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Gift Suggestions to to Someone Who Has It All

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Its Christmas, There’s COVID, but You Want to Give a Gift

Covid can't stop gift-giving traditions. Christmas is just one of our opportunities to show our love and appreciation to people important to us. We convey the message through gifts.

But what about this season when it's too risky to go shopping? Well, there's online shopping. Now, what if you don't have money to do the shopping? It's not a secret that a lot have lost their jobs this Christmas. If you are fortunate enough to still have work and you want to tell your boss your appreciation by sending a gift, the question is what to send?

If you are like me who don't have a talent at gift-giving, the simple question of what to give the boss, your parents, or your closest friends who seem to have it all and don't need any material thing can lead to hours of listing every possible item but still results to nothing appealing. It's frustrating at times.

Here Are 5 Gift Hacks for You


These gifts cost nothing. You don't need to go out shopping which lowers your risk of contracting Covid. But best of all is, these will truly warm the hearts of the receiver. I have personally tried these this year and it worked. It gave tears to those I sent them to. Now is your turn, why not try them also.

Remember that when you can't think of anything to give, you can always give your time, love, and appreciation. These are priceless gifts.

1. Give them something edible that you personally prepared


You might have discovered your baking skills during your stay-at-home quarantine periods. Why not share the love by baking several batches and send to your boss, colleagues, family, and friends. Who doesn't love crisp and chewy cookies? It will surely give smiles while satisfying the palate. Compared to some gift tokens which may get lost with all the other gift items that they receive, you are sure that your baked items will have a place in their tummies to satisfy their cravings. With this gift which is a fruit of your skill, labor, and love, you will have a place in their heart, too.

2. Gifts From Your Garden


No baking skills? Your garden may save you. Do you have fruits that you can share? Arrange them in a nice basket and you are good to go. Organic fruits personally picked by you would be wonderful.


If you don't have fruits, do you have flowers in your garden? Get some, arrange them, and send with your thoughtful message. No one will resist the beauty of flowers. Flowers can always convey our emotions and appreciation.


Plants from your garden can also qualify as great gifts. Put them in a cute pot and attach a message. This for sure is a loving reminder of your appreciation to the receiver.

3. Picture Slide Show or Video Clips


If you are more adept at tinkering with your computer than your oven, then you can create beautiful picture slide shows or video clips of the special person. You can put on the caption the things that you remember with the pictures.

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Anyone will delight upon receiving this kind of present as pictures bring sweet memories. Memories that have long been forgotten melts the heart when again remembered. Pictures can bring good old days that will surely make your recipient smile.

4. Handmade Cards [but e-cards and even emails will do]


Who said that greeting cards are outdated? They are timeless gifts. So if are crafty, get those scissors, papers, crayons, and ribbons to work. Create a unique greeting card. But don't forget to put your unique words of appreciation to the person that you will be giving the card to. Tell him or her how much he/she has touched your life. Tell a story of an encounter with him/her that you will never forget.

As to people who seem to have it all, words of appreciation matters most. To your boss who seems tough because of their overwhelming role in the company, words can bring enough happiness to inspire them to continue leading the organization.

Who will not be delighted to receive a story that somewhere out there you have touched a life? I bet none. So this is a priceless gift to someone.

Hey, if you are not crafty, don't fret. You can use the power of the internet. Get some prepared ecards. But still, don't forget that your message should be originally drafted by you. The message should come from your heart and not some generic blah blah on the internet. Your recipient will feel if the message is prepared by some online robot or by your own hand.

If your message or story is long enough and can't fit the ecard. Just email it. Simple but gets the same message across.

5. Make Them a Subject of Your Blog


If you have a personal blog or a Facebook page, why not compose something about the special persons and publish them. You may not put their names for privacy reasons but be sure to send the link to them. You can use the following as your titles:

"10 Little Things That I Admire About You";

"Mom, Here Are 3 Things That You Do That Annoy Me Before Which I Now Do With My Daughter";

"5 Things About My Boss That He Doesn't Know I Notice"

Your blog post may reveal things that your recipient does not know about. You may surprise him/her with appreciation that he/she never expected. This gift is truly one of a kind.

Remember: You’ll Never Get Wrong When You Gift Love


A material gift can end up in the stock room, regifted, or donated when your recipient has all the material things he/she needs. In this time when minimalism becomes a trend, small knick-knacks can easily be classified as clutter. You wouldn't want your gift to add clutter to someone's home.

So when you are unsure of what to give. Just give love. Giving love doesn't cost anything but it means everything. In this time, the world needs more love than ever. Give love, share love, spread love!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Olivia Marlene

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