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Gifts for Moms for Birthdays, Mother's Day or Valentines Day


Many Options for What to Get Mom

Choosing a gift for a mother is not always easy. Whether you are choosing a gift for your own mom or another woman who you care about, these are some ideas that mothers will love.

Some gifts can be bought and others cost time and energy. Moms tend to like both types of gifts, so you may want to combine something intangible with something you've bought. Intangible gift ideas include your time, words, and energy that you can put into a creative gift. If the gift is for the mother of your children, and you want to be romantic, consider writing her a love poem or writing a really sweet card message along with your gift.

For a Nostalgic Mom

Your mom may love to capture all the memories of the kids and/or grand kids. If her digital camera is more than two years old, it's probably time for an upgrade to a better camera, and chances are you'll pay even less than her old camera cost.

Even though cameras are getting much better on phones, there's nothing like a dedicated camera to capture the moments with a good lens, high resolution, and image stabilization. Make sure you stick around long enough to show mom how to use her new gadget, and she'll be extra excited about this gift.

For a Crafty Mom

Some moms are into crafts. If your mom fits in this category, she may like to make cards and scrapbooks. If this is the case, then she would love the Cricut personal cutting machine. These machines can cut intricate designs into scrap-booking paper.

Give your mom a hint about what you gave her by hand-making her a greeting card. Then give her a gift to play with and produce some cool crafts using her creativity.

For a Stressed out Mom

Moms can accumulate a lot of stress. Moms usually care a lot about a lot of things in their families. That makes them busy making others happy and taking care of everyone. Give your mom the gift of stress relief with a little pampering.

Options for relieving stress include spa accessories, massaging devices, and relaxing music. These gifts go great with flowers and candy if you are already planning on getting her the standard mom gifts.

These massaging chair pads feel great. Many can be used in the car with a cigarette lighter adapter or attached to a chair for home use. Some even use heat to melt the stress away.

Smells can be powerful stress relievers. Aroma therapy is a popular way to de-stress. Lavender, for example, has a calming effect. A nice set of lotions and soaps if perfect for mom. Candles can also be given as a great way to give your mom some aroma therapy.

Besides massages, and spa stuff, your mom might benefit from some relaxing music to round out the perfect gift.



Candles provide you the opportunity to get her something that will warm her home and remind her of your warm feelings on any occasion. Yankee Candles are a good option because they carry a wide variety of fragrances. Also these candles come in a glass jar, so there's no need to buy a candle holder.

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For the Difficult-to-Buy-For Mom

When it's difficult to buy for anyone, a gift card can be the perfect gift. Some people are picky, and they'd rather choose their own gift. In this case, you just have to know what stores your mom likes to shop.

Khol's is a good choice for most moms because it's a department store with a variety of products including clothing, jewelry, and household items. The card can be used online or in stores, so she'll have some flexibility no matter where she lives.

Brewing System

K-cup drink makers come in a variety of sizes and colors.

K-cup drink makers come in a variety of sizes and colors.

If your mom has a K-Cup drink maker, you may want to think about getting her an organizer.

If your mom has a K-Cup drink maker, you may want to think about getting her an organizer.

For a Mom Who Likes Her Drinks

Moms who like their sodas, coffees, or teas, will love a gift that allows them to make these drinks simply in the comfort of their homes. The brewing and soda machines are automated and quick and will save time for a busy mom who is short on time to pamper herself.

One drawback of this gift is that it requires more supplies such as K-cups. So make sure you include at least a good starting supply with her new machine, so she's ready to go right away.

For a Nurturing Mom

Live flowers are another option that moms may like. When you get a live flower, you are getting a gift that will last much longer than cut flowers. Even if your mom likes roses, you can get her a nice potted rose or a rose that can be planted in the Spring.

Yellow or pink roses are a good choice, but you can go with a cactus if your mom isn't the flower type. Either way, it'll give her something pretty to look at and take care of. This will be just like when you were born, when you were a cute little gift she had to take care of.

For a Big-Hearted Mom

Some moms are more into the unique, hand-made, and from-the-heart types of gifts. In this case making a card for her may be all you need. Many great Mother's Day card messages or even birthday messages for mom could be used on Valentine's Day too.

One crafy type of gift you can easily make for your mom that is inexpensive is a wire bookmark. You just need a pair of needle nose pliers and some nice copper wire that can be bought in a hardware store or department. Check out these simple directions for making wire bookmarks with pictures to help you.

These kinds of gifts don't cost much, but they do take some time and thought on your part. You can write her a poem, draw her a picture, or sing her a song, or make her breakfast in bed.

A Place for Her Jewelry to Hang Out

Chances are that Mom has collected quite a bit of jewelry over the years. If you've ever seen your mom's jewelry sitting out on the counter or dresser, a jewelry tree might be the best antidote to her lack of organization. This allows her to keep her most regularly worn pieces out and available in a nice aesthetically pleasing way.

Household Items She Needs Help With

Look for household items that have become worn or that your mother has complained about. If you hear your mom talk about wanting you to take a look at the leaky shower head, that might be a great gift to get her. You could sieze the opportunity to do more than just fix the leaky shower head. She'll appreciate the help for you. And you can kill two birds with one stone. It doesn't have to be a shower head. It can be light bulbs, a new Blu-ray player, casters for a table, or a new cookie sheet set.

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