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Father's Day Is a Sad Occasion for Some People

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


Father's Day

Father's Day is always the third Sunday in June. It is the time children will shower their fathers with gifts just like they did on the second Sunday in May when they honored and showered their mother with gifts on Mother's Day.

Many people look forward to the occasion, but others dread it because of some unpleasant memories related to their father. Find out reasons Father's Day is not a happy occasion for some children.

Fatherless Children

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day can be emotional days for children whose parents are no longer around. Death of parents could be hard on those special days when children see others honoring their parents.

There might be several reasons a child won't see his father on Father's Day. The father might be deployed and has been away from home for a long period of time, and his children don't know when he will return.

After motherless children survived Mother's Day in May, the same children who are also fatherless have to endure another emotional experience on Father's Day just a month later.

Therefore, it stands to reason that some people are sad on those two days when their parents are not around to see them grow up.

It is a sad occasion for those who never knew their father. They might know him, but they resent him for abusing them or for mistreating their mother.

Men Without Children

Some men don't like Father's Day because they feel like a failure for not having children of their own when they really want them. They feel sorry for themselves because they feel cheated.

Deadbeat fathers also feel bad on Father's Day because they know they have not done the best for their children. In fact, it has been as if they were men without children because they turned their back on their children.

Not Good Role Models

Fathers who have children might feel guilty if they have not been a good father to them. They know they haven't been good role models so they feel very sad on Father's Day. Every year they promise themselves they will do better, but they end up the same way the next year.

Single Mothers

Single mothers might feel sad on Father's Day because there is no father around to help them with their children. The children's father might have divorced their mother passed away, or he might be in prison for committing a crime. Therefore, the single mother, divorced mother, or widowed mother struggles to take care of her children alone.

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A mother might resent Father's Day because of the way her children's father neglected her and the children even though none of the above scenarios exist.


Adults Also Feel Sad on Father's Day

It is not always young children who feel bad on Father's Day. Some adults feel sad for the same reasons young children do.

They might be estranged from their father, and they are sad because they don't have a relationship with him. They seem to make it fine on other days, but on Father's Day, all the bad memories come alive.


Advice To Those Who Are Sad On Father's Day

For all the reasons mentioned, some people are not happy on Father's Day, not even some fathers. Something to think about every day and especially on Father's Day is that God is our Heavenly Father not just on the third Sunday in June but on every day of our lives.

According to Psalm 68:5, "God is a father to the fatherless." He protects and provides for people even when their earthly fathers don't.

It doesn't do anyone any good to resent the holiday. Those who have a habit of feeling sad on Father's Day should not focus on why they hate the day. Instead, they should focus on God who made the day.


For Those Who Are Rejoicing on Father's Day

Father's Day was not designed to make anyone sad. It was designed to bring happiness and joy to fathers and father figures.

If you have a father, rejoice. If you are a father, follow God's commands and do all you should legally and morally do.


Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on June 17, 2018:

Dred Cuan, Yes! That is true.

Travel Chef from Manila on June 17, 2018:

In our society, it's uncommon not to grow up without a mother, but common to grow up without a father. Sadly, there are children abandoned by their father in their early age. For reasons unknown to them.

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