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What Should I Get My Boyfriend for Christmas?

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Not this year!

I'm betting you've gotten that "special" someone a Christmas present or two that either you or he, or maybe both. regretted. We've all done it.This year you want to avoid that at all cost! You want to find that perfect gift! But where to start? How do you find the gift he'll remember for years to come (in a good way). What do you get? He's special, how do you make this years gift special too? It's confusing. I have some ideas. So let's answer that old question "What should I get my Boyfriend for Christmas"? And let's do it in a way to come up with something He'll be sure to love!

Do it together

Get something you'll both love

Get something you'll both love

Keep in touch

These days everyone needs a smart phone. It's at the point that a smart phone is as much a necessity as your car! You simply must take the internet with you. This is one of the best ways you can help that special someone out, and it's the perfect way to keep in touch! Smart phones seem to constantly need to be upgraded and he is probably ready for one! He'll love you for it!

Smart phone

Keep in touch

Keep in touch

Clothing is big.

Clothing has always been a regular when it comes to giving. Always in style and popular, clothing is still big this year.

This year cardamon sweaters seem to be big. Jeans, shirts and jackets are good choices too. Foot wear, like socks, shoes, and slippers or sandals are nice if you know their size.

Less expensive choices could be gloves or a nice scarf.

Give him some bling!

Bling makes him appreciate accessories and you'll love his new look. Or maybe he has bling which means he love it and will want more.

Jewelry is a sure winner. A nice watch, necklace, or bracelet will work wonders on that special day! If he has piercings there are some great pieces to be had (including ear rings).

Cuff links and tie clasps are perfect for that corporate type.

Here's some help.

Consider You

Once you have a few ideas about things for him start finding things you both can live with.

Begin with your interests and see what matches up with his. Don't try to be too specific just yet, think about general categories.

I usually 'brainstorm some ideas and pick possibles from there. At this time I don 't consider price yet. That comes later.

Relate the present to his interests. Then try to "twist" it so you will enjoy it as much as he does.

What he really wants

Something he'll enjoy with you

Something he'll enjoy with you

Consider Him

When choosing his gift you'll want to consider some things about him. Answer these questions as best you can:

What are his interests?

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What does he already have?

What are his hobbies?

What does he do for work?

Would you consider him introvert or extrovert?

You need something you both love, yet he has to think it is just for him. It needs to be his, but something you'll enjoy too! You need something he'll want to use everyday, ...with you!

How about you

Make it personal!

If you are "craft talented" you should consider making him something yourself!

Posters or pictures will certainly be something he'll love to show off [giving you credit as well[. Coasters, hats, slippers if you knit, or some home made jewelry are always welcome.

Wreaths and mats are things to keep in mind!

Be personal

Be personal

Get personal!

Gifts you can share are always the best!

For the more mature lotions and sex toys are fun, just be sure he isn't opening the gift around the wrong people. His and hers mugs or drink glasses(complete with a 'special' liqueur).

His and hers sweaters and shirts seem to be still popular, and a good home movie set up will make for a great evening. If your into it (or even if you are not) video games are just plain fun!

Make yourself the center

An idea gift is one that features you. Of course this cannot be obvious. Look for something that he'll want to use with you and share when you're not around! Things like cameras, smart phones, tablets, and even laptops fit the bill.

It is said: "a picture is worth a thousand words", but a video says it all! Give him one of you.

What do you think?

JJ, Jr. IV on December 12, 2018:

A gift certificate for a gift certificate!

Hello on December 22, 2013:

You need to proof read your articles.

Ray Van Hoff (author) from Michigan U.S.A. on December 19, 2013:

Pick from suggestions

katonna on December 11, 2013:

What do I get my boyfriend for the Christmas

Payton xx on December 02, 2013:

I gave my boy friend a love message in a bottle for christmas he loved it after he read it he gave me a MASSIVE bear hug!

Monica Langley from USA on October 23, 2013:

lol. Problem of every young lady but i used to give a simple gift card or have worm dinner to hubby :)

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