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‘Travel to Poland:’ Poland Summer Holidays 2021

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Travel to Poland's Krakow, Auschwitz, and Warsaw with Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide

Why Visiting Poland for Summer Holidays 2021 is Ideal for you?

  • Poland allows vaccinated travel
  • Poland's history is ideal for children to explore with summer holidays in school
  • Poland remains the best family holiday destination
  • Poland is less expensive
  • No quarantine required upon arrival in Poland
  • Poland is famous for its food and architecture

Visiting Europe makes sense because vaccinated travel is allowed in Nordic countries.

If your children are having a summer holiday in school, it's even better to visit Poland for a perfect family holiday.

Summer holidays in Poland are favorites among travelers. 2021 summer holiday is no different if you have the vaccination certificate. The blog offers ten reasons why travelers should plan a Poland trip in 2021.

Why Visit Poland?

Poland offers visitors the best vacation experience and a necessary break from routine European visits to countries like Germany, Italy, and others. Go to Poland for holiday in 2021 because it's affordable yet rewarding to visit Poland.

Where Can I Go on Holiday without Quarantine?

Many travelers have this question that where can they go on holiday without quarantining?

Your travel to Poland is exempted from all sorts of quarantine requirements if you have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you're a US citizen planning overseas travel, read international travel-related advisories on the U.S Department of State Travel website.

All visitors need to produce a vaccination certificate upon arrival in Poland. Presently, only diplomats, students, workers, and Polish citizens and residents are allowed to travel to Poland.

Visiting Poland | Summer Holidiay 2021

Visiting Poland | Summer Holidiay 2021

Can I Travel to Poland?

It's safe to travel to Poland if you’ve been inoculated for COVID-19.

You can travel to Poland without quarantining but you’ll need to produce a vaccination certificate upon arrival.

So get vaccinated to visit Poland if you’re a student, diplomat, resident of Poland, or essential worker.

For school holidays 2021, Poland is your ideal destination because Poland is not expensive to visit.

Apprehensions that it is expensive in Poland are baseless. If anything, a tour of Poland is cheaper when compared to other European countries.

Surely you can save enough to savor all of Poland's food.

Simply put, make most of your 2021 holidays with a tour in Poland!

Poland is Famous for

  • Polish Food
  • Poland Beaches
  • Natural Landscape
  • Masurian Lake District
  • Medieval Gothic Architecture
  • Wawel Castle
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Krakow
  • Warsaw
  • Gdansk
  • Wroclaw
  • Pierogi
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and more.

If you haven't tasted Poland food, you haven't tasted anything! Besides Polish food, voyaging the Baltic Sea is a must-do in Poland.

Poland's beaches are unique, so is Poland's enthralling Masurian Lake District - known for its crystal lakes.

Majestic Polish castles can be seen in every city of Poland. Known for its stunning medieval architecture, Polish Gothic architecture is spectacular.

Key features of Polish architecture include a) cross-ribbed vaults, b) red brick walls, pointed arches, and c) gable roofs.

Poland Architecture | Poland Warsaw | Summer Holiday

Poland Architecture | Poland Warsaw | Summer Holiday

Places to Visit in Poland?

You can make your tour of Poland 2021 rewarding if you know where to visit Poland.

To please the architecture lover in you, visit Poland Krakow. Just on the northern side of Florianska Street, you'll see the ruins of its old city walls.

Southwards when you walk along Royal Road take you to Wawel Castle, the once procession route usually taken by Poland's Kings and thoroughly decorated!

Besides castles and foods, Poland’s history is equally significant.

In Poland, Warsaw today has a cool vibe and has gaiety around it, though it had lost much of its splendor to WWII.

Escape to Poland Auschwitz tour and walk through this chilling and horrible Nazi camp. Today it is known as Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum ever since it was turned into a museum.

Without visiting Auschwitz your Poland tour stands incomplete. Visiting it is looking history in the eye! Thoughts of crimes committed against a community leave you gasping for breath.

Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw is the finest biographical museum you'll come across in entire Europe.

An equally attractive destination in Poland is Schindler’s Enamel Factory, made more popular by the movie, Schindler’s List.

For adventure lovers, Tatra National Park in Poland in the Tatra Mountains is the place to visit. Put to test your climbing skills here and see how you fare.

Poland in Europe Map

10 Reasons to Travel to Poland

1. Traveling to Poland is Less Expensive

Economies everywhere lie devastated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In its wake, job cuts followed forcing millions into self-imposed austerity. The aim is to save for emergencies!

Poland is not only a gateway to inexpensive travel but also offers a much-needed break from devastating home-confinements due to lockdowns.

Every penny saved is worth hundreds! While other European tourist destinations are expensive, Poland is cheap and relatively inexpensive.

5-star hotels in Poland cost less as compared to Austria, Germany, and Italy. As shown in the table below:

5-Star Hotel Rate Comparison in Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy



$89 - $482


$116 - $755


$162 - $492


$150 - $1,168

2. Poland Food is Famous Worldwide

Poland's moderately priced yet delicious foods are the famous world over. Pierogi (dumplings), Golabki (cabbage rolls), and potato pancakes are some of the best-known Poland foods.


The favorite of Polish people, Zurek, a delectable soup made of rye flour. This recipe has additions of potatoes, meat, and vegetables.

Often served with a boiled egg to keep up the tradition. You can have it in bread as well, just ask for Zurek w Chlebie.


Famous in the world, the filled dumplings or Pierogi of Poland are stuffed with items like meat, cheese, chocolate, and fruit and taste utterly delicious.

On top of it, there's cream or butter topping according to your choice!

Dumplings are found everywhere in Poland since it is popular among locals as well as tourists. Pierogarnia Mandu in Gdansk offers 35 varieties of Pierogi.

Poland Food - Croissants

Poland Food - Croissants

St. Martin’s Croissants

This mouthwatering Polish food is a protected dish under European Union's legislation.

Croissants are horseshoe-shaped. The poppy seeds that fill its interiors offer a uniquely delicious taste.

3. Poland's Breathtaking Modern Cities

The way Poland's cities have modernized and yet retained the majestic medieval aura is special only with cities in Poland. The city life here's vibrant, so is Poland's social life, culture, architecture!

Poland Warsaw

Poland Warsaw

Poland Warsaw

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, reflects Poland's cultural, political, and economic life at its best. Visiting it is akin to visiting the whole of Poland.

Since most of Poland's national treasures are found in Warsaw, visiting it first on your tour of Poland is valid.

Not just is it a cultural hub of Poland and its historical center, but also a converging center where different come together to give it the cultural diversity it is known for.

While in Warsaw there's plenty to explore such as Lazienki Palace. It is known for its architectural splendor.

If you're a kind of outdoors person, visiting Powisle riverfront may offer much pleasure.

You can enjoy the best of Poland food as every corner of Warsaw houses the best cafes and restaurants offering Polish delicacies to savor.

Poland Krakow

There's plenty to cherish about Krakow, a medieval city in Poland. Given how old it is, the way it has been preserved is truly remarkable!

There are many free things to do in Krakow like visiting the best places in Krakow such as Old Town, Saint Mary’s Basilica, Wawel Castle, Cloth Hall, and more.

In fact, the best activity to do while in Krakow is strolling around the streets of Old Town.

Poland Gdansk

Gdansk in Poland offers much to water lovers. One of the best attractions in Poland, the picturesque waterways of Gdansk is a terrific sight to behold.

You will find no sign of it being restored after getting devastated in WWII, such is its glory.

Walking through Amber Street and participating in water sports are fun activities to do in Gdansk.

Since Gdansk is close to Gdynia and Sopot, there's every reason for you to go for a Tricity tour in Poland.

