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Addams Family Trivia

I found this photo for sale on eBay

I found this photo for sale on eBay

The Addams Family - The Facts You Did Not Know About The Addams Family

The Addams family made America laugh with it's black macabre humor when I was growing up. They are creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. This strange family was created by Charles Addams for the New Yorker Magazine. In 1964 it became a popular TV series, and from then on America was in love with this strange family who made it work despite the problems we all face in daily life. And the Addams Family might have had more challenges than most.

The comic was created in 1938 and continued to be published in the New Yorker Magazine until 1964 when the TV series ran. The editor at that time, William Shawn, refused to print the comics when the TV series was being aired.

The Addams Family Opening Credits And Theme Song

The Addams Family Members

The stars of this cartoon/TV series were:

  1. Gomez Addams
  2. Morticia Addams (nee Frump)
  3. Wednesday Addams
  4. Pugsley Addams
  5. Uncle Fester
  6. Grandmama Addams
  7. Lurch
  8. Cousin Itt
  9. The Thing

Other recurring characters include Ophelia Frump, Morticia's sister and Hester Frump, Morticia's mother played by Margaret Hamilton of Wizard of Oz fame.

What Did The Addams Family Look Like?

The Addams Family were really difficult to forget once you had seen them. They looked quite different than most families of the times.

Gomez Addams is a Latin Lover and he is totally enamored with Morticia. He has dark hair, a mustache, and wears a business suit.

Morticia Addams is a tall, thin woman with pale skin and very long, straight, black hair. Morticia always wears long black dress that has a hobble skirt. Some think it looks like octopus tentacles.

Wednesday Addams is said to be full of woe. Wednesday is pale skinned and dark haired like her mother.

Pugsley Addams has lighter haired than the rest of the family and he has blue eyes. He is a jovial, happy boy for the most part. He is also a genius.

Uncle Fester is hairless and has a barrel shape. He has very dark eyes that have a dark, sunken appearance.

Grandmama Addams has frizzy gray hair and is usually seen in a fringed shawl.

Cousin Itt is small and has blonde hair all over his body. You never see any part of his anatomy and he is always wearing a hat. When Cousin Itt talks, it comes out as a high pitched gibberish that only the other members of the family can understand.

Lurch is the manservant to the family. He is very tall and very thin. He moans and groans a lot. His usual response to being summoned is "You Rang?"

The Thing is a hand. That's it, a disembodied hand.

Gomez Addams Fun Facts - Trivia About Gomez

All About Gomez Addams:

  • Gomez is of Castilian descent meaning he is from Spain.
  • Physically Gomez wears his dark hair slicked back and he has a thin mustache.
  • Gomez worked as a stock broker and made a fortune.
  • He is also an attorney.
  • Forbes estimated Gomez Addams' wealth at 2 billion dollars.
  • Gomez in the TV series has a stock ticker in his living room.
  • He has money in a safe and in his desk drawers.
  • He likes to stand on his head while reading the newspaper.
  • He smokes a cigar.
  • He speaks to Morticia in French or Spanish calling her "Cara Mía" or "Querida".
  • Gomez has several hobbies. He loves to crash or explode trains. He can juggle. He throws knives. He can swordfight.
  • He also likes to jump on the trampoline.
  • Gomez is honest. loving, and generous.
  • He is an involved Dad who loves his children and gives them positive reinforcement.
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How to make a Gomez Halloween Costume?

Gomez always wears a suit, usually with stripes. He has dark shoes to match. His hair is black and slicked down and he has a mustache. Add a light up costume prop cigar to complete the look.

Morticia Addams Fun Facts - Trivia About Morticia

Fun Facts About Morticia Are:

  • Morticia always dresses in black.
  • She likes dark, red nail polish.
  • Her hair is straight and black and hangs to her waist.
  • Morticia is a strong, powerful woman.
  • She is beloved by her family and she fiercely loves them back.
  • Sultry and soft spoken, when necessary she immediately takes charge.
  • Morticia has a carnivorous plant named Cleopatra.
  • She cuts the rose flowers off and keeps the thorny stems.
  • Her maiden name is Frump.
  • Is she a witch? We think so.
  • Morticia cuts out paper dolls with three heads.
  • She knits sweaters with three arms.
  • In 2009 Morticia made Yahoo!'s list of Top 10 TV Moms from Six Decades of Television for the time period 1964–1966.

