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Kids Easter Craft Ideas

Here is a list of some Easter crafts that you can do with your kids this Easter holidays. You'll also find lots of arts and crafts workshops over the school holidays.

Easter Activity Books

You can get kid's Easter activity books with stickers and things to make which are great if you're not really crafty yourself!

Making an Easter Basket

Easter baskets are a tradition over Easter and making these with your kids and filling them with Easter goodies makes it more fun.

Making an Easter Bonnet

Easter bonnets with fruits and flowers, bows and ribbons are easy to make and a great craft idea for kids over the holiday season.

Easter Cards

Using card, glitter paints, Easter themed pictures and photos and making Easter cards your kids can give to family and friends is one of the most popular crafts for kids.

Easter Bunny and Duckling Puppets

You can also make simple felt puppets in the shapes of bunnies and ducklings. You can either sew or glue the felt together.

Easter Eggs

Painting your own Easter eggs is a must over Easter and using food dyes to paint them and stencils to make their own designs is something for all the family to enjoy.


Make Your Own Easter Card!

Here's an idea for a homemade Easter card:

You'll need

A4 sized colored card folded in half (short side of the card at the top of the fold)

Easter stickers, bunnies, baby chicks

Family photo or photo of yourself

Glitter glue in different colors

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Crafty bits and pieces, (tissue paper, small shapes, sequins)

Colored ribbon

Here's how to make your card:

Take your folded card and start adding glue over the top half.

Stick your photo in the center of the card.

Add your stickers and card bunnies and chicks around the sides of the photo to create an Easter theme.

Scatter and sprinkle some shiny bits and pieces.

And scrunch small pieces of tissue paper and add them around the sides of the photo.

Glue your ribbon around the edges of the card to create a decorative border and frame.

Here's Some Hubs On How To Make Easter Cards

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Your Easter Crafts Checklist

Easter CraftCraft Materials Needed

Coloring Eggs

Food Dye, Hard Boiled Eggs

Easter Cards

Card, Photos, Stickers,

Easter Basket

Card,or Felt, Bunny, Chicks

Easter Bonnet

Flowers, Fruit, String, Ribbons

Tips on making your own Easter bonnet

Getting your kids to decorate their own Easter bonnet is something you can do at home which is great fun and helps them to get involved with the whole Easter spirit over the holidays.

Here's some ideas on how to make your Easter bonnet:

It's like making a large fruit and flower arrangement but for a hat.You can attach the flowers to your hat either by sticking the stems through the holes in the straw hat or using string to tie the items on. Or you can also stick them on with glue or, blu tack.

You can create an Easter bonnet out of a plain straw hat you already have or buy a new one.

Tie your ribbon in a large yellow bow around the rim of the hat

Get small colorful flowers and attach them to the bonnet with fruits and leaves.

You can also add nuts, raisins and oats to your bonnet.

The best colors for the flowers are purple, fuschia, white and yellow. You can use small flowers but also add daffodils, tulips and/or lilies to your arrangement.

And you can tie small cinnamon sticks together with some dried orange to add to the flowers, fruits and nuts.

An Easter bonnet celebrates the changing season from Spring to Summer and the birth of new life. You will see many girls wearing them at an Easter parade and there is usually a competition for the best Easter hat every year!

Making an Easter bonnet is an easy way to keep your kids entertained and you will probably be able to find a kids arts and crafts workshop where you can go and make an Easter bonnet with all the materials already supplied.

Easter Crafts + Tradition


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