Poland Wroclaw

Wroclaw is known for its bridges and islands. Lush green, the city has about 14 gardens that you can stroll around.

All along you get to see beautiful nature and stunning architecture as old as Middle Ages.

Make sure to visit must-see Cathedral Island, Park Szczytnicki, a Japanese Garden, and Old Town Promenades.

4. Poland’s Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Auschwitz-Birkenau, a scar of Nazi oppression in Poland, was a concentration camp.

Today, it stands as a museum reminding people of Nazi violence against Jews. It once was a place where inhuman treatment was meted out to 1.1 million Jews.

Films are being shown to the visitors to the museum. Additionally, the barbed wires, torture rooms present a scary and horrific picture, made scarier by the sight of piles of shoes of Jews already exterminated.

Auschwitz is the place to visit in Poland for history lovers. It can teach you something profound history books can't.

Besides Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, perhaps you may visit Wolf’s Lair also which is another historical location part of Poland's WWII history.

Hitler had an assassination attempt on him in this very Eastern Front Military headquarter located in Gierloz village.

Poland Tour Auschwitz

Poland Tour Auschwitz

5. Poland's Bewitching Natural Beauty

To please the nature lover in you, you'll need to behold the natural splendor of Poland.

The mesmerizing Poland and its verdant landscape, meadows beside its pristine rivers offer travelers a pleasant outing out in the company of nature!

Hikers and climbers have much to cherish in Tatra National Park in Poland's Tatra Mountains.

Heir to rocky peaks and terrains that are difficult to climb, it offers visitors a perfect setting to gauge their climbing skills.

Camping on its lush green grasslands is another activity to partake in when traveling to Poland.

Morskie Oko

The hidden treasure in Tatra National Park, Morskie Oko is a charming lake with crystal waters and a landscape that is picture-perfect in every sense encompassing it.

Rysy, a towering mountain peak in Morskie Oko standing at an altitude of 2499m leaves climbers craving to climb its summit.

Not surprising then, it is a hikers' paradise in Tatra National Park.

Great Masurian Lake District

For lovers of water sports in Poland, the Great Masurian Lake District is a go-to place in Poland.

Rafting and boat riding in its waterways, rivers, and lakes is the best activity to do in Poland.

Here, nature permeates every direction and leaves you smitten while riding a boat or hiking.

6. Poland's Wildlife is Diverse

We all have wanted to go on a safari to a nearby jungle but never managed to do it. You have a chance to finally make it happen if you're in Bialowieza Forest in Poland.

You can nowhere find as diverse wildlife with a photogenic landscape as here.

It's inviting you to explore unique wildlife as it’s home to over 12,000 species of unique animals many of whom are endangered species.

European Bison, Beaver, Marten, and Wolf are few unique animals you should definitely see when in Bialowieza Forest.

Bialowieza Forest, besides being included in UNESCO-declared World Heritage Sites, also offers visitors cycling and walking trails.

In fact, those who are familiar with the tour of the Poland crash know its significance.

Though much of Bialowieza Forest is reserved, whether you're traveling individually or in a group, you've got enough forest area open for exploration.

Shortest to say, wildlife in Poland is uniquely diverse. Book a wildlife holiday in Poland to have a thorough pleasure of exploring animals in Poland.

While on a Poland wildlife tour, return not until you've seen -

Wildlife Tour of Poland | Holiday 2021

Wildlife Tour of Poland | Holiday 2021

European Bison

Polish people consider it their pride and mostly found in Poland. Out of the total European Bison population in the world, a staggering 25% is found in Poland.

That makes spotting it such a fun activity full of adventure!

Wild Boar

In Poland, Wild Boars are common. So be watchful for you might happen to come across one on the road!

Quite different from pigs found elsewhere, Poland's Wild Boars are large-sized.

White Stork

This beautiful white bird has a height of 2 meters. People in Poland have a story related to White Stork that says it means good luck when you spot White Stork resting or flying.

Try spotting one to validate the truth of the story!.

