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What to Write in a New Baby Card

Barbara has spent over 40 years writing poems, lyrics, and sayings for cards and interpreting the meanings and messages in songs.

What to Write in a New Baby Card

What to Write in a New Baby Card

Use this Page to Find the Best Personal Note to Write in Your New Baby Card

When you want to say something interesting in card for someone who has a new baby, and have no idea what that could be, this page is designed to help you get those neurons moving.

Once you find the saying that speaks to you, go ahead and write it in the card as is, or modify it to suit your friend or loved one's personality.

Use these sayings to get the creativity flowing so you can include something more than 'congratulations' in your card.

Funny Things to Write in a New Baby Card

  1. When you change your first diaper remember, those are the easy ones
  2. You used to be the boss, sorry for the demotion
  3. From here on in when you go shopping, you'll never buy yourself anything ever again
  4. Your house won't ever be clean again
  5. I think you can buy sleep on the internet now?
  6. Tired is something you'll be for the next 30 years
  7. This kind of love is actually scary
  8. You'll adjust by the third month, one and two are zombie time
  9. Internet baby tip one: add #diamonds to your birth announcement for subliminal messaging
  10. The best looking one in the house is now mini-you
  11. Don't cry, your baby has that covered
  12. When you need a helping hand call 1-800-What-Was-I-Thinking
  13. Your little angel will only be a little angel for a short time, enjoy it while it lasts
  14. Take your baby everywhere, it's easier than staying home and trying to handle the house and the baby!
  15. Going back to work will either be a nightmare or a vacation; baby decides
  16. When you're socializing, remember, bringing out your baby photos is the first step to old age
  17. A peaceful life; yah, that's over
  18. Getting out of the house will now take you another 45 minutes of planning; you're going to be late forever
  19. The way you protect yourself from stress is to drink your own milk (or that's what I read on the internet somewhere, so it has to be true)
  20. Opinions like mine will be tossed out every day, ignore us, we're just jealous that you have the best looking baby we've ever seen
  21. Hoping for the best, planning for the worst; truer words were never spoken for having a baby
  22. You're going to wonder why nobody is showing up to help you when the baby is two: We all wondered the same thing.
  23. Your baby is going to have a better wardrobe than you now
  24. Buy your baby's domain name to protect her! We know she's going to be President.
  25. You could've had a puppy, but no - it had to be a baby!

Write this Lovely Poem in a Card for the New Parents

Let me sit with my baby and play for a while - Poem - Author Unknown - This poem hung on a plaque in our home for all of our kids

Let me sit with my baby and play for a while - Poem - Author Unknown - This poem hung on a plaque in our home for all of our kids

Sentimental Sayings to Write in a New Baby Card

  1. Love is something you thought you understood, until you had a baby
  2. Your baby's smile will erase away the stress of the day
  3. In times of trouble, hold and rock your baby with soft music playing; those moments will bring you back to inner-peace
  4. Life has a way of preparing us for major changes, relax and enjoy this one
  5. Take it one minute at a time, you'll want to be present for all of it
  6. Your heart will always be filled with love now
  7. Loving your baby, is something we all will do
  8. Your newest family member is the greatest gift for everyone
  9. The years fly by, so live in the current second, that way you'll capture all the joy
  10. Every step of your baby's growth will bring you joy in one way or another, even the more challenging ones
  11. It's ok to sit with your baby and rest for a while
  12. Doing nothing but rocking your baby is mandatory, so be sure to include it multiple times in your day
  13. Everything else seems trivial when a new baby comes along
  14. Love will guide you through your entire journey
  15. Your baby chose you as parents, it's very clear why
  16. Little ones make big ones seem small
  17. You get to relive your childhood again through another set of eyes
  18. Your child will always know love with you as parents
  19. In a world of chaos, tiny hands make everything calm
  20. You're on the first page of chapter two in your relationship, enjoy each moment
What to Write in a Card for New Baby Girl

What to Write in a Card for New Baby Girl

Words to Write in a Baby Girl's Card

  1. She's destined for greatness, with you as her parents, there's no other choice
  2. Her tiny hands will help many people
  3. She is small for a short time, let her take the lead
  4. You can plan your life all you want, her highness will have the final say
  5. Your sweet little baby girl taught us all how to love
  6. Your baby girl is already part of the future, you are blessed
  7. Loving her is all you'll want to do
  8. Her smile can solve all problems for a moment
  9. When you look in her eyes, you'll find the secret to life
  10. Your baby girl is the definition of love
  11. With you as her parents she's destined to climb mountains and be very accomplished
  12. She is already a success story, so we can only imagine what the future holds for this precious soul
  13. She is the glue that keeps love strong
  14. You don't have to travel far to find the answers to life, just walk to her bedroom and stare in her eyes
  15. The cycle of life continues in the heart of a little girl
What to write in a new baby boy card

What to write in a new baby boy card

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Words to Write in a Baby Boy's Card

  1. He is a king amongst kings
  2. A son steals our heart and holds us forever
  3. Little boys remind us where all men begin
  4. A son will follow our lead for a short while
  5. May your little boy live a life of joy
  6. Hold your baby boy close for as long as your can
  7. In a world of uncertainty, his little smile can save a heart
  8. He'll wrap around your heart as your hold him in your arms
  9. He is forever the light in your darkness
  10. His tiny sweetness will remain etched in your mind forever, even when he's a grown man
  11. When he grows to be a man, you'll always see his baby face
  12. Don't let him grow up too quickly, collect grasshoppers and butterflies with him
  13. He'll surprise you almost everyday of your life
  14. He is capable, he is strong, he is kind, he is love
  15. Your little boy will forever keep you grounded

Announcement Sayings Mom and Dad Can Use

What to Write in a New Baby Announcement Card

What to Write in a New Baby Announcement Card

Sayings Mom and Dad can Put in their Baby Announcement Card

  1. We have been blessed with the ultimate love
  2. Introducing the greatest gift we've ever been given
  3. We'd like you to meet the next big thing
  4. We looked up 'Perfection' and this is what we found
  5. Gooooooooaaaaaaaal !
  6. Introducing, the next generation
  7. We've officially contributed to earth's population
  8. Nobody told us how incredible this would be!
  9. We're now going to be those people who flash photos of their kids all the time
  10. Here's another little face to bring a smile to others

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Barbara Tremblay Cipak (author) from Toronto, Canada on April 12, 2018:

Lorelei, lol thank you!

Barbara Tremblay Cipak (author) from Toronto, Canada on April 12, 2018:


Lorelei Cohen from Canada on April 12, 2018:

You are so funny. I love reading the wise words of parental wisdom you have to offer within these short quotes and quips. Adorable. Next baby in our neighborhood I know where to come. Best wishes and salutations.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 12, 2018:

My niece just gave birth to a baby girl so this is timely. I enjoyed reading the various messages to choose from.

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