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Funniest Halloween Costumes Ever

What should I wear for Halloween?

Finding the right Halloween costume is so hard because it seems that everyone wears the same thing, making it hard to set yourself apart from the crowd. Over the years I have found that one way to get yourself noticed is to wear the most hilarious costume you can find. New costumes come out each year and quickly make people the hit of their Halloween costume party. Below I have listed my favorite suggestions for the top funny Halloween Costumes that anyone can wear. Some may cost you money, but they are well worth the investment you will make. Halloween memories are never forgotten. Imagine looking back at those pictures 20 years from now and remembering how you were the hit of the party.


#10 I lost my dog

One of my favorites is this old fat lady who seems to have lost her dog. This costume takes a good actor to pull off. You must act like an old woman who has genuinely lost her poor puppy dog, only for others to see that you have sat on the dog and he has become lodged in your rear end. This is a great costume and sure to turn eyes until the see the brilliance of it when passing by you.


#9 The big bad dog

Another new classic is Dog the Bounty Hunter. Who can keep from laughing at this guys outrageous fashion faux pas. He is definitely a good bounty hunter, but I can't help but think he could wear something less humorous. This is a great costume if you have a hairy chest or if you are slightly overweight. Nothing is funnier than seeing an out of shape Dog the Bounty Hunter. This can also be worn as a couples outfit if you have a wife that will go as Dog's wife.


#8 The Ambiguously Gay Duo

This has to be one of my favorite SNL shorts of all time. The team of Ace and Gary had so many questionable and offensive scenes throughout SNL history. This outfit is made for two, but going as just one will be just as hilarious. If you have a buddy, this may be the funniest duo costume that you can dress as. You can spend all night making crude references and poses. This is a shoe in to be the funniest SNL costume ever.


#7 Borat

Borat was one of the most controversial movies to many of people. Sacha Baren Cohen has to be one of the bravest or stupidest actors ever. There have been several threats on his life for portraying as this character in the movie. If you are brave enough to bare it all, this is a great costume. It would rank higher on my list, but I doubt many would be willing to show off as much as this costume requires.


#6 Instant Redneck

Becoming a redneck isn't that hard at all. This costume can be worn by male or female and even constructed from clothing that you already own. The term redneck was made popular by Jeff Foxworthy and has stayed a staple of comical humor since. You could become an instant redneck by simply taking an old wife beater t shirt, staining it with some ketchup or mustard and buying a set of fake teeth. Automatic redneck.


#5 Chunkerbell

One of my favorites costumes for either male or female is the fat Tinkerbell outfit. It comes inflatable and portrays Tinkerbell as she has never been imagined. It doesn't matter if you are man or woman, although seeing a man in this outfit would be extremely funny. Definitely a good costume for a contest.


#4 Lieutenant Dangle

Reno 911 was one of the most ridiculous sitcoms to come out in years. The absurd short shorts and shades, made lieutenant dangle look absolutely ridiculous. I love this costume for men who have very fair skin color. The shorter the shorts the better. It made look disgusting, but Halloween is one time of year when you can get away with disgusting.

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#3 Ollie the Ostrich

Ollie the Ostrich has to be one of the most inventive costumes out there. It makes it look like you are actually riding an ostrich. There are several variations of these types of costumes, including a bull rider and a horseback rider. This is definitely a great costume that either male or female can wear.


#2 Double Occupancy

Another great costume is the double occupancy outfit. The outfit is made for a man to wear and features a couple in the midst of bedroom action. It is very funny to see someone walking around in this outfit because it's as if they are in the middle of the act while casually walking around.

#1 Will Ferrell

The only reason I place Will Ferrell so highly is because there are so many different outfits to choose from. You can go as Ron Burgundy, an SNL Spirit Squad Cheerleader, Night at the Roxbury, Chazz Michael Michaels, Buddy the Elf, Mugatu, or Jackie Moon. There are so many options and everyone is sure to know who you are if you dress like this comedy great.

These are just some of the newer comical costume ideas, but there are so many more out there. For other costume ideas check out my top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas page, which features the top ten Womens, Mens, Couples and Kids costumes of 2017.


michael ely from Scotland on November 17, 2010:

Hi Fenixfan, I liked the hub. Some funny costumes in this list. Michael.

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on October 31, 2010:

All costumes in this hub really funny. Thanks for share with us. I give my vote to you.


Katie McMurray from Ohio on October 28, 2010:

Very cool and uber funny! Thanks for the great laugh and the fab collection of the top 10 most hillarious halloween costumes of 2010 or anytime! :)

eculligan on October 20, 2010:

That's Hillarious. Nice hub man

libby101a from KY on October 19, 2010:

This was very entertaining! Another good one would be Madia...Tyler Perry's crazy old woman. Very funny! I enjoyed this!! Thanks!

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