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Valentines Day Jars

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Are you looking for a unique and easy gift that the girl or guy in your life will love and enjoy? Well this article is the one for you! I am going to tell you all the different kinds of things you can do with jars and how to use them for gifts on Valentines day. Jars are normally kept because they are just so cute. But what do you actually use those empty glass jars for? Do they just sit on that kitchen window seal as decor? If they do I'm going to help you send this out as gifts and how you could just save them and keep them for yourself. No matter what you do these jars are so fancy and unique it looks like you took a lot of time to prepare them and you really didn't. Using jars as gifts are such a pretty gift that no matter who you give it to they will love the jar and you for thinking of them! So keep reading for some cool ideas on what to do with them for Valentines day.

Here are some of the ideas♥

  1. Candy jars. Fill up your pretty glass jars with candy, filling these with your favorite chocolate treats are such a great idea and you two will love sharing them together. Some really cute candies to put in the jars are; hershey kisses (my favorite), M&Ms, sweet tarts, and many other candies are always adorable to add to your jar.
  2. ILY jars. I made this jar last year for my fiance', he loved it. The ILY jar is a jar filled with reasons why you love them. I put 100 little pink paper notes in the jar and was very excited to think of this idea. The ILY idea won't take very long because if you really love them you could think of thousands of reason!
  3. Cookie recipe jars. The cookie recipe jars are cute ideas were you put all of the dry ingredients of a cookie recipe in the jar. (depending on the recipe you may need some large jars) Also you add the recipe in a tag on the top of the closed jar so they can make the whole recipe. I also like to do this with hot coco mixes and candy recipes, its a lot of fun so try it out!
  4. Candle jars. Candle jars are jars with a small candle inside, the outside will be decorated with hearts and painted red. Once the candle is lit the light will shine through if you use glass/window paint. The candle jars are even more fun than the others because you get to paint them and decorate them, which you can of course do this with the other jars too, but this one will really look gorgeous.
  5. Heart Button jars. For these jars you will need a bunch of red, white, and pink heart buttons. (You can use other buttons as well, I just think the hearts would go best with Valentines day). Button jars also make great center pieces for any occasion, try them out and you will see what I mean.

For all of these jars make sure you decorate them with pretty bows, ribbons, and all of the accessories you can think of. If you don't have any jars you can always purchase them from craft stores, there will be many in different sizes. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that you found something you would like to do, thanks for reading!

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