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Unique Gifts and Affordable Fun Ideas Found at Craft Fairs

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Craft Fair Vendor Raffle

Craft Fair Vendor Raffle

Why Choose a Craft Fair or Holiday Bazaar

Craft fairs and bazaars are a culmination of artists, crafters, candy makers, bakers, jewelry designers and woodcrafters. They have come together to offer you their products and to allow you to sample their wares.There are many reasons to shop at a craft fair that benefit you. The uniqueness and originality of the gifts that you might find while shopping at a craft or holiday fair is truly a pleasant experience. It is quite common to encounter a vendor offering a taste of their mother's favorite jam that they produce or a nibble of cookie that they are selling. The culinary sampling is just the beginning of enjoying a craft show.

By shopping at craft fairs you support local business and artists which is great for the economy. Often holiday bazaars are held to support local charities. Money from baked goods or the proceeds that vendors pay to rent a space will be given to the community food bank, support a youth athletic team or school programs, or be donated to support cancer research. The list of charitable causes is endless. You do your part to help charities by attending and spending at a holiday fair. Kids will enjoy a holiday show, too, since Santa or other characters often pop by for visits.

The gifts and crafts that you find will always be different. You never know what kind of craft or art you will find at a holiday bazaar. The fairs echo the joys of a treasure hunt in this manner. What you find may be a treasure that you or a family member will cherish for years to come. The uniqueness and originality of products at craft and art fairs allows you to give a gift that is truly original.

The price is right! Merchandise sold at holiday fairs is often reasonably priced and affordable . Vendors are not usually paying the large overhead and advertising fees that a big or corporate company does. Vendors are looking to make some extra money and afford to buy new materials to produce more product. Since their costs are generally lower than department stores the saving is passed on to you. The quality of products is usually better than found in department stores, too, since products are hand made with care. Products are made in the good old U.S.A. That reason alone is enough of a beneficial reason to prompt anyone to support their local artists and crafters at a craft show.

It is just plain old wholesome fun. Craft fairs are a community or church event run in your area. When you attend a craft fair it is a splendid social event. You will run into neighbors, friends and church members. You can shop and socialize while having a hot cocoa and listening to Christmas carolers or other live musicians. Do not forget the door prizes. Many times craft shows offer a raffle or door prize ticket to people attending the fair. Sometimes a Chinese auction or vendor table raffle tickets can be purchased. Not only can you shop in a fun manner but you may be a lucky winner of a great prize before you leave.

Hand Painted Slate at a Holiday Bazaar

Hand Painted Slate at a Holiday Bazaar

Hand Sewn Gifts

Hand Sewn Gifts

Hand Painted Wood and Christmas Accents

Hand Painted Wood and Christmas Accents

The Unique Gifts You Will Find at a Craft Show for Men, Women and Children

When looking for unique gifts for the whole family and all of your friends, a craft show is just the place. The originality of the gifts you shop for can let a loved one know just how much you care for them since you have taken the time to find a gift original for them.

Looking for feminine gifts? You will find great gifts for Mom, your sisters, and female friends at holiday bazaars. Imbibe and put together an affordable gift basket with products made locally. Here is a list of gifts that you may be able to find for your female family members and friends:

  • Handmade soaps, lotions, colognes and lip balms.
  • Dyed silk scarves, sewn purses or bags, hand knitted mittens, hats and sweaters.
  • Carved wooden salad spoons, bowls or Christmas ornaments.
  • Artistically designed silver earrings, beaded bracelets and necklaces.
  • Delicious home baked breads and cookies, maple syrup and honey, home made jellies, jams and candies.
  • Painted note cards, oil paintings and painted wooden home décor.

Do you need a gift for the men in your life? Holiday fairs and craft shows have great gifts for men. Here are some you will find at a craft show:

  • Knitted wool hats, socks and scarves.
  • Heating pads made with all natural ingredients like lavender.
  • Candy like peanut brittle and home made fudge
  • Hand cut leather belts, wallets and key chains.
  • Scented candles

The best children's gifts and gifts for babies are available at craft shows, too. Try a few of the following:

  • Hand carved wooden toys like trucks, cars, pull toys, doll cradles and hobby horses
  • Knitted hats, sweaters, scarves and mittens.
  • Original doll clothes and clothing for stuffed animals
  • Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals
  • Adorable hair accessories that are one of a kind
  • Chocolate and white chocolate lollipops

Do not forget your dog or cat. Crafters love to create gifts for animals. I have seen some wonderful original and unique pet gifts.

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  • Natural bedding
  • Knitted sweaters
  • Hand sewn collars
  • Home made biscuits and catnip toys

Do you have an original craft or artistic hobby that you would like to promote or share with others? A craft fair may be just the avenue you are looking for. Help yourself get started in this fun selling approach by reviewing my recommended reading.

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Where to find Craft Fairs in Your Area

Finding listings for events like craft fairs, bazaars and art shows in your area is as easy as looking in the classified listings found in the local newspaper. However, many events also list their activities in church bulletins or online. Online listings are an easy way to find events since you are able to search by inputting your zip code. Online sites also have information for vendors. They will give you contact information that allows you to sign up for a craft fair if you have a product that you would like to sell. Some online craft fair sites may charge a subscription fee while others are free or free to use for a limited period of time.

If you would like to use the internet as a resource for finding craft fairs, here are a couple of sites that allow you to search for fairs in your area.

Craft Master News - has search listings for art shows, craft fairs, home shows,gift shows, farmers markets and more. They also offer four quarterly print guides with a membership.

Festival Net - offers search listings for art and craft events as well as music venues. This site also has a unique shopping area. You can buy crafts and arts from local artists.

North East Craft Shows - this site is completely free to use. They list craft shows in the North East and have been expanding to add states to their site.

Fun Sites to Visit

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There are so many craft fairs in my area this time of year (holiday season) - I always love to go to a couple and find unique handcrafted gifts from my family!

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One never knows what will turn up a a craft fair!

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