several candles to remind us we are celebrating the coming of the light of life. But don't get hung up on the candles or the wreath. Spend some time every day enjoying Christ and remembering what His birth means to you!

Jesus is our Hope

Jesus is our Hope

The First Sunday in Advent

The Candle of Hope

Wake Up! The Messiah is Coming

Romans 13:11-14

The hour has come for you to wake up! Why? Because your salvation is nearer now than it was when you first believed. And that is reason to hope! Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior, trust Him for forgiveness of their sins and live for Him have the hope of salvation.Wait! You probably thought you were already saved. Well, if you're a follower of Jesus Christ, technically you are. Or a better phrase would be you are in the process of being saved. When Jesus returns, our salvation will finally be complete, another reason to hope. When we meet Him in heaven, we won't be subject to the evil of this world anymore, we won't be tempted by the attractive vices this earth offers. Then our salvation will be complete. Then our hope will be fulfilled. So, light this first candle and rest in His hope! Your Messiah, the one who brings your salvation, is coming.

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Peace came to a town called Bethlehem

Peace came to a town called Bethlehem

The Second Sunday in Advent

The Candle of Peace

There will be Peace when the Messiah Comes

Isaiah 11:1-10

Every time we turn on the TV these days we wonder if peace is really a possibility. There's turmoil in the Middle East, other countries, even in our towns and homes. We begin to wonder if peace will ever come. This piece of scripture, a prophecy written hundreds of years before Jesus was born, speaks of the Messiah. The Shoot of Jesse, the Branch that bears fruit, will have the Spirit of the Lord resting on Him. One day He will return to judge with righteousness and bring peace. Jesus told us that while we live on this earth there will be no external peace, but this scripture is our promise that He who God promised to send to be His Perfect Servant will one day bring peace. Today's passage is not only one of peace, but also of Hope. Light last week's candle remembering that there is hope for a future. Light the second candle this week because the Messiah is coming and with that comes a promise that your future will be one of peace.

Christmas is a time of Joy!

Christmas is a time of Joy!

The Third Sunday in Advent

The Candle of Joy

Find True Joy when the Messiah Comes!

Isaiah 35:1-10

Today's passage gives us such a great picture of joy. Do you ever feel like you are the desert or parched land? If so, this piece of scripture is one of hope, peace and joy for you. When God comes He will give bring such joy to the parched land that it will burst into flower. Are you ready to experience that kind of joy? Christ wants to come into our lives and reign. He wants to have complete control because He knows what's best for us. When we come to the place where we allow Him to be the authority in our lives, then we'll know the truth of verse 10. Jesus has paid our ransom. Every moment we give over to our Lord takes us one step closer to Zion, it brings us one day nearer to that time of "everlasting joy" and draws us into that age when "sorrow and sighing will run away," that time when the Messiah comes.

Christmas is a celebration of Faith

Christmas is a celebration of Faith

Advent for your Kindle

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Candle of Faith

Do You Believe Your Messiah is Coming?

Romans 1:1-7

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Hebrews 11 says that "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don't see." We are Christians because we are certain that what the prophets promised in the Old Testament came to pass with the birth of Christ. We are sure that the baby with a family history connecting Him to King David was the man from Nazareth who the Roman government hung on a cross. Even though we didn't see it, we take the word of people who wrote history books about 2000 years ago and have faith that this baby was the Son of God and rose from the dead. It's this kind of faith calls us to radical obedience. If we truly believe that the baby in the manger came to save us from eternal separation from God, we really have no other option than complete obedience. If you have hope in the coming Messiah, if you know peace because you trust in Christ, if you live in the true joy of the Spirit, then live in the obedience that comes from faith! Light your candles tonight and walk in the fullness of faith!

Jesus Came to Bring Us Love

Jesus Came to Bring Us Love

Christmas Eve

The Candle of Love

Your Messiah Loves You
He Has Come and is Coming Again

Luke 2:1-9

Every year on Christmas Eve I love to read these verses. It's one tradition I don't ever want to give up. Because this is a story of hope. Angels delivered their special message to those who needed hope the most, the least of those among the working class in their day, dirty guys in a field watching sheep, guys who needed to know that God loved them and wanted them to be saved too.

It's also a message of perfect peace. The angels promised peace to those who lived in God's favor. At the time, people were expecting an earthly peace, an end to war and deliverance from their enemies. As Christ shared His message more than 30 years later, His followers began to understand that the peace the angels spoke of was a heavenly peace, one that would be internal, a peace that would end the turmoil within and bring deliverance from the worries, habits and attitudes that hold us hostage and don't allow us to enjoy life.

This is the night that brought true joy. The Shepherds were the first to hear that the baby in the manger would bring joy to all people. And 2000 years later, we are still the recipients of that joy.

And finally these words are the cornerstone of our Faith: "a Savior has been born to you." Obviously the Shepherds had faith in those words. For what other reason would they risk losing their sheep and their employment to go find a baby that had been laid in a cow's feeding trough shortly after His birth? It's our faith in these words that creates within us the hope, peace and joy the world knows nothing about.

And ultimately, this is the story of the most tremendous love we can possibly imagine. Our heavenly Father allowed His only Son to leave a perfect heaven to come to this more than imperfect earth. He did it so that we might know the fullness of His love. Jesus loved us so much, even before we were born, that He gave up the beauty of heaven for 30 plus years to walk like we would walk, to experience the hardships and live a life similar to the ones we would live. He cared so deeply about our relationship with God that He agreed to come into this world and be the sacrifice necessary to heal the rift that our sin created between us and our Creator.Tonight we will light the candle of Love, the Christ Candle. It's a white candle to remind us that Jesus was pure and holy, He didn't deserve to leave heaven to die for us, but He did it anyway. He did it because He loves us. We keep it in the center to symbolize that to receive all the gifts this season holds we must keep Christ in the center of our lives.Tonight we'll relight the candles of hope, peace, joy and faith remembering with each light the wonderful promises that Jesus' love can give us. Tonight is a night of promise. Live in that promise . . . Live in the love, hope, peace & joy that only faith in Christ can give and enjoy a blessed and love filled Christmas celebration.


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