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White Castle Costumes - Get Them From Spirit Halloween Shops Online

Burger Slider And Chicken Ring Halloween Costumes From White Castle

White Castle costumes for those of us who can't stay away from White Castle restaurants. These burger joints have been around for a century and people just love the square slider burgers, and the chicken rings too. My favorite is the Surf N Turf with cheese, hot sauce, and tarter. Wonder if that will be a new costume idea for next year? The menu is great and there is something for everyone.

A little White Castle History here - There are White Castle restaurants in lots of states and people just love the little burgers they make. This is the first time these boxed sliders and rings have been sold as costumes since the chain opened up in Wichita, Kansas in 1921. Walter Anderson opened up a burger joint that sold square burgers for a Nickle each. He got a partner, Billy Ingram, when he opened the 4th White Castle. Credit was given to this burger chain for the invention of the burger bun that we have become so fond of. The little burgers were sometimes called "sliders".

Couples Costume Ideas From White Castle Costumes

You Can Only Get These White Castle Slider Burger and Chicken Ring Costumes At Spirit Halloween!

Everyone Will Want A Piece Of You In A White Castle Costume

The Spirit Halloween description reads that "everyone will want a piece of you" when you are dressed up in the White Castle Chicken Rings costume. The costume is a sleeveless, pullover tunic that you can spot clean. It comes in one size fits all. The only place you can get this costume is online at Spirit Halloween. This would pair wonderfully with a costume of fries or onion rings too.

I wonder if these White Castle costumes will be more popular in states that actually have some restaurants in them, or will the geographic range spread across the country? There are White Castles in the following states:

  • Florida - that's a brand new one in Orlando - people lined up for the opening
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nevada - Los Vegas
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

I know when we travel to see friends and family who have moved to states that do not have a White Castle, we buy a sack, freeze it, and bring it to them. It's a taste you miss when you can't get it anymore!

White Castle had sold 1 billion burgers by 1961!

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White Castle - A Little History And Some Interesting Facts

The buildings looked like small castles and the insides were white and clean looking. You could see the burgers being cooked on the grill while you waited for your order. These two restaurateurs were ahead of their time.

Anderson had figured out a way to cook the little burgers without flipping them. He put 5 holes in each meat patty. He also cooked the meat with onions on the grill to flavor the meat. The bun was placed on top of each meat patty to warm and soften it.

The White Castle was the first restaurant to use an assembly type line to prepare the orders and hand out the finished meals. Coupons were introduced during the depression so you could purchase 5 burgers for 10 cents. What a bargain during those tough times. It kept sales going and lots of people fed.

May Is National Burger Month Thanks To White Castle

National Hamburger Month (May) Was Introduced By White Castle

In 1992 White Castle introduce National Hamburger Month during May. Burger joints all over the country try to find new and interesting ways to increase sales during this month!

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Have you seen Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle? It was released in 2004. Hollywood producers brought the idea for this movie to the White Castle company, and the company gave it serious thought. The movie was about two stoners trying to get to White Castle. This movie has become a cult classic, it was funny!

Today the White Castle company owns over 400 stores and sells it's burgers in the frozen section of food stores. Now, they have become a Halloween costume and brilliantly hooked up with costume selling giant, Spirit.

Do You Want To Watch Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle?

Where Can You Find A White Castle Slider Or Chicken Ring Costume

You can only find White Castle burger and chicken ring costumes at Spirit Costumes in the online catalog. They put together a deal with the restaurant chain and have exclusive rights to sell these outfits. If you go shopping online at Spirit and you don't want a White Castle burger or chicken ring costume, you will have a huge selection to choose from. Have fun shopping!

Costumes and Fun White Castle Facts

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