European Wolf

European Wolf belongs to the category of animals protected under the laws of Poland. That means it is not just hard to spot but also that it is a rare animal.

Few lucky ones manage to spot it, if luck is on your side, too, snap it right away!

Poland for Christmas

Poland for Christmas

7. Poland Festivals and Parties

People in Poland like partying. Festivals of Poland offer a sneak-preview into the cultural life of Poland.

Year-round, many music festivals are organized and hosted in Poland.

Want to enjoy yourself, visit Poland, and participate in its parties! Poles celebrate every occasion, big or small, open-heartedly.

Break a piece of good news to any Pole, the next thing he'll do is arrange a party. So don't miss any of it when visiting Poland.

Try as much as possible to explore its social life. Moreover, traveling to Poland for Christmas can be your occasion to get to know Poland people intimately!

New Year’s Eve

Like everywhere else in the world, New Year’s Eve in Poland is electrifying.

In fact, one of the free things to do in Krakow in Poland is to join New Year's Party at RynekGlowny.

Held in open-air, the new year celebrations in Poland outlast the night itself!

Easter Celebrations

Days before Easter Sunday, the Polish people kick-start their Easter celebrations.

As a result, visitors get more days to celebrate and explore the festive season and remain drenched in the happy vibe of Easter celebrations for some time more.

Different activities in Krakow you can participate in include handicrafts shopping. One of the best Krakow attractions is its Easter markets.

Under these markets, decoration materials of all sorts, including some Polish specialties like ceramic-made egg-shaped colorful items for decorations.

Significant, owing to the fact, Easter is primarily represented by eggs.

Besides that, things of much interest to visitors are lamb-shaped decorations with lamb too being representative of Easter.

Jewish Festival

A 2-day festival called Baltic Days of Jewish Culture is organized in Gdansk every year. Its prime attractions are Jewish culture, Hebrew music, literature, and poetry.

Poland People Love Celebrations

Poland People Love Celebrations

8. Poland is Not Crowded, it's Spacious

Contrary to its richness in terms of touristic value, Poland still remains one of Europe's most underrated tourist destinations.

That doesn't benefit Poland as a country though but visitors can cherish it for the simple fact that Poland remains spacious with plenty of room for visitors.

Tourists don't like crowds, they rather want to have tourist destinations to themselves!

Poland being vastly spacious when compared to other European destinations is reason enough for savvy travelers to travel to Poland.

But people are increasingly becoming interested in Poland and want to visit the country.

Therefore, explore all of Poland, its cuisine, culture, food, architecture while you've its invigorating nature to yourself.

9. Poland Language is Polish but English is Spoken Too

Understanding the language people around you speak makes your visit more special.

That means you can interact with local people directly. And you know much about their life just from the way they speak.

Even though the language in Poland is Polish, many speak English, too. That implies that visiting Poland gives visitors' edge because of the language compatibility.

Since they speak English, it comes in handy when speaking to a local guide, or even a shopkeeper, not to forget waiters.

Simply put, there isn't any language barrier when visiting Poland.

You can have an uninterrupted casual conversation with anyone when traveling to Poland.

10. Poland People are Incredible

Traveling is not a physical act alone. It is a spiritual act that binds people together in lasting relationships.

Poland people have been known for ages for their hospitality and cheerfulness. You feel it when you visit Poland.

When you walk past its streets, smiling faces greet you!

If you had to describe Polish people, jovial, intelligent, and friendly are words that come to mind!

Being homeland to history's great personalities like Kopernik, Marie Curie, Max Factor, Frederic Chopin, and more, it certainly is home to incredible people.

Frederic Chopin Museum in Poland, a biographical museum commemorating the life and legend of a remarkable music composer, Frederic Chopin, is one of Poland's best attractions for music lovers.

Showcased here are the innumerable collections of the artist's letters and musical instruments!

Planning to travel to Poland? Share your expectations and tell us about your reasons why Poland!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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