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Wednesday the Addams Family Costume


The Wednesday Addams Costume

So, just who is Wednesday? Wednesday is the youngest daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, of The Addams Family cartoon and TV series. Several movies have also been made about this kooky, spooky family. Strange as they may be, they are a loving group and always seem to do the right thing. We love them and that's what makes them a fun Halloween costume theme.

Wednesday is a brooding child and she plays with a headless doll named Marie Antoinette. There's a great costume prop idea for you to carry if you decide to dress up as the young Miss Addams. Her look is dark. She might have been the first goth character in a mainstream TV series. The Addams Family ran from 1964 to 1966.

It starred Carolyn Jones as Morticia, John Astin as Gomez, Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester, Ted Cassidy as Lurch, Blossom Rock as Grandmama Addams, Ken Weatherspoon as Pugsley, and Lisa Loring as Wednesday.

Wednesday's Costume Is Full Of Woe

Wednesday Addams costume is dark. Her mind is dark. It's filled with homicidal thoughts. She wants to kill her brother, and she tries, often. She tries with poison, she tries with weapons, and she tries with electricity.

She has long dark hair and she always wears it in two braids. Her skin is pale. Her clothing is always dark, but her dress does have a white collar. Her stockings are dark. Her shoes are dark. Her doll is headless. And if you got her a new one, she would ask her brother to put it under the guillotine. She is just that kind of girl. Other props include a bottle of poison (she tries to kill her brother with it often) or some kind of weapon. I've also seen people dressing up in this costume carrying a skull.

So, here's what you will need to pull this Addams Family costume together:

  • A Black Dress
  • A White Peter Pan Collar
  • Dark Stockings or Tights
  • Dark Shoes or Boots
  • A Headless Doll

Other Prop Ideas For Wednesday Addams:

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  • A Bottle of Poison
  • A Large Weapon
  • A Human Skull

I'm A Homicidal Maniac

Wednesday From The Addams Family Costume Pictures

How To Dress Up Like Wednesday Addams

Wednesday's hair style? Wednesday's long dark hair is worn with a center part and two braids on either side of the head. It is done in the classic 3 strand braid style. Or you can opt to purchase a braided wig at one of the online Halloween stores.

Wednesday's dress style? Her style, like most of the Addams Family clan, is dark. In fact, it's the darkest. So her dress is the blackest black you can find except for that peek of white showing at the Peter Pan collar. Add some lace if you like, that will be pretty. And Wednesday is pretty deadly.

Wednesday's shoes and stockings? I would love to see this costume with some combat boots. Make sure they are black. Stockings or tights? Yep, black ones. If you don't have combat boots, you can use any shoe or sneaker that you do have as long as they are black.

The props for a Wednesday Addams costume? The headless Marie Antoinette doll would be my first choice. It's easy enough to make one. Just find a doll and snap off it's head. My second choice would be the bottle of poison. Here's a printable label you can print out and glue to a bottle. The third prop idea I have for this DIY costume is a plastic skull. You can find one just about anywhere this time of year. Go for a cheap one, it's not something you'd want to spend a lot of money on. And last but not least, is a large weapon. A knife, a hatchet, a machete, you know, anything deadly you have laying around. You can find them on Amazon for a not too expensive price.

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