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Unique Easter Party Favor Ideas for Kids

So you have decided to throw a party for your kids friends’ this Easter? Well that’s so good and I am sure you child too would be on seventh heaven to learn that his friends are coming to his home. Kids in fact learn to have parties and when it is Easter they all know it is going to be a different and unique party.

As parents it is your first duty of course to learn from your child as to how many friends he wants to invite. You need to get the invitations arranged and distributed as well. The menu has to be set and be sure to have all of your child’s favorite dishes.

After all it is going to be your child’s Easter party and he should feel proud of it. However, as parents what bothers you much is the party favors? This is something which troubles every parent- Easter Party Favors for the Kids.

Definitely you need to give them a decent gift which should be liked by them and of course it needs to be within your budget as well. If you are one of those who is still unsure or not decided yet the party gifts then I hope this post will give you some unique Easter party favor ideas which will help you out in making a proper decision.

Some Unique Party Favor Ideas for the Kids

Some Unique Party Favor Ideas for the Kids

Hosting an Easter Party for the Kids at Home

Once you have decided to host an Easter party at home for your kids here are some of the important things to keep in mind. You also need to organize the following things:

Easter Party Games:

Easter egg hunt is of course the most favorite of all kids but you can also have some other interesting games for the kids like Egg Toss, Egg Relay or Bunny Hop Sack Race.

Easter Party Recipes:

It is always best to keep the dishes simple for the kids. They all love chocolates and candies but you also need to be ready with some more stuff like Easter deserts, Easter Egg bread, Salads and Appetizers.

Easter Party Crafts:

Make sure that there are not just games at the party but crafts too. It is always best to let the kids get involved in a bit of crafts or coloring. You can just ask the kids to create their own Easter basket for the eggs hunt. You can also encourage them to make Easter masks, bookmarks. However it is very important that you should make them available all the necessary crafts items.

Choosing the Best Easter Party Favor for Kids

If you thought that chocolates bunnies, Easter eggs and Easter baskets were the only party favors you can use as party favors then perhaps you are wrong. These are not the only gifts available rather there are lots more. The best thing is that each of these is affordable and adorable too. Have a look at some of these:

Cascarones: These are fun party favor which is very much liked by the kids. These are brightly colored eggs which are filled with confetti and it is a tradition that kids crack these over each other’s head. Definitely a fun favor which is surely going to make the kids giggle!

Easter Stickers: You can always buy a bunch of stickers and simply tag them on the goody bags. You can find these online as well as at various arts and crafts store too. There are lots of stickers with Easter party theme available.

Beach Pails: What’s in a party if there is no Egg hunt Isn’t? Beach pail is an exciting party favor which will also help the kids in searching the eggs during the egg hunt. After the party the kids can take the beach pail home and use it on beaches during a vacation too.

Plush Bunnies: If your kids friends are of a young age then plush bunnies would make a perfect party favor for them. You can pick either stuffed bunnies or stuffed chicks and wrap them with a beautiful ribbon and a tag.

Bunny Ears: These are one of the most favorite of the kids and they just love to place them on their ears. Bunny ears can be worn during the Easter party and later on as well.

Bounce Balls: Kids love balls and if it is Easter you can gift them Bounce Balls as a party favor.

Let’s Have A Look At Some More Party Favors For Kids

Mini Easter Rubber Ducky Party Favors: A cute party gift and affordable too. You can also use these in Easter baskets and Cake toppers.

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These come in bright colors and in a pack you will get 24 ducks. You can even use them as cake toppers or add them in the Easter Basket too.

However these are not recommended if your child is less than 3 years of age.

12 Wooden Bird Whistles: Small children love to whistle. The different and unique kind of sounds which comes from whistle does make it a favorite of the kids. So, it would be a perfect favor for the Easter.

These bird whistles are made from wood and comes in vibrant colors. These are going to be all the more good if you chosen a bird theme for the party.

