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Year of the Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

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So You Were Born in the Year of the Ox

Ox zodiac Chinese sign individuals have a reputation of being very persistent and tend to work hard when it comes to their respective tasks. They have the ability to finish the work no matter how long it will take because they believe that these people can accomplish it in due time. They also have the tendency to divide their personalities into two, which are the good and the bad. Typically they have standards that are high, which can cause them to be judging others that don't fit with the standards that the Ox has. People under this zodiac Chinese sign prefer spending their time alone when they are in a gathering. They don't often socialize because they don't feel like meeting many individuals, just for the sake of socializing. If this is your first time to meet an Ox, make sure to avoid upsetting them because you will surely not like it when they get mad at you.

They tend to also be good observers; in fact they have the ability to share every observation they do to anyone and everyone that these people please. Their memories are very remarkable, which causes them to be good in professions that require this. You may often see persons that are under this Zodiac Chinese sign in the fields of arts, land, and business and even in the field of medicine. The reason behind this is because they have that creative skill that is quite a strong characteristic as well. Notably, only people under the Ox sign have the biggest talent when it comes to things like these.

Earth Ox 1949 and 2009

Ox Zodiac Chinese sign individuals have a reputation of being very diligent and are reliable at all times. Ox have a lot of characteristics that are negative but due to the element of the earth, they tend to balance everything well. Ox signs can be judgmental but in a positive way, and they have characteristics wherein they can become successful when it comes to dealing with finances. Many individuals adore them due to the sincerity, reliability and the ambitions that these people have in life. When it comes to work, when they realize that the load of work is no longer bearable they will do something to make it easier for the persons they are with. Lastly, when it comes to friends and family they are very compassionate and loyal.

Fire Ox 1937 and 1997

Ox Zodiac Chinese sign individuals are known to have qualities that are dynamic. They are born leaders, and changing the different status and positions in the company where they are working is their main goal. They are usually objective, but there are some of them who easily become hot headed when things go wrong. This can sometimes lead them to make decisions that are not ideal for them or to the situation that these people are in. Of course, this is definitely not ideal because the ideas that these people have which are more important might only be put into waste. For this reason, they are usually advised to refrain from making decisions when they are mad to avoid having problems later on. Also, they are the most loyal people you can ever have in your life, and they devote their lives to their own family and closest friends.

Wood Ox 1928 and 1985

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Wood Ox has a reputation of being very fair and understanding with themselves and with the persons they are with. They also love accepting ideas of the persons they are with, especially when they are in the working place. They have an attitude that is liberal causing them to be included in every team possible in their work place. Fortunately, the members of the team where they are in respect them and their opinions perfectly. Typically when a wood Ox speaks, they tend to capture everyone's attention because they are straight forward in everything that these people need to say. They don't believe in making the conversation long because it will just waste their time and the time of the persons they are with. For this reason, some of them are in the fields of communication, while some are good leaders of their own fields. Also, people under this Zodiac Chinese sign have the tendency to become irritated when they know that someone's is not paying attention. Lastly, they have a reputation of being very affectionate and strong towards their loved ones.

Water Ox 1913 and 1973

Liberty and flexibility are some characteristics of Ox persons. They have the ability to think fast during difficult situations and they have a tendency to be hard working when it comes to their chosen craft. These are the reasons why many individuals love to work with them. They allow other people to give suggestions or opinions, and when they see that some of the suggestions are opinions are reasonable then they have the tendency to use it. When it comes to being friends or partners, they are also a good type to have beside you because they are sensitive to other people's feelings. Lastly, they have the patience and sincerity, causing them to be good persons when it comes to family and friends.

Metal Ox 1901 and 1961

One of the hardest working of all the Ox signes is the ones who are under the sign of metal Ox. People under this Chinese sign are always eager to achieve every goal that these people have, and this causes them to be well driven and bold in achieving success. They can also be very dependable and trustworthy at times, but you will never catch them expressing the true emotions that these people feel. They don't like to open their lives to every person that these people meet because they believe that only their families and the ones closest to them should know them. Also, they are known to have steel-like strength, which is why they often have a hard time knowing the emotions of the persons that are around. They have the tendency to believe the truth and will never stop until he proves to everyone that he is really right.

Overall the Zodiac Chinese sign, the Ox is very loyal and tend to practice responsibility with everything that these people do. They don't easily get jealous with things, and they know when to feel and be jealous. They have tendencies of being faithful, conservative and they are known to love their families dearly.

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