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So How Does Your 'Lazy' Weekend Morning Go ?


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When you are toiling...

You are rubbing your eyes, rolling your shoulders, flexing your fingers – oops, enough of me conjuring up an ‘over working’ you. When you are grinding in full gear and eagerly awaiting the weekend, where you can just stretch yourself and relax, what comes to your mind?

When the alarm sound is not barging into your sleep

After hard laboring over the week, who doesn’t welcome the Friday evening with open arms? Two day break before we start toiling again. For some, weekend translates into hard partying and just hanging out with friends, while for others it could be a long drive or weekend get-a-away or just stretching legs in front of a TV and for few others it could mean additional chores. For parents, with school going kids it is literally a yippee yay time for the very reason that the weekend is devoid of the morning school rush.

What brings a smile on my face is this very thought that I don’t have to keep playing ‘look at me’ games with the clock on weekends. You might be surprised that this thought actually makes my step lighter, but during week days, I try to keep the mornings as organized as possible, so kids and I, don’t feel rushed and arrive late at school. This internally translates to running along with the clock.

So when the week rings in a Saturday or a Sunday, the early mornings are a real bliss time for me, as I can just ignore those hands on the wall which keep going at its steady pace. Kids and husband choose to keep snuggling between covers well after the sun is high, while my eyelids flicker open, as soon as some morning light filters through the curtains. Guess my body obeys the biological clock rather than me. So, even if I want to sleep, it eludes me after 5 to 5.30 am.

Reading in Bed!

Time of Tranquility

Sleep dodging me, proved to be a blessing in disguise. Those who spend considerable time of their lives, with their eyes glued to a book will know the pure pleasure of cuddling up with a good one before sleeping and reading till eyes droop off. If that is one sense felicity for me, reaching out for a book, while still in bed after I get up is another. Knowing that the two handed monster going strong on the wall can break down for all I care, adds to the elation.

One thing that I avoid is reaching out for the mobile, except for a single check of my messages, because, these devices are huge stealers of the fourth dimension (Hey, Just calling time in a ‘scientist’ way ;-)).

When reading has removed the cobwebs in my head and kindles my thoughts, I push myself out of bed. I next head to the laptop. Of course for what else, but to write. I love writing and somehow the few hours after dawn, creates a bridge between my thoughts and words. I accomplish more in that few hours than I would during a full day. Basking in silence, when we do what brings us joy, the results reflect the same.

The time following those serene morning hours takes shape in its own way – heading out, cooking, weekend school assignments etc. Of course, that machine going 'tick tock' on the wall comes back into focus now and then during the weekend, but during wee hours at the crack of dawn, I just wallow in what I call the ‘weekend morning lounge’.

Writing with pleasure !

So what does your ‘weekend morning lounge’ entail?

So my dear reader, what do you do when there is no clock ticking in your head? Please share those moments when you get up and there is no task beckoning you. It could be just cuddling back to sleep, or sipping coffee in the balcony, or just could be the pleasure of doing nothing.

It is the time when time can stand still and your thoughts flow over like ripples.

Would love to hear your thoughts and if there is a very interesting story, please mail me and I will convert it into a very interesting read.

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Sujatha (author) from Noida on June 19, 2020:

When we are in a rush , those hours of slowing down are always bliss... :-)

Geetha Rani Ezhilkumar on June 16, 2020:

Though I am well past this "morning rush" stage......your words made me recall how i used to look forward to week ends.For me it was the after lunch looooong nap which was the high light .Great going Suji!

Sujatha (author) from Noida on June 16, 2020:

So interesting to know that you enjoy this Bala

Balamurugan Arunachalam on June 16, 2020:

I fully agree your quote "when we do what brings us joy, the results reflect the same". Here in middle east only Friday is our weekend, because we came here to work. I wish to get my 2days weekend since 2004, I start my carrier. Still waiting my wish to come true.

I like to do housekeeping and stacking & storage of materials "A place for everything and everything in it's place" so Friday I sortout all cupboards and findout any item's misplaced or scattered any other area. So i can remember and refresh all items availability and know the place. I used my technique to groupings the item's so easy to recollect when it's required. Most of the time I succeed my serach

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