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Top Halloween Costumes For Kids

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Halloween Costumes for Kids!

Trick or treating in Sweden

Halloween Costumes For Kids

Every child who is old enough to tell you what is on their mind will have an idea of what they want to be for Halloween.

It's the one time of the year where they can truly turn their imaginations into reality.

I researched online to find the top ten Halloween costumes for kids this year.

Below, you will find a list of the top Halloween costumes for kids.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is huge right now. All the kids are playing it! Some of the most popular characters in the Minecraft game are: Steve, Creepers, Enderman and the Villagers.

Add some Minecraft green and black to the outfit and you have yourself a costume!

I have a link to some of the Minecraft costumes to the right. You could also add in a Minecraft sword to make it extra cool for the kids!

2. Super Mario

Is your child into video games? Does he constantly talk about Mario or Luigi? Mine does!

This is a great costume for the younger child to young teenage group. If your son loves Mario, then he will love this outfit.

Bonus: It will keep your child warm while trick-or-treating!

3. Harry Potter

Harry Potter movies are full of witches and warlocks, magic spells and mythological creatures.

Let your child turn into Harry Potter or one of the other Harry Potter characters for the day and watch their inner magician come out!

As an added bonus: This costume will keep your child warm on those cool Autumn trick-or-treating nights!

4. Fire Chief

Has your child ever said that they want to be a fire fighter when they grow up?

Fire chief and Fire fighter costumes can help them play that role.

Added Bonus: This costume will keep your child warm and dry while trick-or-treating!

5. Mermaid Princess

Does your child like mermaids or swimming? Does she love stories about undersea adventures? This might be the costume for her!

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Mermaid princesses are beautiful and sparkly, everything a girl wants in a costume.

The costume to the left is long enough to cover the feet to look like a real mermaid tale!

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6. Astronaut

Boys and girls alike love to learn about outer space.

Watch your child's excitement when they put on an astronaut outfit and take off for outer space.

Bonus: This costume will keep your child warm while trick-or-treating.

Queen Elsa

7. Princesses

Pretty much every little girl I have talked to wanted to be a princess for Halloween. They feel and look beautiful in these outfits. It is like they are playing dress up, but everyone gets to see them in their dress-up clothes.

There are so many princesses out right now. Elsa from Frozen is the most popular at the moment.

9. Lion

This is another cute costume for babies and toddlers.

Watch your child roar into action when they put this outfit on.

It's just so stinkin' cute! What more can you say?!

10. Police Officer

Do you have a little guy who likes to enforce the rules?

Watch your child live out their dream as a police officer handing out tickets and enforcing the law.

They will have so much fun in this costume!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Costumes

I found a repeating theme in the top Halloween costumes for kids:

1. The costumes would keep the kids warm while they were trick-or-treating.

2. They were mostly the good guys or heros.

3. Some of the costumes were real life professions.

4. They could be worn when the kids are playing dress up throughout the year.

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Melanie Casey (author) from Indiana on September 18, 2014:

Hi Au fait! Halloween is getting close! I am already starting to see Halloween decorations and costumes out at the stores. My daughter will be a pirate princess and my son will either be Mario or Luigi from the Nintendo game. Thanks for commenting!

C E Clark from North Texas on September 17, 2014:

Hallween isn't far off, and busy working moms may want to get started if they plan to make their children's costumes. You have some great ones here. If my daughter weren't already grown up I think she'd like a character costume from Harry Potter; probably Hermione. Great suggestions!

Melanie Casey (author) from Indiana on October 30, 2013:

Thanks Monis Mas! And it keeps them warm too! (-:

Agnes on October 30, 2013:

I love the tiger costume! So cute!

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