How to make a Morticia costume?

Morticia always wore a long black dress with a ragged hemline. Some thought it looked like octopus tentacles. She has very pale skin and long dark hair. Add some black shoes and red nail polish and you've got an easy to make costume. If you'd like to add a costume prop you could carry some flowerless rose stems.

Wednesday Addams Fun Facts - Trivia About Wednesday

Here's some fun facts about Wednesday Addams:

  • Wednesday is the younger sister of Pugsley Addams.
  • She is fair skinned and dark haired like her mother.
  • Wednesday has a pet Black Widow spider named Homer.
  • And a Lizard named Lucifer.
  • Wednesday plays with Marie Antoinette, a headless doll.
  • She has 6 toes on one foot.
  • Wednesday can best Gomez with one of her Judo holds.
  • Wednesday's child is full of woe is the nursery rhyme her name brings to mind.
  • Her middle name is Friday.
  • Wednesday loved to torture Pugsley.

How to make a Wednesday costume?

Wednesday always wears a black dress with a white collar. So, you need a black dress and a white Peter Pan color. Add black tights and black shoes to the outfit. Her hair is always worn in two braids. Add a little powder to your face and a little dark makeup around your eyes to complete this easy costume look. Add a dab of black lipstick too. A prop idea is a headless doll.

Pugsley Addams Fun Facts - Trivia About Pugsley

Here's some fun facts about Pugsley:

  • Pugsley is a genius in his own right.
  • He like toy guillotines. He often cuts the heads off Wednesday's dolls.
  • Pugsley always threatens to poison his sister.
  • Enjoys playing with his chemistry set.
  • Has a pet octopus named Aristotle.
  • Likes blasting caps.
  • Once joined the Boy Scouts, to the dismay of his family.
  • He enjoys exploding trains with his father.

How to make a Pugsley costume?

This costume is super easy to make. Pugsley always wore dark shorts and a striped short sleeve t-shirt. Add a stuffed octopus as a costume prop.


Uncle Fester Fun Facts - Trivia About Uncle Fester

Here are some fun facts about Uncle Fester:

  • Uncle Fester can put a light bulb in his mouth and it will light up.
  • He puts his head on a screw press to alleviate headaches. Sometimes he just puts his head in there for fun!
  • Fester would go into his closet when he needed to think.
  • He looks scary but is kind and loving.
  • Fester likes to take naps on a bed of nails.
  • He named his cannon "Old Reliable".
  • Fester named his blunderbuss “Genevieve”.

How to make an Uncle Fester costume?

Fester dressed in what looks like a friar's robe to me. I've heard it called a fur coat, but I think a friars robe would work well. Fester is bald, so shave your head or get a bald cap to hide your hair. His face is pale and his eyes are very dark, so you will need to apply some makeup to achieve this funny character's look. Add a magic light up bulb as a costume prop.

Grandmama Addams Fun Facts - DIY Grandmama Addams Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some trivia about Grandmama Addams:

  • Grandmama is the mother of Gomez Addams.
  • Grandmama is a witch.
  • Guess who loves to wrestle alligators ... yep, Grandmama does.
  • Although born in Spain, she is also part French.
  • Grandmama first voted in 1906.
  • She does some fortune telling with her crystal ball.
  • Grandmama likes to throw knives.
  • She has a morbid sense of humor.
  • Grandmama sometimes carries a battle axe.

How to make a Grandmama Addams costume:

This is another easy costume to make. Grandmama always wore a long dark skirt and a shawl. I think the shawl was red, but any shawl will do. Add some dark stockings and boots or shoes to the look. Grandmama's hair was gray and around shoulder length or longer. It was always a mess, looking very unbrushed. I would add the whitish face makeup and the dark eye makeup ... just as I would with all the Addams characters.