Meri Meri Mini Surprise Easter Egg Party Favors: These are such a cute looking set of four Easter eggs are going to be the best surprise ever. Just unravel them and you will get stickers, jokes, tattoos and lots more. You can use them either as a party favor or else add them in the Eater basket for kids.

Crystal Cross Necklaces Religious Party Favors: Crystal cross necklace party favors would certainly be liked by not just the kids but their parents as well since it is always good to give them a religious party favor. It will be in tune with Easter as well.

These come in transparent plastic and are available in assorted colors. These are good enough for the kids since they can’t be broken while playing.

Hop to It! Easter Egg Decorating Kit: As I said before, Easter is one of the good times to let the little ones learn the arts of crafts and arts. So, this decorating kit could be a suitable gift for them.

With this, the kids can learn the art of making their own Easter bunnies and chicks. This kit contains everything which will be needed like stickers, cute embellishments, string beads and lots more.

Bunny Drawstring Pouch Bags (set of 3) / Easter/Goody Bags/Party favors/Gift Ware: The Bunny drawstring pouch bags can be used Easter favor bags or as a goody bag too. It includes a set of three bags and you can add different gifts into it like candies, jelly beans or decorating kit.

Animal Easter Egg Decorating Craft Kit: This is yet again another craft kit which will definitely go a long way in enhancing the creative skills of your kids and make it a perfect party favor too. It comes with 12 eggs and self adhesive foam stickers. Children would enjoy using this decorating kit and making Animal Easter Eggs.

Just click on the link to get this Candy Tin. Note: Different styles and designs too are available at zazzle

Just click on the link to get this Candy Tin. Note: Different styles and designs too are available at zazzle

You can buy Chick in Easter Egg Candy Tins in this style and design as well.

You can buy Chick in Easter Egg Candy Tins in this style and design as well.

Chick in Easter Egg Candy Tins: Kids just adore Candies and if you give them as party favori in such a sweet looking Candy Tin then they would certainly jump with joy. These are so cute to look at and i am sure kids would love to keep these tins even after they have eaten the candies.

These could be later on used by keeping any other thing like rubbers or mini toy. A perfect holiday favor. The Candy in this Tin is soy and glutten free, The fresh of the candy is maintained so you can always eat a few and then close the box.

The good thing about this party favor is you can get it personalised at Zazzle. Zazzle is a print on demand website where you can change the name, text, photos or add your own personal message too. Thus if you want to gift the kids a personalied gift then this one is for you.

Below the image, the clickable link is given which will take you to the main website from where you can buy the same. So just click and get!!

This beautiful magnet is available at zazzle and would be a nice party favor too

This beautiful magnet is available at zazzle and would be a nice party favor too

Happy Easter Magnet: You can even think about gifting the kids a happy easter bunny magnet which they can certainly add on the fridge or cupboards. You can choose from either a square magnet or round magnet.

Since this is also available at zazzle so you can customise it with your image as well. Just click on the link given below the image to get this magnet as party favor.

Easter Favors Homemade

If instead of buying Easter favors for the kids, you have thought about making them at home then certainly this is one of the best ideas. Having a homemade favor is good from two aspects- it will not hike your budget and it will show your love towards the kids.

In fact, there are lots of tutorials available online which will guide you for a DIY Easter Party Favors. The most common things which can be made at home includes: Easter basket, Easter Bags, Candy boxes, Goody Bags and lots more.

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VioletteRose from Atlanta on April 03, 2014:

Love the idea of cascarones, they sound so much fun for kids!

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Easter is close by and yet again you have creative ideas and this sounds so helpful for children very colorful and interesting.

Janet Giessl from Georgia country on March 13, 2014:

Hi Shadaan,thank you so much. You are too kind and warm-hearted. Will forward your love to my kids.

Shadaan Alam (author) from India on March 13, 2014:

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Shadaan Alam (author) from India on March 13, 2014:

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Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on March 12, 2014:

Great ideas for Easter and it won't be long! I have never heard of cascarones. What fun!

Janet Giessl from Georgia country on March 12, 2014:

I love these great easter party favor ideas for kids. They are really unique. Thank you for sharing them. A great hub!

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