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Who is Santa Claus

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Santa Claus


The Legend Of Santa Claus

For hundreds of years, people have been celebrating Santa Claus. He has been delighting children for centuries.

The legend of Santa Claus all clad in his bright red suit, accented in white fur, is a tradition that has challenged childrens imaginations for 1,750 years. Yes, that is because that is exactly how old Santa Claus is as of 2021.

Every December children can make their dream lists of what makes "sugar plums" dance in their heads. It is a guiltless pleasure allowed our children, as they ask for their hearts desires with no guilt or burden to their families. For a man made fat jelly man provides their greatest wishes for "free" with the help of little pointed toe men who make everything for the price of a child's smile.

Where Did The Legend Begin

Santa Claus is based on ther real life of Saint Nicholas, a historical follower of Jesus Christ, who gave generously to those in need, and fulfilled the biblical commandment of "Love They Neighbor". Saint Nicholas was an early Christian bishop of Greek descent from the maritin-city of Myra in Asia Minor during the time of the Roman Empire.

Kris Kringle traces back to the German "Krist Kindle meaning "Christ Child", and indicated the first documented use in Enclish was 1830.

The Christ Child and Saint Nicholas (the patron of merchants and children), still share the holiday today. Santa Claus is the phonetic variant of Saint Nicholas.

Where Did The Legend of Santa's Flying Reindeer Come From

Santa became connected to reindeer largely through the influence of the 1823 anonymous poem, "A visit from Saint Nicholas."

The poem suddenly turned a medieval saint into a flying reindeer-driven spirit of the Northern mid winter. The poem was also known as "The Night Before Christmas".

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Where did Santa Living on the North Pole Come From

Santa living on the North Pole came from the same poem, "The Night Before Christmas". The poem states that Santa arrived in a sleigh with magical flying reindeer. Imaginations felt the North Pole was a logical place. It was also a place no one could visit and actually attempt to go see Santa Claus.

The North Pole is actually a floating piece of ice. No one actually lives on the North Pole, it is part of the ocean and a floating piece of ice that is inhabitable.

What Are The Different Names For Santa Claus

The jolly old man with the red suit, and white beard, who started a tradition of gift giving many years ago, has many names to his credit.

Among them are Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Sinter Klass, Noel Baba, Father Christmas and of course Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas was a real man and a bishop of the third century.

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