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Would You Rather: Halloween Edition

Krzysztof is a 10+ year YouTube researcher who spends hours researching, analyzing, and uncovering YouTube trends, challenges, and media.

Would You Rather: Halloween Edition

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Halloween is almost here! Hurray!

Is everybody excited?

No...No....Anybody...Bueller...Okay well if you are, then please continue on and read aloud my list of fun (yeah right) Would You Rather Questions About Halloween.

Carry On!

Would You Rather

Live in a Zombie Apocalypse or Post-Nuclear War


Zombies or World War III

I'm picking zombies because they're amazing.

Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead are incredible shows (don't you dare disagree)!

And who would want to live during times of nuclear fallout...Honestly at least you can get your aggression out by sniping zombies and slicing their heads open.

I find murdering zombies to be an amazing stress reliever, don't you?

Would You Rather

Be Covered in Spiders or Snakes

Toxic snakes

Toxic snakes

Arachnids or Reptiles

Would you want to be covered in hundreds of enormous, hairy eight legged freaks or several slippery, slithering fang chomping snakes?


Personally I'll go with the snakes because spiders freak me the "bleep" out! Can you imagine having hundreds of creepy, black spiders crawling all over your body (ugh). Just typing that gives me the creeps.

Would You Rather

Have Nightmares About Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees

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Freddy vs. Jason

And no I'm not talking about that ridiculous early 2000's movie.

I get that having nightmares about Freddy is sorta ironic considering that was the whole point of "A Nightmare on Elm Street", but I'm sure Jason would be equally as horrifying.

Eh I'll take Jason because at least he can't manipulate my dreams and start tonguing me through the phone.

Would You Rather

Be a Horror Movie Hero or Villain

Original "Halloween" Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, star of FOX's Scream Queens

Original "Halloween" Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, star of FOX's Scream Queens

Scream Queen or Endless Horror Monster Sequels

According to Wes Craven's "Scream", the horror movie hero or scream queen is basically an innocent angel who can never have any fun.

On the other hand, the horror movie monster gets to star in a slew of awful, poorly written sequels that'll get released every Halloween until we, the people, grow tired of them.

So would I pick a boring hero or a strung out killer? Killers always have more fun even in crappy sequels, so I'm definitely going to play the villain.

What about you?

Would You Rather

Sacrifice Yourself to Save Your Family or Live and Have Them Die

Where do you stand?

Where do you stand?

Selfish vs. Selfless

Come on guys, let's be honest here.

If given the choice between life or death, would you really choose death?

I mean sure your family might perish, but at least you'll still be alive to see another sunrise. I get that most people would say they'd sacrifice themselves, however; I highly doubt a lot of people are as moral as they say/think.

I'm undecided on this one though I'd lean towards survival (selfish and cruel..I know...I know).

Would You Rather

Visit a Haunted House or an Abandoned Cemetery

Old Haunted House fixture

Old Haunted House fixture

A Haunted House or Pet Sematary

It doesn't have to be a pet cemetery unless you're into that sort of thing.

Anyway, which of these sounds more frightening. A haunted house might have ghosts, demons, and other malevolent spiritual beings, but a cemetery might have thieves and serial killers yielding knives and guns.

I'll take my odds with a haunted house because at least I'll be indoors. I'm not trying to freeze my butt off waiting hours for the dead to start rising out of the grave.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Would You Rather

Wear a Princess Costume or a Minion Outfit

A couple of Minion costumes

A couple of Minion costumes

Frozen vs. Minions

I swear this is a legit question.

If you had to wear a Halloween costume, would you dress up as a princess or one of the Minions.

I think we all know the answer to this question...Right?

In fact, I know the answer so well that I won't even give you my response because you already know what it is.

Would You Rather

Eat a Bloody Snickers Bar or a Twix Covered in Underarm Hair and Sweat

Snickers candy bars

Snickers candy bars

Gross Halloween Candy

It's not Halloween without candy that rots your teeth, or in this situation, your insides.

I love Snickers so I'm eating it no matter how much blood is on it. I can always scrap off the dried blood.

Hair is disgusting no matter where it's from, and I'll take my chance getting HIV from a Snickers than eating a nasty, hairy Twix bar. I realize I'm odd but dang it I love me a good chocolate bar.

Would You Rather

Get Burned Alive or Be Buried Alive

Smokey or Six Feet Under

Would you like to become a human french fry or swim around in worm filled mud.

I feel like getting burned alive has to be the most painful thing you could go through and is one of the worst ways to die. However the suffocation and claustrophobia would be extremely psychologically painful too.

This is a tough one, but I think I'll choose less pain over raging third degree burns, and there's always a chance I get crushed immediately to my death while getting buried alive so that's a plus.

Would You Rather

Be Haunted By the Demon From "Insidious" or Bughuul From "Sinister"

Insidious vs. Sinister

The ultimate choice between two of the better modern day horror flicks, but neither choice will make you happy (unless you have a sick fetish).

Are you into beligerent Darth Maul looking demons or long-haired Slipknot members?

With the first option, you might become possessed for eternity or until your inevitable death. In the second, you'll be terrified of pictures, films, computer screens, and can never move from your house or you'll die.

I'm trying to stay alive so if I have to put up with 8mm films and a Michael Jackson lookalike in photos, then I'll take my chances over having a little red creature torture me until I go insane.

Would You Rather

Use a Ouiji Board of Perform a Seance

Ouiji or Poltergeist Summoning

Ouji boards take the fun of numbers and letters and turn it into vengeful terror...what a drag!

However a seance could also cause you to summon a vicious demon that might terrorize you and your family.

Hmm...I do enjoy board games, so I'll go with a real Ouiji board and see what fun awaits me.

Oh and I do mean an actual Ouji board and not that god-awful "horror movie" of the same name. It's no wonder people are complaining that there's no scary movies anymore.

Would You Rather

Only Watch Horror Movies or Never Be Able to See Movies Again

Horror in Your Life

So I'll end this odd version of "Would You Rather" with a non-interesting question though you'll be hard-pressed to find anything good on this list (I'm not very creative as you can see).

But let's get down to it because it's almost Halloween. I love horror, so this choice is pretty easy although watching only scary movies could get tiresome and extremely predictable because these are horror movies we're talking about.

However I'll stick with watching only terror over never watching movies again. We need movies to entertain us otherwise we'd all be monks (my apology to any monks reading this).

That's all she wrote folks! Do you have any interesting Halloween would you rather questions you'd like to input, which honestly shouldn't be too difficult.

Leave a comment if you do, and I hope you enjoyed this Halloween explosion.

Your Turn!


Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on September 26, 2015:

Thank you, both games are a lot of fun to play and thoroughly enjoyable. I'm not very creative when it comes to making them though but I think something Halloween related could always be fun and interesting to do. You should make your own, I'm sure it'll be a fun collection that anyone would enjoy and thanks for the feedback.

Amanda from Michigan, United States on September 23, 2015:

How funny, just yesterday I was thinking I wanted to either find or make (though I'm not particularly creative in that regard) a list of Halloween "Would you rather?" or even "This or That?" questions, to play with my kid sister. And here one pops up on my Hubpages feed!

I enjoyed how you did this - rather than simply a list of questions you provided entertaining photos to go along and gave your opinion, showing a reason or two why one option might be preferable. It was fun!

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