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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Vampire Lovers (Vampire Diaries Decorations)

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First of all I must say that I got the idea for this article through a hub I found here named "10 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Zombie Fan" beautifully composed by 'boutiqueshops'. So my thanks goes to Sylvia.


The Vampire Mania...

Bram Stoker donated the world with the concept of vampires by writing 'Dracula', which still gives me goosebumps when reading at night. Bestselling author Stephanie Meyer took the vampires to a whole new level with the creation of the 'Twilight' book series. These vampires were a lot stronger, with new adaptations and a lot more sexier. So once again the vampire craze began, but this time it wasn't a feared craze, but rather a severe attraction towards the vamps. And so began the undying love for the vamps...

Following are some coolest gift ideas for your ultimate vampire fan friends. Fortunately vampire gifts are both cool and sexy and makes for perfect themed parties too. So let me show you some cool vampire gift ideas.

Watch a vampire makeup tutorial

01) A Vampire Makeover...

What better gift could there be other than looking like a vampire itself? Whether you are going to a theme party or it's just Halloween or your vampire fan friends want to scare off the neighbors, a vampire makeover is your best option.

There are a few essential features for a vampire makeover. The two fangs, a little blood dripping from the edges of your mouth, darkened eyes and eye brows, red hot lips and maybe some makeup to make your skin whiter.

Also you can show that you have been 'turned'. There are some realistic looking 'vampire bite marks' for sale on Amazon. This is perfect if you want to give others the idea that you have been bitten recently or been biting ever since. lol. Maybe you can get this done with the makeup kit, but I'm not so sure if you can get the bite mark properly. Two bite marks on the side of your neck (you know where) will give the perfect look for the recently made vampire.

There are specifically designed vampire makeover kits to give you the best vampire look you can ever get.

You can decide from sexy to classic vampire outfits.

You can decide from sexy to classic vampire outfits.

02) Vampire Costumes...

One thing that goes hand in hand with a vampire makeover is a cool vampire costume. You can either have a creepy vampire costume or a sexy vampire costume. I'd prefer a sexy costume because a dress should attract other people, not repulse them. But anyway dress for the occasion.

There are a thousand and one dress options for female vampires, spanning from fully covered dresses to not-so-covered dresses. Anyway black colored costume is the obvious choice with some makeover with red to symbolize blood.

For male vampires the black coat is the ideal choice, along with maybe some black boots and shoes.

For couples there are matching vampire costumes.

Buy yourself a Sexy Vampire Costume

03) Vampire Jewelry...

Nothing says love like some cool blood jewelry to your vampire friends. Not essentially for ladies, but also for guys.

The Blood Vial necklace is the most popular choice of jewelry for all vampire fans out there and it does make an amazing gift for your loved ones.

There are also many different and cool jewelry designs varying from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, neck collars and piercings. All of these could make perfect gifts for anybody.

04) Vampire Books...

OK, this is probably the biggest attraction for vampire fans in the world now. Vampire books are which essentially created the craze for vampires. Bram Stoker is awarded with the title of giving life to the vampires in this world, with the creation of Dracula, the leader of the Vampires. Since then there have been many many literature on creation of vampires, killing of vampires and love of vampires.

Then we come to the 21st Century and there comes Twilight book series by Stephanie Meyer, turning around the world of vampires for good. She shed a different light on vampires with her novel series. I really don't believe I should tell YOU what Twilight is about. For gifts there are great illustrated editions of the full Twilight book sets.

True Blood is the next ultimate book set to gift a vampire fanatic. There are 8 books in the series and the boxed book set will make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Get cozy in a chilly night on your bed and let the creativity of the writer rattle your bones or fill you with lust-both quite commonly found in vampire related novels.

05) Vampire Movies...

The books are great, but the movies are the ones really caught the attention of the vampire lovers.

Usually the vampire movies come out in collector's editions which are best for gifts. They might seem pretty expensive but are sure to make someone's day.

Twilight series comes in a collector's edition, which includes the full movie set in blu ray, audio commentaries, theme songs and their music videos, extended and deleted scenes of the movies, 6 photos, a bookmark, a watch, a jewelry box, a limited edition charm bracelet and a jewelry box.

06) Vampires Casual Clothing...

There are some great designs for vampire lovers if you are willing to show off your love for vampires to others.

From plain designs to some exclusive limited edition designs, there are t-shirts, jeans etc that show designs from popular vampire stories.

You can check out all the cool t-shirt designs on Amazon and other major clothes and fashion vendors.

07) Vampire Kitchen Accessories...

When it comes to everyday things we use, Vampire Diaries has quite dominated the market with a wide range of mugs, cups, plates, water bottles and other utensils.

These make for great gifts specially for friends and peers and even for a vampire loving family.

Vampire-themed Perfumes

Vampire-themed Perfumes

08) Vampire Board Games

Board Games are very popular among teens and children. And for vampire lovers there are many board games developed along with the popular vampire movies and books.

These vampire based board games make the perfect gifts for vampire loving kids and even teens. These board games include cards, special accessories, dice and many more stuff to proceed with the game.

09) Vampire Video Games...

There's nothing quite like the ability to live in the world of vampires. Video games provide just that. Be it killing vampires or being vampires, we love action video games based on vampire stories. Those are the times we get to really live the vampire life.

Vampire video games are perfect gifts for your buddies. There are probably age limits to these games because as we all know vampires can get pretty sexy and murderous. So pay attention to that if you are buying the games to a minor.

10) Vampire Slayer Kit...

Last but not least, I bring you the ultimate vampire-lovers craze- Vampire Slayer Kit. I know this is not about 'loving' the vampires. But let's face it. If zombies have a zombie survival kit, vampire fans need a vampire slayer kit.

We all know to slay a vampire we need a stake and a mallet. Even more we will need a cross to get near the vamps and some holy water to keep down the vamp. So gift this set and dress up someone in a vamp dress and let the hunting begin.

Vampire theme party

Vampire theme party


These are not quite all of the stuff that are available. I have missed many things such as vampire perfumes, vampire food stuff, vampire phone cases, vampire figurines, etc etc.

But this was an attempt to list out the best gift ideas based on a vampire theme. And I hope I have succeeded, but obviously I still might have missed some stuff. You are welcome to add your opinion by leaving a comment below.