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What is the Significance of Ekadasi in Hinduism?

The Ekadasi ritual of the Hindus is based on the affects of science and the full belief in the almighty.


Description of Ekadasi

The Puranas contain numerous references to Ekadashi. In Hinduism, it is significant spiritually.

It is connected to "Haribhakti Vilas" and Lord Vishnu. Ekadasi has evolved to signify a day of fasting in Hinduism.

This fast is observed by a significant percentage of Hindu worshippers of Lord Vishnu.

It's observed with great commitment and devotion. The Ekadashi fast is regarded as the best of all the fasts.

When is it Observed?

Sanskrit's word for "the eleventh" is Ekadasi. It speaks of the eleventh day of a lunar month's fortnight.

A lunar month consists of two fortnights: the bright and the dark.

As a result, Ekadasi happens twice a month, during the brilliant and dark fortnights.

The Vaikuntha Ekadashi

VAIKUNTHA Marga-Seersha is the month in which Ekadashi occurs, ie, more specifically in December-January.

In the temples of Lord Vishnu, this is observed with the utmost solemnity.

On every Ekadashi, or the 11th day of the lunar fortnight, twice a month, fasting is advised.

Even one Ekadashi in this ‘Kali Yuga’ should be commemorated with dedication, trust, and humility.

Furthermore, one is released from the cycles of life and death. So, the mind ought to be completely focused on Hari, the lord.

There isn't any uncertainty about it in the minds of devotees. The certainty on this issue is provided by the scriptures.

On this particular day, disciples fast, keep watch the entire night, recite religious mantras, practice Hari Kirtan, and meditation.

Some folks won't even drink a drop of water. Those who can't fast do so till evening.

Then, after prayers can take some righteous food at night.

Advantages of Fasting

Unfortunately, as a person's brain starts to grow a little, they start getting into disagreements and pointless conversations.

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The mystical journey is impeded by reason. Those who lack the capacity for emotion but have grown intellectually start to question everything.

They are misled. For everything, they demand a "why" and a "how". For every phenomenon, they demand "scientific" explanations.

God is independent of assumptions and evidence.

Religion and the Scriptures must be approached with deep faith, awe, and a pure heart.

Does anyone ever request parental proof from his mother?

Manu Smriti and Yoga Teachings

One of the ten canons of yoga is fasting. But keep your fasting moderate. Else weakness will result from it.

Make good judgments. If you are unable to fast for the entire twenty-four hours, try to fast for at least 10 to 12 hours before consuming any milk and fruit.

Fast for 15 hours, then up to 24 hours, gradually extending your fast. A man becomes stronger by fasting, both physically and spiritually.

Fasting is recommended as a means of atoning for the five major sins in Manu Smriti, the great Hindu system of law.

Doctors have declared some illnesses hopeless, but dieting can heal them. Sometimes a complete fast is desirable to maintain good health.

It provides the body with enough rest and helps in curing many diseases.

Astronomy and Ekadasi

This particular observance's significance extends beyond its fast-only nature. It is a crucial component as well. It also has more profound facets.

In reality, the fast is just a symbolic representation of something else we are required to perform.

To our personalities, these have a specific meaning.

Those who understand astronomy as a subject that explains the relationships between the planetary system and the celestial world

They understand our place in this planetary or solar system. An organism or group of people is referred to as a system.

The setup of the system is meticulous. We are aware that the system of planetary motions includes us.

Ekadasi is Based on Theory of Science

Planetary Movements' Impact

Hindus are aware that they are an integral component of the system. We are not just random objects on the earth's surface.

We are a part of the vast family that is the solar system, whose head is the sun and whose members are the planets.

This family's activities are guided by the sun, and since we are part of this system, we cannot escape the sun's impact.

We play a role in the laws that govern this system.

The movement of planets and stars is studied in astronomy. Astrology describes how they affect the contents.

The Ekadasi celebration is a result of astrology. Every aspect of our identity is affected by planetary movements.

Influence of the Moon

Ekadasi is also connected to our mental and the corresponding lunar movements. The human body contains specific points known as chakras.

The chakras are nothing more than energy centers that spin like water in a river.

They move in the form of a spiral.

These chakras are located in the astral body, which is separate from the physical body and the mind.

The physical effects of the moon on the body have an impact on the chakras, which in turn have an impact on our psyche.

The waxing or waning phases of the moon affect the human mind. Ekadasi controls the moon's effects on humans.


Hindu texts claim that the moon's phases and Ekadasi have a direct impact on how people think.

It is thought that during Ekadasi, our minds function at their peak, improving our ability to concentrate.

Due to Ekadasi's positive effects on the psyche, it is stated that spiritual searchers spend the two associated days in intense prayer and meditation.

This is why Hindus attach great significance to fasting and meditating on Ekadasi days.

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