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What Can I Write in a New Home Card?

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What to Write for a Congratulations for a New Home Card

Getting a home for the first time is a huge and exciting milestone in the life of many people. It is good to send a note or card of congratulations, as often people have saved or waited for so long for this dream to come true.

In this hub I share some ideas of what you can write in a card, whether store bought, handmade, or sent as an e-card. The person or people receiving such a note are bound to be so thankful. Its not easy always to give a housewarming gift, but sending a note doesn't take much at all.

I hope you find something that you can use below. As needed, I just adjust the words to make it more fitting for the situation and the people I am giving it too.

Ideas of what to write in a New Home Card

Congratulations on Your New Home! We are so happy for you.

May your new home be filled with much joy and laughter in the coming years. Congratulations.

May your new place blessed with many happy memories.

Congratulations! We wish you the very best as you move in to your new place.

I heard that you moved into a new place, Congratulations!

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There's no place like home! Hope you are enjoying your new home.

Happy New Home!

Home Sweet Home - Congratulations!

We wish you the very best as you move into your new place. Congratulations.

Hoping you are getting all settled into your new place. May you find joy, love and laughter there for many years to come.

Wishing you the best as you move into that most wonderful of places....home. Congratulations!

A New Home, how exciting! Wishing you all the best as you get settled into your new place.

As you get unpacked and settled in, may you really begin to enjoy your new Home. Congratulations.

Happy New Home, where warmth, love and kindness is shared.

Sharing in the joy of your new home, Congratulations!

Sending you warm wishes, as you get settled in into your new little corner in the world. So happy for you!

A new place for wonderful people! Congratulations.

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