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Vasectomy Awareness Day: January 30

Jay is a retired Peace Officer. He has dealt with many people with mental illness in his career. He has handled may schizoprenics.

There are many methods of contraception. I recommend the Vasectomy.


Men, take responsibility for your actions.

For too long men have relied on women for birth control. The Pill is one solution to overpopulation, but it is time for Men to step up and start controlling their own futures as well as leading the next generation. Vasectomies are a quick and simple procedure to control procreation. It is about 99% effective and is done only once.

I considered all my options and decided a vasectomy was best for me. This decision was made only after careful thought. Insanity runs in my family and I did not want to pass it on. Therefore there was no need to preserve my sperm in a sperm bank. I suggest however that if you do not have such a problem you should make a donation to a sperm bank before getting a vasectomy.

There is another reason for men to get a vasectomy, it is: "Overpopulation." What is "Overpopulation?"

Webster: the condition of having too many people living in a certain area,

Webster: the condition of having a population so dense as to cause environmental deterioration, an impaired quality of life,

Cambridge: having too many people or animals for the amount of food, materials, and space available.

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So how many is, "too many?" Give me your opinion. What is your target number of population?

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There are many good causes of which to be aware. Here are some in January.

January is Awareness Month For:

  • Alzheimer's Awareness Month - (Canada - Alzheimer Society)
  • Celebration of Life Month
  • Co-dependency Awareness Month - (U.S.)
  • Constipation awareness month - (U.S.)
  • Glaucoma Awareness Month - (U.S.)
  • National Mentoring Month - (U.S.)
  • Ontario March of Dimes Month - (Canada)
  • Poverty in America Awareness Month - (U.S.)
  • Radon Action Month
  • Self-Help Group Awareness Month
  • Stalking Awareness Month - (U.S.)
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month - (U.S.)
  • Volunteer Blood Donor Month - (U.S.)
  • Weight Loss Awareness Month

Declare, January 30, "National Vasectomy Day."

There is a distinction to be made between national days and awareness days. Usually awareness days are health related, and help raise awareness of cancers and illnesses, and also around these days charities collect money. And we mustn't forget all the international days that take place each year. Their purpose is to raise awareness of important humanitarian, cultural, social and political issues. I cannot think of a more important cause than being responsible for the creation of life.

How many people should be on earth?

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