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Top 10 Birthday Presents and Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys


Many parents, friends and relatives do not know what to buy their sons, nephews or male friend for Birthdays or Christmas. Female friends of mine have remarked 'guys are so hard to buy for'. So here's a list of gifts which may just give you an idea, all from the perspective of someone who has very little time left as a 'teenage boy'. Christmas is 5 months away but it is always good to get ahead of the game isn't it.

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1) Clothes

For the teens who are growing up and maturing, a set of clothes is never a bad gift. Clothes are no longer just for girls. The only issue is which clothes? This is such a difficult question to answer that it is very difficult to buy clothes as a gift and for it to be a surprise for the receiver unless their style and sizes are known. From my experience, a casual t-shirt and shirt mix is as safe a bet as buying someone jeans - the safest clothes choice of all time. Everyone wears them. To those who wish to have a go at buying clothes for someone, giving the receiver the receipt is not a bad option. It shows thought, and if you make a mistake, the gift will still be remembered. On the other hand, you could buy them a voucher to their favourite clothing shop! Anyhow, clothes are, broadly speaking, a good choice of gift. Memorable and moderately pricey. Well deserving of being the first gift to be mentioned. And a little word of advice. Shirts with funny comments are fine to wear once but unless it is 'stylised', people will not wear it more than once.


2) iTunes Vouchers

Not the most imaginative gift choice out there I must concede. However, if you are looking at a small gift then this is a no brainier. There is no shame in a voucher and unless the teen in question is not a music fan (unlikely), then they will not think of it as a 'lame' present. They can choose which music, film or game (app) to buy. It's something for them, that they will appreciate it. They may even see it as a sign they are trusted and are becoming more independent - they can choose what they want, rather than have others choose for them. The only down side is that this present is not an especially notable one. If you are looking for a more personal present or are celebrating a big event then it may be wise to look at other choices. As a simple gift from teen to teen, it's a solid choice.


3) Books

Books are still in fashion. They can still be valued as a good gift. It all depends upon the person and the book. Getting a book aimed at an age range much lower than the persons age is never going to go down well. The best way to determine whether a book is a good gift is to ask a close friend or relative of the person the gift is intended for. Firstly, do they read? Secondly, are there an books they are looking forward to reading. If they are going to college/university, are there any books they would find useful to have. Give it a bit of thought and you have a solid and simple gift.


4) A Skateboard

For the more active teens this is a good solid gift choice. At it's essence skateboarding is 'cool'. In a city it's a good mode of transport for a teen and its fun in it's own right. Skateboards are not too expensive either. Just don't buy a cheap tatty on for $10 which will snap (learned that myself).

Seriously cool.

Seriously cool.

5) Fly Jumpers

But what are these things you ask? This gift is very similar to the skateboard idea but is more expensive, more unique and perhaps, more personal. These are essentially specialist sports stilts crossed with pogo-sticks. Very cool. Very fun. If Segways are cars then Fly Jumpers (or Power Blockers as some people call them) are rollerblades. They were recently seen in the opening of the Olympic Ceremony. An interesting gift which for sporty or adventurous boys.


6) A Video Game

So many teens own some form a video game consoles that buying a video game is a no brainer. Yet whilst it is an obvious choice, that doesn't mean the gift is not a good one, simply that it may not be the most personal one. There are a few things which you should consider when buying these games. What console does the recipient have and use most often? What games does they already have (so you don't buy them a second one and get an idea of their favourite genre of game)? Once answered, take a look at reviews for games which fit these categories. Amazon is not necessarily the best place to go and websites such as IGN or Gamespot are probably the better choices to see what the best games around are.

A gift I bough for a female friend of mine, just showing that you can find cheap but fantastic gifts out there if you look hard enough. This was £4!

A gift I bough for a female friend of mine, just showing that you can find cheap but fantastic gifts out there if you look hard enough. This was £4!

7) Something old and unique

Some of the best received gifts of mine have come from shops selling old trinkets and memorabilia. Why? It looks as though there's a lot of thought behind it, it's old, it's expensive, it's touching and it's cool. An old archaic and unique necklace. A wonderfully designed item for the mantle piece. A ring. These sort of gifts are unique and great for a person. A great way to remember a day of celebration or a special family member or friend. Think of all those films where the main character has a personal item they always carry with them, almost like a good luck charm. This may not be suitable for all teens but if you match the gift to the person, it'll go down a storm.

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8) A pocket watch

A pocket watch you say? Why on earth would a teenage boy living in the 21st century need one of those? Well frankly, that's the point. They don't need them. It's not simply a watch, it's a fashion piece. It's a little bit different. It's a little bit unique. It can be that bit more personal. Think of all those movies where the character pulls out a pocket watch which they were given by their father/husband/wife/son/friend. It really is a unique and personal gift. Go for a stylish one just to be sure.


9) A DVD

Many teenage boys get these for Xmas or Birthdays. Like some other gifts, it isn't a remarkable gift but that doesn't mean it can be a good one. What makes this a good gift or a 'lame' gift is which film it is and to find this out you might have to do a bit of reasearch. Do you choose a new blockbuster film that has been recently released (such as the Avengers) or do you choose a film you think the person will enjoy. It all really depends on the person. A broad recommendation would be Inception or any of the Marvel superhero films (that is, any that don't involve the Hulk).


10) Money £ $ £ $

I didn't really fancy putting this in the list but thinking about it, how could I not. I've often received money for birthdays and it's away been useful and well received. Yet I could not tell you who or when I was given it. So it can be classed as a good gift. It is also the least personal one on this list. To younger boys this sort of gift will probably be the most memorable mind, as they an put it together and save it for the future which is always useful. To older kids with a better sense of what money is, it may be less of a memorable gift. Nevertheless, it is an easy present option which will not be seen as 'lame'. TIP - to spice it up, put a note inside a tube of polo's. Then it looks as if you are giving a tube of polos as a gift but there is actually money inside! A memorable gift!


Do you agree? Do you disagree? Even more important, do you have any gift ideas which you think should be on this list? If there is something I should mention, leave a message in the comment section.

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Julia on October 30, 2014:

these ideas are stupid. Because every teenage boy loves a pocket watch

danielabram on August 08, 2012:

Teenage boys? How about a Playboy subscription?

Clayton from Dubai, United Arab Emirates on August 08, 2012:

OMG, No really OMG ALL THESE ITEMS NAMED are all my favorites lol. Usually i'm shopping for at least 1 of the above items listed above. especially books and games!.

DK from London on July 30, 2012:

Awesome! Will keep this in mind when I'm giving gifts to some teenage boys!

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