Cousin Itt Fun Facts - DIY Cousin Itt Costume Ideas

Here's some fun facts you didn't know about Cousin Itt:

  • Cousin Itt's entire body is covered with hair.
  • He always wears a hat.
  • He has an IQ of over 300.
  • Cousin Itt guessed right answers on every question of a Rorschach Test.
  • No one outside the Addams family can understand him when he speaks.
  • He likes to spend some time in the house chimney.
  • Cousin Itt drives a Messerschmitt KR175, a 3 wheeled car.
  • He is married to Margaret Alford.
  • He has a child named "What".

To make a Cousin Itt costume you will need:

I've seen this costume made with hula skirts, but you need a lot of them and that's kind of expensive. I've seen it made with a hat or beret and lots of yarn too. You can check out youtube videos to see which method is best for you, but if it were me, I would buy this costume. It seems that the 65.00 I've seen it sold for is cheaper than buying the diy make it supplies. The hat or beret and the sunglasses are great prop ideas.

Lurch Fun Facts - DIY Lurch Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some fun facts about Lurch:

  • Lurch was the manservant for the Addams Family.
  • Lurch was very tall, the actor who played him was 6 feet 9 inches tall.
  • His standard line in the TV series was "You Rang?".
  • Lurch played the harpsichord.
  • The butler cord the Addams' used to call him was a hangman's noose.
  • Lurch said he was put together by his father. Does that remind you of Frankenstein?

How to make a Lurch costume

Like all the Addams costume ideas, the Lurch costume consists of a dark suit and some costume makeup. A white dress shirt, dark suit, and Lurch's signature bow tie. You can add a pair of white gloves too. Dark socks, dark shoes, and then get out your Halloween makeup.

The Addams Family Trivia Questions (And Answers) From The 1964 TV Series

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who played Morticia Addams?
    • Carolyn Jones
    • Angelica Huston
  2. How tall was Lurch?
    • 7 feet 2 inches
    • 6 feet 9 inches
  3. When Morticia spoke this language it drove Gomez crazy.
    • French
    • Spanish
  4. What lit up when Uncle Fester put it into his mouth?
    • A lightbulb
    • A candle
  5. What was the name of Pugsley's pet octopus?
    • Darwin
    • Aristotle
  6. Who did Wednesday Addams try to kill?
    • Gomez
    • Pugsley
  7. What was the name of the hand that lived with the Addams Family?
    • Thing
    • Cousin Itt
  8. What actress played Morticia's mother?
    • Margaret Hamilton
    • Blossom Rock
  9. What was Morticia's man-eating plant named?
    • Venus
    • Cleopatra
  10. Where did the Addams Family live?
    • 0001 Cemetery Lane
    • 1313 Mockingbird Lane
  11. What did Wednesday Addams name her doll?
    • Lily
    • Marie Antoinette
  12. What was unusual about Wednesday's doll?
    • She was alive
    • She was headless
  13. What was Morticia's maiden name?
    • Frump
    • Valdez
  14. What did the sign outside the Addams Family house say?
    • Enter At Your Own Risk
    • Beware Of The Thing
  15. What line was Lurch famous for saying?
    • Yes Master
    • You Rang
  16. What happened when someone walked on the Bearskin rug in the Addam's living room?
    • It would bite
    • It would growl
  17. What is sticking out of the Swordfish plaque in the living room?
    • A leg
    • An arm
  18. What was the name of Morticia's sister?
    • Ophelia
    • Olympia
  19. What instrument did Lurch play?
    • The Harpsichord
    • The Ottavina

Answer Key

  1. Carolyn Jones
  2. 6 feet 9 inches
  3. French
  4. A lightbulb
  5. Aristotle
  6. Pugsley
  7. Thing
  8. Margaret Hamilton
  9. Cleopatra
  10. 0001 Cemetery Lane
  11. Marie Antoinette
  12. She was headless
  13. Frump
  14. Beware Of The Thing
  15. You Rang
  16. It would growl
  17. A leg
  18. Ophelia
  19. The Harpsichord

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