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Zombie Bride for Halloween

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Zombie Bride Costume


Zombie Bride


Zombie Bride Costume

This Halloween my daughter wanted to be a "dead bride". I told her she should be a zombie bride. We had so much fun creating this zombie bride costume. Although many parents want their children to be something cute for Halloween, I figured being a zombie bride would be fun plus creative. In this article I will share with you how we made a zombie bride outfit work for Halloween.

How to make a zombie bride costume?

My daughter and I took a special trip to Wal-mart and we bought fake blood, fake eyelashes and some black lipstick.

Then off to the thrift stores we went for the old wedding dress. I figured that I can buy a wedding dress cheaper at the thrift stores and just rip and tare it all up to make it look dingy, raggedy and old. We went to three different thrift stores and I was completely shocked with the prices of the wedding dresses.

They wanted $75 to $125 per wedding dress at the thrift stores. The wedding dresses were so pretty. Not only could I not bring myself to paying so much for a dress that I would only be using as a Halloween costume, but I couldn't imagine ripping up one of those beautiful dresses. My daughter was begging me to get the prettiest and most expensive dress at the thrift store. You would of thought that she wanted to be a princess instead of a dead bride.

With much frustration and disappointment, I decided to just look at regular dresses. I found an old dress that would work perfectly. I showed it to my daughter and she was disgusted with the dingy old look and rips that the dress had. She didn't want that dress for her costume. It was only $5 but I decided to buy it anyways. The thrift store owner told me the dress that I was buying should of been in an antique store. It was a 1800's wedding dress. You can see the photo above. I was amazed with the age of the dress.

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When I got the dress home, I explained to my daughter that a zombie bride isn't pretty. I told her the dress was perfect for her dead bride costume. The 1800's wedding dress was so old that it crumbled and ripped when I barely touched it. It turned out perfect because I wanted an old ripped up wedding dress for the zombie costume.

As my daughter got dressed up for Halloween, I continued ripping the old wedding dress. I poured cigarette ashes all over it and squirted the dress with fake blood. I drew fake stitches on my daughters face and made sure she had fake blood coming out of her nose. I made her look like a zombie bride who just crawled out of a graveyard. I think I had more fun dressing my daughter up for Halloween than she had the whole night trick or treating. I used an old dingy curtain as the wedding veil that matched the dress perfect.

To be able to make your own zombie bride costume, you need to use your imagination and have fun with it. We had a lot of fun making my daughter's Halloween costume that year.

Zombie Bride


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Abbe on October 02, 2011:

Thank you! I actually bought a little girl's bride Hallowe'en kit two years ago-dress and veil for about $4 and never used it. It was in my daughter's dress up trunk. We dug out today and I came across your article when we decided she'd be a zombie bride this year. Thanks for the ideas!

Holly on September 25, 2011:

This is pretty cool thanks for the advice but i think you are too creative wich is good but im lazy so I would be better off buying one

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