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Beyond Christmas Holiday, an Ageless Story - The Unseen World Met at Bethlehem

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The Entire Universe Met At Bethlehem

Beyond Christmas Holiday, there is an ageless story where the unseen world met at Bethlehem.

Jesus, the baby born, was the one-of-a-kind infant who drew people from all over the Middle East to present Him gifts and offerings. They were undoubtedly from heathen lands, but they were aware of the prophesy. Three wise men came from the East, bearing lovely gifts of lusts and gold in order to honor the King of Kings. Those wise kings and their servant followed the shining, glorious star till they arrived in Bethlehem. They brought gold and silver to remind the world that Jesus was the King of the Universe.

The story of Jesus is the greatest story ever recounted in World History. The whole universe met at Bethlehem in that night. There was a manifestation of the unknown, things that are not materialistic to humans.

There was a moment when, at Bethlehem, the entire cosmos came together. The angels descended from Heaven, flying with their gorgeous wings, extolling the virtues of the infant, to Bethlehem's new King.

People came from across the Middle East to worship Him, since it was already prophesied by the prophets in Israel. Three wise kings, accompanied with their servant, followed the announcing, brilliant star to Bethlehem. They brought gold and silver to remind the world that Jesus was the king.

The birth of the New Born King, Emmanuel, was witnessed by the entire universe. The name Emmanuel means "God is with us." He was the greatest creature who had ever lived among men on Earth.

It's no surprise that shepherds dominated over more instinctual animals. The angels proclaimed the Son of God even to those in charge of the flocks at a single occasion.

Watch The Birth Of Jesus

Why Christmas? The Uniqueness Of Christianity

Nobody can pinpoint the exact date of Jesus' birth. However, Jesus, on the other hand, has always welcomed anybody who wishes to worship Him. Whether it's a modest or large celebration, or simply a remembrance of His stay on Earth, one might be justly rewarded of His salvation.

Some religious sects are concerned with the season; yet, it is a personal choice. They may want to commemorate Jesus' birth in their hearts on a daily basis. They might not want to remember Jesus' birth on another day. Others may not have embraced Jesus at this time.

It is critical to remember that anybody can rejoice in Jesus' salvation at any time. On the other side, the Christmas season may be utilized to spread the news about Jesus as the King of all things. Jesus came down To earth because God still loves humanity. He came not just for the righteous, but also for the wicked. He has the key to the heavenly kingdom.

Can Religious Pluralism be Enlightened?

Is the assumption that all religious ways lead to the same God more enlightening or educated? Each faith tells quite different ideas about who God is and how people might contact the divine. In truth, there is a lot of dispute across faiths on the nature of God. However, the Creator may feel pity for individuals who do not know Him. For example, God felt sympathy for the inhabitants of Nineveh. The only one who knows what is in his heart and how he intends to judge the entire universe is God. That is the primary reason Jesus came to redeem the world from sin.

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In a nutshell, various religions have distinct perspectives on God. Because each religion has a drastically divergent knowledge of Religion. Therefore, assuming that all religions lead to the same God is neither enlightening nor true. Religious plurality undermines the fundamental principles of religion.

What Is Critical For A Non-Believer To Understand During The Christmas Season?

Religions have arisen and expanded throughout the world. Some were close to the end, while others lasted and grew. Scholars from several fields have endeavored to categorize religions.

Everyone has trust in something. Some individuals believe in scientific hypotheses. Others place their trust in their families, politics, careers, or celebrities. We're all looking for something in which to believe. That's Jesus, in my opinion.

Many people believe that all faiths are the same, but I would argue that Christianity is distinguishable from the others.

The only religion that teaches that God came to us is Christianity. "But God shows his own love for us in this: Christ died for us while we were yet sinners," says Romans 5:8.

Before we did anything for Him, Jesus died for us. God did not wait for us to get our act together before sending His Son to die. In reality, God sent His Son because He knew we would never be able to make things right without Him!


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