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Free Printable Valentine's Day Love Coupons

Scroll down to see the free Valentine's Day love coupons

Scroll down to see the free Valentine's Day love coupons

Free Valentines Day love certificates: Sometimes the perfect gift doesn't have to cost a thing!

Are you long on heart and short on cash this Valentine's Day? Or, do you already plan to give candy, flowers or jewelry but feel you also want to give something more personal? Either way, these Valentine's Day love coupons can help you express your love perfectly.

To pledge your love, just print out one of these free valentine gift coupons on nice paper, sign it, and then place it in a wrapped box or fancy envelope. For extra impact, you could even frame it or put it in a certificate holder. No matter how you present it, this expression of love will go a long way toward giving your loved one the perfect gift -- your heart.

All four of these free Valentine's Day love certificates are available as Word documents. If you'd like to change the wording or the clip art, see the instructions below.

Disregard the dates on the images above. The actual certificates have been updated.


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Please read the Terms of Use further down on the page before downloading.

Word Documents for 2013 Free Valentine Gift Coupons

And see the new vintage design!

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How to customize your free valentine gift certificate document

First, open the document in Microsoft Word or Open Office.

To change the font, simply highlight the text you want to change and choose a font you have on your computer.

To change the clip art, click on the existing clip art within the document, then click the Delete key on your keyboard. Then, add a new text box and insert your clip art into it.

For help working with text boxes and inserting pictures, consult the help menu in your version of Word or Open Office.

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Terms of Use

You are free to use these free Valentines Day love certificates all you want for your personal use. But you may not sell these images, give them away as a collection or incorporate them into products without permission. I'm open, though, so if you have a special request, please contact Carla Chadwick at Carla [@] B2BContentSolutions [.com].

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Carla Chadwick (author) from Georgia on January 16, 2010:

You're welcome, wavegirl22! :-)

Shari from New York, NY on January 16, 2010:

wordplay . .I love all your clip art. .. and valentines day is my favorite day of the year!

thanks for all your great stuff. . .

Carla Chadwick (author) from Georgia on December 30, 2007:

Thanks, Mr. Marmalade. What a nice thing to say! Happy new year to you too. :-)

MrMarmalade from Sydney on December 30, 2007:

You are person of great insight

Thank you

Have a great new Year when it comes and a better 2008

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